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  1. Looks like our first couple of free signings, Wayne is clearly adding much needed experience for the young guns! 💪
  2. A 3 man midfield of Bird - Shinnie and Knight; plenty of endeavour but where’s the creativity? Why can’t Rooney see it? Maybe he can, maybe there’s no better options, who knows? Maybe all of the chickens are coming home to roost and there’s nothing Rooney or anyone can do. ’Rooney in, Rooney out, Rooney shake it all about’
  3. I have actually defended Rooney and fully appreciate that he has moved us out of the bottom three. But I’m coming around to this way of thinking, I fear we’re going backwards again after a promising start. ’Rooney Out!’ Was meant to be a bit of a kick up the backside; I respect him as a footballer and if he has deferred wages to help finances, then I respect that also, but the football is not good enough, it just isn’t and there’s no arguments that can convince me otherwise.
  4. My gripe with Rooney is that we are a defend first ‘don’t lose at any cost team’. Some people on here seem to be suggesting that because we created more chances against Reading today, then we’re NOT a defensive team. The stats just don’t justify this; we’ve scored one of, if not, the lowest amount of goals since Xmas and have gone on runs of games without even looking likely to score. You just cannot argue against this, but some are 🤔 I also don’t agree with those that say he’s working with little or no quality. We have to international players in the team, not the likes that play for San Marino but established European teams like Poland, Ireland and the home nations. We have former ‘players of the year’ for other teams and former England youth internationals, I refuse to believe that we have poorer players than Luton, Millwall or Barnsley, that are above us. There’s a problem somewhere and I suspect we’re saddled with Rooney. As someone pointed out, we most probably can’t afford to pay him off and I get that, but if he can’t get more out of the players or get the balance right (More attackers PLEASE) then he maybe needs to admit he’s been fast tracked too soon. I’m in dreamland, that’s unlikely to happen, but I knew, and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one, the script for today before a ball was kicked with the team and formation he’d picked.
  5. The spotlight must fall a little on Rooney for this as well. He was given the go-ahead to bring in five loans. Admittedly we don’t know what happens behind the scenes but, let’s assume that most of these were his choice, only Gregory seems to have panned out. The jury is still out on an injured Edmundson, so we’ll discount him. Thats a 1 in 4 hit rate on the loans so far this season. I go back to my original post, in terms of tactics and getting the best out of some of his own chosen players, he must do better.
  6. If I walk out a door it ‘Birdyabroad out’ You do realise how language works yes?
  7. See you later Unlucky 👋
  8. Did seem to suggest in my post that he needs to ‘sort it out or get gone’. So wasn’t necessarily advocating that he get sacked. Maybe, just maybe, if he can’t get the attacking balance right he holds up his hands and admits the job is to big for him, leaves by mutual consent? He has many qualities Wayne, one of which seems to be a bit of integrity, maybe he is the kind of guy he says he’s come too far too fast??
  9. Hmm, when I learned the game, I’m sure I read somewhere that if you scored more than the opposition then you won the game. However, in your amazing understanding of the game, however many shots you have on target seems to count for something. Are you a ‘we had more corners than them’ kind of guy also? Is that why you call yourself Unlucky, cos you come out on the wrong side of an argument?
  10. Whichever way you cut it, we’re going back in the wrong direction. I’ve backed him from the start, but this defend-first football is losing its impact and the new manager ‘bounce’ has up and gone.
  11. Like I said, a simple switch of Joz for Knight would have given a better balance, in my opinion.
  12. Don’t seem to remember saying that I could do the job? I actually suggested that another type of manager, say a Chris Wilder might be more effective. But don’t let facts get in your way.
  13. I suppose getting relegated is fun for you
  14. No, this is NOT a joke thread. I’ve been a Rooney man, but I’m sick of negative team selections. If he is so blind to see that a midfield 3 of Shinnie/Bird and Knight does not work, then he needs to get gone. We lost the game today when the team was announced. Surely we MUST start the game with at LEAST 4 attacking players. Against Luton we started with 4 attackers and won comfortably. Before anyone points out that Wag/Gregory were out, start with Joswiak today instead of Knight and that’s a better attacking balance. Some may also point out that Clarke wasn’t playing and we needed to load midfield, but it’s too negative an argument - We need more attack minded players to keep the ball at their end of the pitch, away from our defence. It’s just so boring and predictable that we set up to defend, go a goal down, then have to throw on attacking players to try and rescue a point, I didn’t even bother to watch the 2nd half today and I don’t think I’ve ever purposely done that. No, it’s not good enough Wayne. You did a good job taking us out of danger but, given that other results went against us today, you’re anti-football is taking us the wrong way again. We’re now back in the running as serious relegation contenders. So sort it out fast or get gone and let’s get a manager with a bit of attacking chops, like Chris Wilder, his hell-for-leather approach may have been found out in the Prem, but let’s try and get there first and we’ll worry about that later.
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