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  1. Keepyuppy

    v Reading (A) - Predictions

    Reading 1-1 Derby County FRGS - Lawrence
  2. Keepyuppy

    Harry Wilson - Signed on a season long loan

    Aparrently we are the only club that Liverpool have been given the green light to sign him - all we need to do is negotiate with the player and he’s ours. Aparrantly Lamps met with him and his representiatives over the weekend - so Wilson is ours to lose !! 😃🐑
  3. Keepyuppy

    Matej Vydra - Signed for Burnley

    Personally, unless we receive a fee around £14-15m for Vydra, then I really don’t see tthe need to sell him based on a financial basis. I ctuslly think that we still have a very useful squad - maybe we need a decent other left back option as I see that as a week spot for us. But we havexup to 10 players who’s ontracts are up at the end of the season and that must represent £7-10m if wages a year and that would take us down to circa £24m total wage bill at the club, which I think is reasonable. I’m sure that Frankie and Morris can certainly come up with different work ethics and different game plans and formations with the existing squad to make us very competitive and a real threat. Rowett was so bloody negative and wanted a ‘counter attack’ team, but we hadn’t the players to do it. This ONE up front theory game plan does my box in. It’s rubbish !!! i see no reason why a rejuvenated Martin or Jones with a partner such as Vydra, maybe even Bennett and a young striker coming through from U23’s can’t be a formidable combination. We could probably do with a wide player who can cross a decent ball, a left back and maybe a more mobile midfield option, but I think that can be covered from within the club. Just my thoughts and I don’t think we need to ship another load of cash on any expensive signings. I’m sure Frank will get some very useful loans in from his Prem contacts.
  4. One Mr T Abraham is currently checked in and staying at Morley Hays. Mr M Vydra has moved out of his current accommodation. Make of it what you will. I believe certain announcements will be made on Monday 😃🐑

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