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  1. I like Frank and was happy when he took over. However, am I the only one who thinks that, if he’s still a Ram, next season may be more of a struggle; the ‘2nd season syndrome’? We’re unlikely to get arguably our two best players back, Tomori and Mount (Although I accept other loans may be available). It’s also looking unlikely that Frank will have much money. Even if rumours of new investment are true, FFP may dictate that we can’t spend it. I’m also not as convinced as others that Frank has given youth a chance. Wilson/Mount/Tomori yes, but all loans. Bogle is, therefore, the only success from the academy this season. Frank has put youngsters on the bench and threw Max Bird into the lions den at Villa, but its been patchy. I question, therefore, whether he is best placed to bring our youngsters through next season? As I said, I like Frank and don’t underestimate the importance of Jody, who may be the real power behind the throne but, if we’re mid table by December, we may look back at this moment as an opportunity missed to stick Chelsea for some hefty compensation and recruit a manager with a mandate to bring through our academy players. Maybe Mel could play a blinder and get a big compo package for Frank and then move heaven and Earth to promote Jody. Morris is also Chelsea inside and out BUT would the lure of being NO.1 at Derby be tempting, especially as he can see the fine work done by the academy?
  2. I’d go for Gary Neville, he’s knowledgeable, probably got good contacts and will have a lot to prove.
  3. Bloomin ell, I live in Newton Abbot, I can’t make the match this Sunday, but maybe we should swap details; be keen to join/share the car duties on another away day.
  4. Win or lose, I like the changes. Let’s face it, Brys / Nuge / Hudds are not going to be here next season. Johnson most probably also (Though he’s on the bench). Better so say our thankyou’s now and withdraw them from the team. Let’s give Evans and Bird a go in midfield, guarantee them a spot for the next 5 games and see what they can do. My biggest annoyance is NOT my team losing, but watching players a few seconds off the pace, losing the ball, giving away needless freekicks (Brys / Hudds / Nuge of late). So, lets give em a go and if they lose by a few AWAY at Villa (A bogey place for us) then let’s get on with it and get behind them in the next home match. I would have actually liked to see JML start also, in for a penny in for a pound...
  5. The more I see this Max Bird play, the more I think he should be, same as Bogle, fast-tracked into the first team. He looks so assured on the ball and could be the answer in our midfield. Let’s face it, Hudds and Brys have been great servants, but are unlikely to be here next year and the jury is out on Evans. Why not bring him in, tell him he’s going to get a run in the team. Fans WILL give him more leeway as ‘he’s one of our own’. I’d rather now watch a youth product playing for the shirt than, say, Bryson turning up to the next 50/50 a day late and a dollar short.
  6. I know that Nugent has a cheeky smile and is probably great around the training ground, whilst Bryson has been a good servant to the club; a hat trick against Forest cementing his place in folklore. But does anyone else think their time is up? They are both so frustrating to watch, a yard behind the pace, every touch a bit last ditch. I would rather Frankie play one of the U23/U18 strikers (Stretton/Whittaker/Cresswell) instead of Nuge, or one of the midfielders (Sibley/Bird/Elsnik) instead of Brys. Obviously I have no idea if any of these youngsters are going to make it, but I’d now rather see a youth product busting a gut than shouting at the TV as Nuge/Bryson arrive 2 minutes late for another mistimed tackle. Mini-rant over.
  7. I read the forum and don’t often post, but I feel the urge to question some of the negative comments and player scores given to Tomori for last nights game. I wasn’t at the match, but was one of the unfortunate suckers who paid £10 to sit through it. I thought Tomori, and Keogh to an extent, were the only bright sparks. Solid in headers and tackles, Tomori often using his pace to good effect and decent distribution. Roos conceded one goal and had no other noteworthy saves to make, I never thought we were in danger of losing and, therefore, think Tomori and Keogh deserve much more credit. I’ll wager that managers of most other teams in this division would love to have one, or even both, especially Keogh, he seems like a ‘managers favourite’; there’s probably a reason for this.
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