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  1. Watching the Champions League Final, BT Sport commentators just said that it was a strange atmosphere inside the stadium. Rocking before the start but fans overtaken by nerves once it started. Maybe we're not the only ones.....
  2. I stayed behind with my son (despite his tears) as I wanted to to applaud the team and FL. Also, my son adores Harry Wilson and Mason Mount so he wanted to say goodbye to them. Was pleased others did also..... Had a bit of water in my eyes as well, not sure where that came from! Went prior to them lifting the trophy however, that would have been too much!
  3. Just to add another opinion. We came up from Bournemouth yesterday, myself, my son who is 11, and my parents (who are aged 72 and have been ST Holders for over 50 years).... We had a wonderful day (apart from the obvious result bit). I would agree that the atmosphere died after their two goals which is understandable. Personally I was a nervous wreck and was so down before we scored - if others were like me then I can see why the noise dropped on occasions. Then when we scored the noise lifted again...thought we were going to do it but thin margins as others have said. Just not our day. I don't think we played too badly, could see what FL was trying to do with the team. My old folks both struggle with knee problems and had to stand all match because others in front would not sit down. Mum had to move seats as she was struggling to manage. However no other real issues apart from that. On our walk back to the tube I was surprised how our fans were still making noise - all credit to them. No criticism from me. Also a note for the Villa fans - I am sure they were all smug inside etc but they certainly weren't rubbing our faces in it after the match. Thought both sets of fans (that I witnessed) behaved wonderfully
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