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'Arry: QPR may struggle to compete against Derby County


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Harry Redknapp has warned that QPR may struggle to compete with the likes of Leeds United, Derby County and Nottingham Forest next season.

The Rangers boss believes his relegated team could find the going tough in the Championship and has been quick to play down the possibility of a quick return to the top flight.

He said: “Here everyone seems to think ‘Oh they’ll will get back up next year’ but then so do Derby County, so do Nottingham Forest – so do all these great clubs.

“Leeds United – one of the great football clubs in history in my opinion. They had one of the finest teams I’ve seen in my life.

“If you look at the Championship you will see 14, 15, 16 clubs – big clubs with great traditions who have won things over the years.

“We’re not suddenly going into a league where QPR are the big power coming in. That’s not the case.

“You’ve got Forest, Leicester, Derby, Blackburn – Burnley was a great club in the 60s – it’s full of quality teams, all big clubs.

“We’re going into that Championship next year and it’s going to be very, very hard to get out of it.”


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Samba cost way more than our team and his wages are a similarish amount to our squad.

If money was no object, would you rather have jake or samba at derby? Probably samba. brayford or samba? Probably brayford.

If harry can look in the mirror now portsmouth are in the 'bottom' division, his antics at qpr will surely lead to total condemnation.

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If he can't get that QPR side promoted from an average league like this then he should be fired..


That QPR side are miles better than Cardiff and Hull.. Miles better!

I strongly disagree with that. Player-for-player, you probably have a case, but that team isn't going anywhere fast.


I'm not defending 'Arry, not liked he helped or anything, but that club is poison.

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Flattery will get you nowhere......obviously Redknapp has as well a problem differentiating between teams that deserve to get promoted on merit and those who have a divine right to be in the Premiership because they won a trophy a generation ago. 

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hasnt parachute payments gone to £ 18million a season now???

Whats our wage bill £7

So they could pay for our entire squad x2.5 just out of it! 


parachute payments shouldnt exist, the whole amount should go to all the clubs, if they players werent good enough they got relegated it should be written into the contracts, only in football! 



If I make mistakes/ dont perform in my job, then I get told off by my boss and cautioned/ reprimanded!! 

(oddly I am self employed) but you know what I mean

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Mickey Mouse club

Mickey Mouse manager

Mickey Mouse fans

Mickey Mouse stadium


They will struggle nex season for sure.


The Spiv is just edging his bets, by bigging up three teams in the league that all have the chance to be managerless by Christmas, somewhere else for him to jump into..!

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