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  1. 2 hours ago, jono said:

    what’s everyone’s overall view of the window so far ?

    I reckon midfield wise if we secure Ebou we’ve done well. The Nyambe re signing gives us a bit more defensive cover and security. 

    Upfront I remain a bit windy knowing little about Yates and Jackson ? … Are we missing firepower ?


    Pretty good start. Say the season was to start next week when the Adams deal is done you’d be starting something like 


    Osborn Nyambe Cash Nels wilso

    goudmijn Adams Thompson 

    NML Jackson



    keeper Collo Fozzy Ward Yates Rooney Sonny Barky Elder 

    extras wash and Fornah

    if we can ship the 2 extras out I’d be looking for another striker another midfielder another goalkeeper and we aren’t far off


  2. After his loan this is the signing we all wanted, he was the missing piece that got us promoted, since Clowse took over we’ve been nothing but sensible, do people really think we aren’t carrying on in the same direction now by spending a small amount compared to what others are spending? We’re in the safest of hands with a proper businessman who will only run us in the right way! 

  3. 2 minutes ago, SECornerRAM said:

    Been a turn in Adams this week 

    Looks likely

    Cardiff come to their senses / Adams pushed the needle

    Everyone at the club expects this to be done in the next week or so - looks like 650k plus add ons and sell on 


    To my knowledge Ryan is going to Millwall, things change very quickly though ATM 

    Millwall signing a different keeper?

  4. 2 minutes ago, tomsdubs said:

    We need to be realistic and not get taken for a ride, he's like 4th or 5th choice Cardiff centre mid with a year left on his contract. We shouldn't be paying much of a fee at all.

    Bbc derby said last night that they do have an extra year in his contract if triggered so it’s not as easy as just 1 year left 

  5. 7 minutes ago, MACKWORTHRAM said:

    If RB Leipzig want him then he's not coming here 😂

    Maybe he doesn’t like the drink…. Yeah he’s going their

  6. Shame, was excited when it sounded like he was coming last night, I’ll be disappointed if we don’t end up with any players from abroad that we’ve been scouting, it’s about time we started trying to sign some cheaper talent from abroad rather than just the same old kind of players from the uk 

  7. 37 minutes ago, Eoghan1884 said:

    Good chance we’re the club that’s won with how secretive the deal is. We’ve done very well at keeping deals quiet over the last 2 years. But it could be anyone let’s just hope it us. 

    Thought we’d of heard something this end if he was actually close like his coach suggest, reckon he’ll end up somewhere else 

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