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  1. The one thing I think he gives us is more composure in the midfield area, he doesn’t always make the right decision, but we are definitely better when he is on the pitch. It always concerns me when he comes off, it would be interesting how many goals/points we have lost when he has been substituted, we conceded 2 against Peterborough and lost the game, conceded against Luton which cost us another 2 points, there the main ones I can think of off the top of my head, not saying we may have not conceded if he had still be on the pitch, but imho less likely to have done ( 5 points we could have done with)
  2. Team news almost pales into insignificance after last night, but COYR 🐏🐏🐏
  3. Why do I feel like there is a lot more to come out in the wash, I fear we won’t have a football club very soon, hate to say it, but we could be the next Bury 😟
  4. We would have all taken a point before the game, great effort lads, the one thing you can say about this squad of players, they want to wear the shirt, they always give everything they have got on the pitch, even if they haven’t played to their potential or outplayed by a better side. Honestly think that’s why the backing from the fans is amazing this season, we know we are all in this together, from Rooney, his staff, the players and the fans, let’s hope the off field things get sorted soon, with little or no punishment and get Rooney and the players the help they need. Up the Rams
  5. yes I had the same problem, funnily enough seems to happen quite regularly when the footy is on
  6. Game still not working on red button, relying on you guys, Come on you rams
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