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  1. Maybe a set of these for the Huddersfield game.
  2. If not a complete swap at half-time, I expect there'll be a number of substitutions. All the players need as much game time as possible, to get them match sharp. I'm surprised that there wasn't a midweek game arranged, to enable more players to get some game time.
  3. That was worse than watching a penalty shootout. My heart must be beating at twice it's normal rate.
  4. Not necessarily young players. They could be more experienced players that we want to have a look at but didn't want trouble or expense of sending them all the way to America for just one game.
  5. I dispair for our nation at times. When the parents of a young girl killed in a hit and run, are stopped by the court from reading out their impact statement in full because it might upset the driver of the car that killed their daughter. How have we as a society become more concerned about the feelings of a murderer than that that of the victim and thier family?
  6. Another stats table that proves nothing. Two promoted teams that have the fourth and fifth worst keepers. I don't think so.
  7. 1of4

    DCFC tattoos

    With eye, I'm pleased to see.
  8. Will this do What colour would you like the badge and the sponsors logo in? White or black. Crucial decision as it can make or break whether the shirt is liked or not.
  9. Maybe because I wasn't comparing them on smugness but if I was it would close to being a dead-heat.
  10. Why is it whenever I see Liam Rosenior's name, I continually visualise the face of Rigsby in Rising Damp.
  11. Behind Thatcher and only just in front of Health.
  12. During this threads short hiatus and with the likelihood of Johnson becoming the next Prime Minister. I was contemplating who I considered to have been the best and worst PM since I was eligible to vote in the seventies. I never thought anyone else would top Thatcher on the worst list but smug faced Cameron did it with ease. As for the best I'll have to go back to the first MP I was able to vote for, Harold Wilson. I'll wait and see how Johnson or Hunt perform before deciding where they'll go in the list but I've got a good idea.
  13. 1of4


    Why is there two threads about a sport that originated in the Netherlands. Does that make it a bit double dutch.
  14. To right Dave sorry David. All this name changes is most confusing. If admin find it hard to follow. Then us lowly posters are well buggered.
  15. Also had a tortoise, who I called Kevin after Kevin Hector. Unfortunately he went missing around the same time the real Kevin went to play in America. The tortoise never returned unlike the king.
  16. Remember Tinks and Bimbo well. Two of our finest players, true legends.
  17. Not a cricket fan, by any stretch of the imagination but I'm always pleased when any English, GB team do well. I'd cheer on a tiddly winks game if England were winning. As I stated not a cricket fan, just watched the highlights on tv, which had me wondering why batsmen can constantly hit a high percentage of balls bowled at them for fours and sixes. While in a county or test match the score seems to go at a snails pace. Is the bowling different in OD games to other games?
  18. Been wanting us to have an orange shirt for years, well before the forums current liking for all things Dutch.
  19. Please no, I'd suffer a red shirt over this. Maybe if the white was replaced with orange I might be swayed to say yes. If the black was to become orange and the white stays as is, then it'd be a winner for me.
  20. If always liked us as a sovereign state, just like it as been for the last millennium. But didn't the leave campaigners tell us we weren't a sovereign state and we need to leave the EU to be one. Which was a clear cut lie. Our own government clearly stated on numerous occasions that we have always been and will always be a sovereign state. The last time I looked at our membership of the EU we had the power of veto on any major policy decisions made by the EU that could have an affect on our constitution. Meaning we could stop our military being used in any armed conflict. That if a EU army is ever formed in the first place.
  21. In the know, hopeful wish? or have I missed the release of another boring black kit.
  22. Will we be wearing this or this when we play this or will we see a nice orange 3rd kit, when the Rams run out to play at Huddersfield.
  23. After accusing various forum members of either being stupid or lacking in intelligence. You go on to claim that an entire generation of students are unable to think for themselves. I didn't realize that we were in the presence of a person of such superior intellect. Are you referring to the current batch of graduates or are you including all university graduates since the seventies, when we joined joined the common market? If so then no wonder our present politicians are failing to achieve brexit. But if you are just referencing this new batch of graduates. Then the future is looking very bleak. Oh wait, all we need to do is assimilate your thinking and everything will be fine, as we enter that glorious new, EU free, era as described by Igor.
  24. Glad to see you agree with one of my old posts from a couple of years ago. Where I called myself a stupid old git. Looks as if your on a bit of a run. Two things right.
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