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  1. 1st - Oh Bobby Bobby, Bobby Bobby Bobby Bobby Davison. 2nd - Colin Kazim-Richards.
  2. One I was at - Man Utd 2-3 Derby County (Wanchope goal) 1996/97 season One I wasn't at - Derby 4-1 Real Madrid. European Cup 1975
  3. That's capped off a good day for us all. I hold when things get back to normal, the club invite Ted down to Pride Park to be guest of honour for a game - we look after our own !! 🤗
  4. I suppose my main 'personal' position as a current Season Ticket Holder (40yrs now) is, if you can have a seadons online viewing for £10 a game, £230 for season, why should a 'proper' Season Ticket be any more than £230 ? Especially when 'multiples' can watch the game at home on one purchase pass? 🤔 I still renew regardless of any outcome, because it's what I do. 😃
  5. I'm sure it wont be too long before next seasons Season Ticket promotion is in the planning, so I thought I'd just note a few issues down that will/might have an impact on how the club wish to launch/market/price them. 1 What Division we are in 2 Who our Manager is 3 Will there be any Safe Standing Area's 4 When/ if we are allowed back in to watch games 5 What will our recruitment/squad strategy be 6 Cost - Given that matches have been allowed to be purchased at £10 per game on rams tv, if that is to continue as an option, does that automatically price Season Tick
  6. It amazes me when people have an opinion based on absolutely nothing and yet they still convince themselves, ably supported by other conspiracy theorists, that they are right on everything. Trumpism at its finest !!!
  7. Speculation is what speculation does. Nobody knows any details, neither should they, or expect any. Just because a person is a footballer does not mean people have any right to be told anything. All personal health issues and employment issues is a) personal to the individual and their health support network. All issues relating to personal health and employment is b) confidential to the individual and their employer, should the two issues need to interface. People should refrain from hearsay and any personal opinion - it is none of their concern or business, unless it becomes part of t
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