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  1. Who knows but if I had I would expect you all to hate my guts and kick me in the goolies if you saw me in the street.
  2. We've had a go at Liquidation a couple of times before and failed to quite get over the line, perhaps it's 3rd time lucky (unlucky)!!! Thanks Mel, welcome to the Maxwell fan club!
  3. I have great respect for Rooney as a player, I admire his desire to continue to be involved in football through management and it's a fact that he has inherited a poisoned chalice, but hey, the guy is clueless. Anyone who sticks Roos between the uprights and asks him to play pretty football should stick to Lego! Ah well, it'll soon be Xmas, I might get some new golf clubs from Santa!
  4. Apparently they had a balls up with tickets and are refunding all those who didn't get in!
  5. Agree with score except Ayala is more likely to score for Blackburn!!
  6. 0-3, mmm with Wayno no doubt sending us up 't' north with a goalie, 5 defenders, 3 dm's, 1 attacking midfielder and Stretton on his own up top I'm not sure how that works! Lol.
  7. 'To Hull and back'...........with nil points. 3-0 defeat!
  8. The Blades fans will be confident of an instant return and only a slump will dampen their gates. Who'd want to support the clay bakers anyway?!
  9. I remember Roy Mac's debut at Millmoor, only a kid but he was the best player on the pitch by a country mile! Everybody knew that we were seeing a future international and it confirmed what was beginning to emerge, the Rams were finally going somewhere. The beast was awakening!
  10. Ray Straw, Tommy Powell, Geoff Barrowcliffe and Bill Curry!!
  11. I'm half way through it, great read and, as a Ram, knowing the history of my club has been quite emotional! Thoroughly recommend it.
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