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  1. chadlad

    V QPR (A) Match Thread

    Would have preferred Waghorn for Marriott because he can hold the ball up top.
  2. chadlad

    Scott Malone

    Malone would probably fit a 3-5-2 system very well. Bogle & Malone as wingbacks Keogh, Davies and Forsyth as a back 3 Usual 3 centre mids - Jonno, Bryson & Mount Waghorn & Marriott up top Has possibilities....
  3. chadlad

    V Norwich (H) Match Thread

    My thoughts on last nights game fwiw... As been said on here Norwich are a good side, their manager has them playing some good football, lots of short quick passing and a touch of the cynical about them. They looked better than us and scored from one of many corners and I thought we were a little lucky to get a point. We looked edgy with Tomori in particular making a number of clumsy mistakes early on. Bennett sadly had a poor game and seemed afraid to make a mistake before he was pulled off, I thought the change should have been made at half time. Waghorn did well when he came on and was instrumental in our equaliser. I would like to see him in for a tired looking Nugent at the weekend. I find it strange that a striker who can hold the ball up and scored 16 goals last season with lots of assists, can’t get in the team. Malone looked quite good in possession, not sure about his defensive qualities but i though he did well as did Keogh, Carson and Johnson. Overall a very uninspiring performance with the front three not really affecting the game at all. Lawrence, Waghorn and Jozefzoon would be my front 3 against QPR. Onwards and upwards 👍
  4. chadlad

    Academy Thread 2018/19

    Went to the game last night and really enjoyed it. From what I saw Sibley looks talented but needs to calm down a little as he could easily have been sent off in the second half. George looked much more mobile than he was towards the end of last season, I thought he did well and should be in contention along with Huddlestone for 1st team holding role. McAllister look decent when he came on in the 2nd half but in truth we never really looked like scoring against a physical LCFC side.
  5. chadlad

    Would We Be Best Suited To 3 At The Back?

    Alternatively you could consider that if we continue in the same manner we will just concede too many goals. Reading could have scored 4 with better finishing, Leeds did score 4 and might have scored more.
  6. chadlad

    Would We Be Best Suited To 3 At The Back?

    I like the well reasoned argument you put forward there.
  7. chadlad

    Would We Be Best Suited To 3 At The Back?

    I was going to post something similiar. The problem is that our full backs push up, centre backs split and the defensive midfield player goes awol leaving us very exposed. In the two games so far we could easily have conceded more goals through losing possession in our own half. three at the back could give us a little more security. Neither Lowe or Malone appear to be strong defensively but both are good going forward and a back three would help with this. Tomori looked very good after a hesitant start so I would go with:- Carson Tomori Davies Forsyth Wisdom/Bogle Malone/Lowe Huddlestone/Evans Bennett Mount Lawrence Waghorn/Marriott Worth a look against Oldham, maybe.....
  8. chadlad

    Where are you on the UK fat scale?

    The nurse was quiet impressed then?!?

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