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  1. Rotherham are street fighters, they enjoy being written off and the underdog image! That's where they get their energy from, let's face it they know that they can stay up on their own efforts whilst we have to rely on others slipping up!
  2. We might even win the odd game and, who knows, score a few goals!!
  3. Unfortunately, and being more realistic, the greater likelihood is that we will continue our form of 1 win in 11!
  4. 3-1 to Rovers, followed by a weekend of bed-wetting whilst we await other results!
  5. We'd have probably scored more with the actual lump of cheese upfront!! (No not a joke but a worrying fact)
  6. I'm getting cheese bored now.
  7. Why do you get whatever it is this lot are on??
  8. I had the good luck to get a hole in one on the 12th at Wollaton Park and then on the par3 13th I hit the pin and it finished 2inches away! Happy days!
  9. I'm not convinced we have the baalocks but more importantly we don't have quality upfront! Apart from Kaz's burst of scoring which may well keep us in this division this lot are not even 3rd tier standard as an attacking force. It will surprise me if we win another game. Let's hope the bottom three are equally crap!
  10. The Tanned one back eh, must come cheap!
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