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  1. Nice guy, one thing the Championship isn't is nice. This bunch of misfits need a true Championship manager with a simple method who hates losing......... oh and a large boot to kick ass with!
  2. 2-0 Waggy. Let's shake off the cobwebs so the Sheikh can shake up the Club and we can shake up the league. Shaken not stirred, I say.
  3. Same here and I assume I'm wrong as I ALWAYS am!!!
  4. Trees 0-0 Rams Not only do we bore ourselves to death but them as well (and everybody else watching it on telly)! One big bore draw!
  5. The lads show Cocu they love him with a resounding 3-1 win. Rooney hat-trick!
  6. He went into coaching and management. Assistant to Durban at Shrewsbury and held other asst and manager jobs including Stoke. I liked Ritchie, genuine lad who appreciated his promotion to the 'big time' from non-league. A few more with his attitude wouldn't do us any harm! RIP Ritchie. Have a pint with old big head.
  7. Good luck, hope it does well. Shall be adding it to my Rams memorabilia collection.
  8. RIP Reg, Derby lad born and bred, always to be remembered.
  9. Sorry Rampage can't remember as I was only knee high to a grasshopper! I do remember how excited I was and that has never changed. My take on today, early days and we will get better. Might take more than three weeks as any incomings will take time too settle and Rooney's midriff bulge won't go quickly! Hopefully the first win will come soon as the mood of the team and the fans will then quickly change! As always my glass will remain half full.
  10. First game 1956, upper tier Normo End with my Uncle Tom! You do the maths!
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