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    EFL appeal

    The two statements are contradictory DCFC says the panel should have considered prof pope’s evidence. The EFL says that we’ve not complied with FRS102. I suggest then that prof pope has said that we didn’t comply with FRS102. That’s the only way to make sense of this. I can’t see this now being resolved any other way than a negotiation on a sanction. I would suspect a small-ish fine would be appropriate. But so hard to be sure as whatever is agreed could set a precedent for others.
  2. I am betting on sheff wed to win. That would at least slightly offset my miserable mood on Sunday evening. Odds are 2/1. Which is very reasonable given we’ve lost 5 or 6 on the spin now.
  3. I just can’t bring myself to predict another Derby defeat. I am saying 2/1 to Derby with Lawrence our first scorer.
  4. We surely will Lose again. 2/0 to Swansea.
  5. I have just looked at our matches this season and I think we have scored just two equalisers so far this season. That sounds pretty dire to me (let me know if I’ve miscounted). Does anyone have any stats on how many equalisers we should expect in a season?
  6. We Win 2-1. Lawrence again for us.
  7. I guess we’ll lose again. 2/1. A goals last from kazim.
  8. I kind of agree. But the comment was unnecessary suggesting that the game was over when they scored. No one really ever expected anything other than a defeat today did they?!!
  9. Derby up to 21% possession. 👍👍👍
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