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  1. Given the current financial climate I would be surprised to see that we are offering any new contracts or signing any new players. Possible exceptions are Martin and Forsyth but Mel may be looking to save around £10 million on expiring deals.
  2. No need for all of this. Just accept that different people often have different opinions. You shouldn't be on the forum if you have a problem with it.
  3. Which presumably means that we are more likely to win the argument than SWFC are. I would like the club to come out with a strongly worded statement, sooner rather than later.
  4. I hope that MM is going to come out fighting with all guns blazing over this seemingly ridiculous EFL charge. FWIW ppl may be interested in the following copied from the BBC website (apologies if already posted). Sheffield Wednesday have issued a claim against the English Football League for allegedly "acting unlawfully" by charging the club over the sale of their ground to owner Dejphon Chansiri. The Owls sold Hillsborough for about £60m, helping them post a pre-tax profit of £2.5m in 2017-18.
  5. Reminded me of the abuse James Maddisson got at PP when he was with Norwich. Similar type of player could be a good/excellent signing.
  6. The assist for the 2nd goal was excellent, not just the cross but the fact that he had the composure to look up before crossing. Makes me think he is good enough!
  7. Really? The option would be to stick with Cocu and his boring negative approach which is driving fans away in droves. Even my Mrs doesn't want to go atm. Also would Mel be prepared to trust him with transfer funds in January? Unlikely given our current form and situation.
  8. Lose this one and we are really in the poo. Would think that Mel's axe might fall.
  9. I suppose it depends on how far and for how long you follow the downward spiral...
  10. Hang on, are you seriously comparing us with Bury and Macclesfield. I would go with Coventry, Bolton, Sunderland, Portsmouth and others who have found themselves in a downward spiral.
  11. We are not improving, we are getting worse with each game. Perhaps Rooney will make a difference, perhaps he won’t. League 1 is a possibility and for me and many other Derby fans L1 is oblivion...
  12. The problem may be competence or lack of it. No matter what the job is or the industry you are in an incompetent manager is your worst nightmare as an owner. So what do you do just carry on regardless and watch your business disappear into oblivion or do you take action. Perhaps you just sit tight and hope for an improvement in which case it’s squeaky bum time...
  13. All this talk of new players in January. How many of us would give Cocu a penny if it was their own money. I wouldn’t trust him with a penny. Mel is in a difficult position, does he stick or twist. He’s given PC a 4 year deal so it would be very expensive to sack him. He could give him money to spend on new players but will he get the best out of them with some very negative possession based football. He could invest nothing and risk relegation which is now becoming a very real possibility. FWIW I do not think the current squad is that bad, we should be at least upper/mid table even allowing for injuries.
  14. The next 3 games all against struggling teams are going to be crucial for Cocu. We have Reading then Wigan, both away with the last game of the year against Charlton at home. 9 points = panic over 6 points = well done 3 points = still in a job 0 points = bye bye Cocu
  15. Cocu appears to be clueless. Listening to his post match interviews doesn't inspire confidence. We seem to be getting worse instead of better and most of the players seem to lack any confidence in their own abilities. Relegation is a real possibility however a 4 year deal would be expensive to terminate. Mel will have a decision to make if we get nothing out of the next two away games.
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