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  1. Head says 2-0 Blackburn Heart says 1-0 Rams frgs Kaz
  2. Out of curiosity, when was the last time we won at Blackburn? I’ve been numerous times over the years and never came back very happy! I vaguely remember us Winning a few years back. We do need some sort of result on Friday night though.
  3. Rams 2 Norwich 4 frgs Lawrence
  4. For me if WR keeps us up this season it will be a successful job, Next season I always said will be the season to judge him, to see what players he brings in and what style of football he plays ( more adventurous). I wasn’t in the WR manager camp, but he is our manager and will back him, but next season we have to see a lot more imo
  5. Be truthful with the fans, if because of ffp/ or you just want to spend silly money on a player, then say so, let’s get a quality scouting team in as well, or get the ones we have now to pick out some bargains in the transfer market eg the likes of Idiakiz, Rasiak, from abroad and the likes of Chrissy Martin/ Craig Bryson from the uk.
  6. Don’t remember us ever doing much at Reading over the last few years, I’ll be happy with 0-0, but I fear another beating. 3-0 Reading 🙁 hope I’m wrong
  7. I think people are getting nervous because ( let’s be fair) we thought we could avoid defeat from the likes of cov, Rotherham etc, which would have kept the distance between us at the time, looking at it now, it’s a good job we beat Wycombe, because if not we would be in trouble. I’ve always thought we would do enough to stay up and I still do now, but the nerves are starting to kick in now. I think I’ve said it before, we need to get through this season and have a total revamp for next season, which might be harder to do than we think.
  8. She looks great whatever she’s wearing ❤️❤️❤️👍🤣🤣🤣
  9. Hopefully next season we will be playing on the front foot more often, which will allow Lawrence/Jozwiak/Sibley to be more creative than we are now, this season is all about survival by hook or crook. We obviously know centre defense is a priority as is another cf for next year.
  10. Or Roberts and Sibley behind big Kaz, 3-4-2-1 🤷‍♂️👍😁
  11. 0-0 is the obvious result, so it will be 3-2 the rams, Byrne frgs
  12. Beat me to it, I was about to say about Cresswell was training with the first team, makes me wonder if Kaz is out.
  13. I was right initially then, even better, although in all honesty I don’t see them going down tbh
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