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  1. He was superb tonight, put himself about and played the right balls at the right time. Credit where credit is due
  2. The way he was pulling to the left hand side in the first twenty minutes and directing Fozzy where to go was so refreshing to see. He dictated everything.....absolute class performance but he was not the only one.
  3. I had the misfortune to watch Barnsley vs West Brom on Boxing Day (due to the in-laws - Baggies fans) and Barnsley battered them, unlucky to just get a point. Anyone thinking they were pushovers because of their league position needs a reality check. job well done for me, not pretty at times but sometimes teams need to grind a result out and we did just that. Could've / should've been out of sight at half time. Good three points. And Rooney class. Simple passes, made it look easy.
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