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  1. Picture this - It’s 0-0 Sheffield Wed have a corner in the 3rd minute of added time. Jordan Rhodes is the only Wed player in the penalty area and is surrounded by 8 Derby defenders. Barry Bannon swings over a corner and,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Rhodes scores a free header form 10 yards out, with every Derby player looking at each other. In his after match interview, Derby Manager Wayne Rooney, stated he can’t fault the performance, we have to stop these mistakes and we’ll be working on it in training all week 🤬
  2. Houdini,,,,,,, he's the only real option and he's dead !!
  3. Cracks me up how people still thi k we'll score !! Bottlers 0 - 2 B'ham
  4. Mutton dressed as Lamb !! 🤫
  5. It never cease to amaze me how suddenly people become experts in business, finance and football takeovers - when in reality, their only expertise is on kebabs, eBay and Amazon. All I care about is being able to watch my team, hopefully do well, be entertained - and that’s it. I’ll just chill my beanz and watch other ‘know it all’s’ go in to sizemic meltdowns 🤔
  6. I think some of them may make the bench for some if the pub teams whi play on The Racecourse on Sunday mornings !!
  7. I dont think we've got the stomach to fight for our survival and I fear the worst !! It's all well and good hoping there are three worse teams than us, but the reality is, I genuinely don't think there are. All the teams belis us have shown better form and gained more points than us over the last 6 games, some have more games left than us and I really cant see us getting more points in our remaining games than the teams below us. Add our injuries to that and it's looking pretty bleak for us to be honest 🤔
  8. I’m lead to believe we have a specific ‘defensive coach ‘ at the club. I’d like to ask, what the hell they actually do , because in my eyes , we concede that same type of goals game after game. Strikers and runners not being picked up, usually at the back post. Also after we’ve conceded m, there are usually 2 or 3 of the back 4 stood in very close proximity, marking actually nobody. How can this be ?Hie come it keeps happening ? How come nothing seems to be happening to resolve this, game after game. Do we operate a ‘zonal’ marking system or are defenders basically not able to understan
  9. No thanks, once you walk away, the door should remain permanently shut imo
  10. Touch and go if we stay up or not - I dont think we can rely on ourselves to get enough points to stay up, so I think it all hinges on other clubs failures. I hope we'll be safe, but I cant see us getting any better next season with out significant investment and/or new owners. 😥
  11. Chelsea sold Kevin De Bruyne and Mo Salah as youngsters, as they thought they were too small and not good enough,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,well that went well didn’t it ? 🤔
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