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  1. Yah lets not regulate all media of all forms. Oh wait thats fine until it goes against something you believe in. Then yes lets put in regulations. Who's going to decide when these regulations need to be implemented? You, me? Of cause not it'll be the government of the day. State censorship.
  2. One day to go before the country votes. I've not heard Johnson talking about any of the policies tucked away on page 48 of the conservative party's manifesto. Could it be that if all the policies on that page are implemented the country could potentially become a single party state and it's leader a dictator.
  3. A man who can justifiably sit at the top table of those we call club legends. RIP Jim.
  4. Gave up asking the same question many moons ago. I have been told repeatedly that leave means leave. Which doesn't really answer the question.
  5. He missed out holding up the most important card from the actual film. Which said. At Christmas you always tell the truth.
  6. Go ahead and say it. I'm sure it can't be any worse than the smear campaign the right-wing media are running on Corbyn.
  7. Would it help if she offered to work for less than effin minimum wage?
  8. As we are now have three days before the election. I find it odd that Johnson as time to waste talking about football. Shouldn't he be answering questions about the policies in his party's manifesto. As one of the policies promises to reduce taxes meaning less money going into the country's coffers. Wondering how the tories plan to pay for all this spending on the NHS, policing and education. Shame Johnson could only find time to do meaningless photo opportunities, instead of sitting down to do some proper in-depth interviews Johnson keeps going on about how a vote for him will get brexit done and a vote for anyone else would mean remaining in tbe EU. Wasn't a second referendum on brexit deemed to be undemocratic
  9. Why do you think you are presently on the wrong side?
  10. I think you may be waiting awhile.
  11. The NHS presently, as stated by various posters, use private health companies to provide some services for NHS patients. What we should be talking about how we pay for our healthcare in the future. Will we carry on with the way it's done now. Where we all pay a portion of our wages and no mattter how much or little that is, we all entitled to receive the same level of healthcare. Or could we end up with how the Americans pay for their healthcare . Where the more you can afford to pay for your insurance premiums to private companies the better health care you receive. Worryingly I fear that the latter of the two options will be gradually introduced by a tory government under it's present leadership.
  12. If you don't know what something is. You should not be touching it, never mind putting it in your mouth.
  13. Still got the tapes. Brought them for my wife as a Christmas present. What can I say, I'm just a big romantic.
  14. Whoever it was, that authorised the money for this crap. Actually see an example of what they were buying. If they did, I'd advise them to get an eye test. If they didn't and they fell for some smooth talking spiv's spiel, then they should no longer hold a position where they can waste ratepayers money. Now if we had something like this running up St Peter's St.
  15. Yes lets close down the debate about a subject you don't want to discuss by claiming leave voters think all leave voters are racist.
  16. Surely you must have heard the mantra, leave means leave and get brexit done. Don't start mentioning different types of brexit, Asking questions like that, is tantamount to being treasonous and downright undemocratic.
  17. Never listen to his commentaries of the games. Heard him once along with his nob of a co-presenter, vowed never again. If this is his attitude to how he does his job. The BBC need to think about finding a replacement.
  18. You're still looking at trains as a profit making business. The rail network along with with buses and trams needs to be looked at as a fully integrated public transport system. While it would be nice if the system could be run at cost, I doubt that will ever happen. But surely the benefits gained from a good state run transport , Like less cars on the road, less wear and tear to the roads, how many billions are spent on repairing potholes. Less accidents and the benefits that will bring, the savings to all the emergency services. Plus less air pollution, what price should be put on that. All this would override any loses incurred by a good transport networks.
  19. Surely the whole idea is to encourage more people to use public transport and that it's available to them at times that they most need it. Why penalise people who have to travel at fixed times, while those who luckily, can be more flexible with their travel arrangements are rewarded.
  20. Why should someone be charged more than someone else just because they need to at the same place but at a different time? For example if you start work at 8am and your colleague started at 10am. Would you be happy if he was charged less than you but he travelled further.
  21. Have you thought about walking there? I'm sure you could cut the journey time in half when compared to public transport.
  22. The time of day that the journey takes place, should have no bearing on the cost.
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