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  1. Darren Wassell, why not - he has some experience of the job and didn’t do too baldly. May be the best choice for the continued development of the Academy route into the 1st team. Also makes sense to appoint from within from a financial point of view.
  2. Has Bryson got anything between his ears? This ‘gesture’ was no both unnecessary and pointless, and only going to alienate fans further. Far better to run over to the fans, pat some kid on the head and get them onside. This season has been a season too far for Bryson. First touch has never been great but gets worse as he tires. His passing ability is very average but he has always been able to run all day. Trouble is he now looks half a yard short or half a second late. Time to go was the end of last season, sadly, and he probably knows it.
  3. I would go with that team but would be concerned about the energy levels required from Jonno and Hudds in the middle. We also need Lawrence and Wilson to produce moments of magic which we know they are capable of.
  4. This is the most important game that we have left and for me it’s a must win game. If we win we put Middlesbrough and Bristol City under immense pressure, lose and it’s all over bar the fat lady... We must be positive, win the ball high up the pitch and really go for it. The worst thing we could do is stand off and settle for a point. C’mon you Rams!
  5. It wouldn’t bother me either. Uncle Mel is tightening his wallet and I don’t blame him for doing so. If I were in his shoes I would be keen to widen the pathway to the 1st team for our young Academy players. No contract renewals, no new loans, we go with what we have. A possible team would be: Roos/Carson Bogle, Keogh, Davies/Forsyth/Wisdom, Lowe/Malone Bird, Evans Thomas/Bennett, Holmes, Lawrence/McAllister Waghorn/Marriott Other options include: Mitchell-Lawson and Sibley B4 would love it but I wonder how many games before the fans start screaming....
  6. I watched KMc play for our U23’s at Loughborough, think it was the one where George got sent off. I was impressed with his skill and pace. With so many players out of contract in the summer, next season could be big for Kyle.
  7. Is it me or could Carson have come to collect the ball into our box for their goal? I thought so at the time and having watched the replay I am still of the same opinion. Really pleased for Bogle, thought he had a great game. Josefzoon pi##ed me off, he had a great chance to nail on a place in the team for the final few games and seemed like he couldn’t be bothered. Harry Wilson at least tried but lacked his early season sparkle. Keogh an Tomori did well as usual, Jonno adds aggression to the midfield but Tom H seems to have lost something. All in all an enjoyable game and a decent effort against an in form side, however we need Mount and Lawrence back sooner rather than later if we are to maintain our play off position.
  8. Agree with this however I would prefer Wilson wide in place of Joz, and Holmes middle of the 3 behind Waghorn as little Duane is our best playmaker/No10.
  9. Don’t think MM will be back for Wigan, maybe on the bench. Weekend most likely...
  10. Win or bust game for me. Frank needs to get a bit of backbone in the side and for me it means getting the spine of the team right. Roos Keogh, Tomori Big Tom Waggy Add to them Bogle and Malone in a back 4 Plus Holmes and Bird in and around Tom Wilson and Lawrence (if fit, if not Marriott) in a front 3. Get at them early with our renown high energy pressing game and I predict an easy 3-0 home win. What could possibly go wrong? 😊
  11. Thought Kelle did well today and looks like he is growing in confidence. Looks calm, good on crosses Keogh in particular looks a lot happier with a keeper who is prepared to come and catch a cross
  12. Played in the No9 role today and guess what - scores 2 goals and puts in a MoM performance. I thought he was immense today, held the ball up, brought others into the play, chased defenders down and put the ball in the back of the net twice. All in all one of the best all round centre forward displays I have seen in a Derby shirt for a while. Clearly he prefers the CF position judging by his post match interview. I really think he could be the difference....
  13. Think you have got to fit little Duane in there somewhere - he’s our best footballer imo. 🙂
  14. Waghorn got MoM today playing wide. I thought that when Marriott went off Waghorn would play through the middle with Mason going wide but MB seemed to go central. Soon after Nugent came on to play through the middle with MB out left and MW out right. Looks like Frank doesn’t see Waghorn as his centre forward.
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