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  1. chadlad

    Where are you on the UK fat scale?

    The nurse was quiet impressed then?!?
  2. chadlad


    Nice to see a calm and reasonable comment for a change. Some of the wrist slasher type posters on here remind me of the classic comedy line "Don't tell him Pike" Hopefully GR will carefully and intelligently assess the reasons for our recent poor run and put it right. For me we need to make sure that we don't concede any soft, stupid goals and getting back to zero goals against. An important part of this is the right team selection...
  3. chadlad

    Derby County vs Leeds United

    Agree with this. Pretty sure that whoever plays at LB for Cardiff would have - rather than face the wrath of Colin!
  4. chadlad

    Derby County vs Leeds United

    Hi all, don't post very often but here is my take on last night.... We somehow managed to turn a comfortable and routine home win into a lucky draw. If you concede not one but two soft goals you probably don't deserve to be promoted. Dire defending by Olson for both goals, IMO. I thought we played well first half and should perhaps have been 2 or 3 goals up. We did however look edgy and fell behind but we managed to score just before the half time whistle and I thought that we would push on in the 2nd half and win by 2, 3 or even 4 - 1 against an ordinary looking Leeds side. Instead we conceded an awful 2nd goal from our own free kick in their final third. In the end we were perhaps a little fortunate to grab a late equalizer. Huddleston for me was our standout performer by some distance but Nugent seemed to have a nightmarish 2nd half, Jerome needed to be on much earlier. Lawrence did well and deserved to stay on but Vydra was kept very quiet and for me should have been replaced by Palmer in the No 10 role. Not a huge fan of Weiman but he took his goal well and seemed to become more confident as the game wore on. Forsyth needs to come in for Reading at the weekend, otherwise the same team. Still a long way to go but we desperately need a win.

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