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  1. Definitely need not to lose, draw wouldn’t be a disaster, but really could do with another win.
  2. Good battling performance, hopefully take this on into Saturday, need 3 more points, well certainly cannot afford to lose.
  3. Anybody think the link to Ravell Morrison means the takeover isn’t going through anytime soon and that we are on plan b of our transfer list? Hope I’m wrong and this mess is sorted one way or another very quickly.
  4. Problem is we’ve had no preparation, watched boro game and they struggled as well, hopefully we can click into gear as the game goes on
  5. Okay, this whole thing is a mess and needs to be sorted one way or another to move forward, but am I reading it wrong that the club cannot afford to pay what’s owed from December, but at no point says that they cannot pay January’s wages? Just thinking possibly Mel can sort out this month’s but because he was expecting the sheik to be funding the club from December, so nothing was put in place to cover the eventuality of the money not forthcoming in time.
  6. Apparently in advanced talks to sign for qpr according to sky
  7. Got a little scrappy the last 15 mins, need to reassert ourselves again, there for the taking
  8. I’d like us to go 4312, the 3 mids, Bilek, Knight and Sibley, rotate Lawrence, Joz and Ibe behind kazim and Stretton/Waggers. Give us a lot more of an attacking threat, can always drop Bilek or Bird into a defensive mid for the better teams away from home.
  9. I know quite of villa fans, who didn’t want Terry anywhere near there club, but pretty much everyone hasn’t got a bad word to say about him, apparently he is a big influence around the club and will be disappointed if he goes, and they all say he will make a top manager. I did hear when Cocu was sacked that he had, had talks with us, this was before his name broke in the press, honestly not sure how true that was. He wouldn’t be my first choice in all honesty ( Paul Cook for me) but if he his, let’s get behind him, and the club, the same if Rooney gets the job.
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