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  1. Labour's policies and brexit are not the same. Labour's policies on were the money, to help regenerate the country, would be spent and how it would be paid for. Yes many people will decry it, claiming it's unworkable and would bankrupt the country. But at least Labour's plans as clearly defind. Brexit on the other hand is just a collection of possibilities of what could happen. A lot of ifs and maybes that leave campaigners tried to pass off as facts. Where are all the plans and costing for when brexit takes place. The governmental report, Yellowhammer, to look at the impact of brexit on the country, as not yet been published. Wonder why?
  2. I also share the same passions. Not sure about starving the feckless idlers back to work but a way does need to be found, to how they can become useful members of society. The one doubt I do have is who decides when someone is a feckless idler and not someone who due to unfortunate circumstances as been unable to find gainful employment. Hope it's not the same company who decides when a person is or isn't disabled enough to receive benefit payments.
  3. Did find it odd that earlier on the same morning as Johnson was announcing the u-turn on corporation tax. Andrea Leadsom was on Radio 4 banging on about how the conservatives are reducing the taxes paid by small and large businesses. As the Secretary of state for Business you'd think she would have been made aware of a reversal of policy that involved business. Or is Johnson at the behest of Dominic Cummings, announcing policies without first telling the rest of his party.
  4. Corbyn said his gift to Johnson would be a copy of Dicken's A Christmas Carol. Not sure who would be reading the biggest work of fiction on Christmas Day.
  5. Ok lets talk real politics. Where shall we start ? Funding the NHS, that is now given less per head of the population than ten years ago. Education, the shortage of teaching staff and the schools poor state of repair, due to this tory government's austerity programme. The increase in child poverty caused by the same austerity programme. Maybe start with something that a number of peoplehave concerns about. Immigration numbers, something the tories have promised to reduce in their last three manifestos and have done nothing about it during their nine years in government.
  6. And bears don't defecate in the woods. If you vote tory, extol tory policies, then by definition your a tory. Come on don't be shy, stand up for your convictions, be proud of what you are. Nobody think any worse of you.
  7. Who should or shouldn't be allowed to work here. Ok we let in the doctors and nurses maybe other highly skilled workers like engineers and scientists. What should happen with all the foreign porters and cleaners that also help keep the NHS operating. The workers that many farmers will claim are needed to get their products out of the fields and onto the supermarket shelves. These jobs are deemed to be low skilled, but for the country to function, they still require filling.
  8. Yes the NHS is definitely about immigration. If it wasn't for all the foreign doctors and nurses working in it. The NHS wouldn't be able to function, even if was adequately funded
  9. Rated him as my second favourite keeper, just behind Poom.
  10. Very strange it's not happened. Maybe wanting to win an election might be major factor why. If Johnson wins the election, then gets brexit completed. The conservatives will then be able to push through all manner of policies that won't be liked by the majority of the population. They'll be then able to claim that what they are doing, is because of brexit and they're just carrying out the will of the people.
  11. Or we could follow the USAs policies. Where millions of it's citizens can't afford good health care, resulting in the unnecessary death of thousands of people. Where the top one percent of it's population control more of the country's wealth than the bottom fifty percent. Where the police unjustly kill hundreds of their own citizens and are never punished because of the bigotry that is still allowed to flourish there. Where food standards are far worse an our own country's present standards.
  12. Glad to hear you had New Year's Day off this year.
  13. So just working five days this year. Be careful you don't over do it.
  14. Venezuela may have the largest oil reserves but it's not listed in the top ten of oil producing countries. Could this be reason why the USA at the behest of the major oil companies have been behind some of the destabilization of the Venezuelan government. These oil companies want to get the oil out of the ground. They can then flood the world market, that will then drive down crude oil prices, so meaning more profit for themselves.
  15. Never mind thousands, more like tens or possibly hundreds of thousands of British people who abuse and take our magnificent health care system for granted. Dead easy this finding someone to blame isn't it. I was born and raised when the NHS was still relatively new. When my parents were growing up, good health care wasn't available to them. So they understood the need cherish the NHS and not to go running to a doctor at the first sign of a sniffle or upset stomach. This is something that they instilled into me from an early age. It's a pity that to many people no longer cherish our wonderful NHS. As for blaming governments of all colours sorry stripes, I must start using the new PC terminology, I'm not the only one. Just look how many posters on this site have said that our political system is failing. Oh as for growing up. No thanks always been a big kid at heart, even more so, now I've got three grandchildren to play with. Sorry if I rambled a bit or didn't make a lot of sense. But ay I'm an idiot or so I've been told.
  16. Announced today that the estimated cost of HS2 as gone up again.. The country doesn't need a high speed train service. It needs a service that is clean, reliable, cheap and more frequent. Also updating all our old rolling stock wouldn't go amiss.
  17. Lets pretend that lack of funding isn't the main problem when it comes to training more nurses. Lets hire a private consultancy company, pay them tens of thousands of pounds a day. So they can take a year to write a report that come up with the same answer to the problem, as what people already knew. The goverment can then sit on the report for another year before doing sod all about it. While claiming that they have spent more money, in real terms, then the previous government.
  18. The Labour Party as announced that there as been a cyber attack on it's digital platforms. I wonder who could have done this? Maybe if 10 Downing Street and this tory government had released the report on Russian interference in our elections. The public might have a better understanding of how fake news and lies are spread through social media platforms. There again the intelligence report may not even mention anything about the hacking of websites and the spreading of false information by the Russians. It could just contain evidence on the alleged donations given to the conservative party by foreign companies. What the report does actually contain, we may never know, as it will probably never see the light of day outside of Downing Street.
  19. Lord. So he can still get money for doing bugger-all. He'll be able to call into the House of Lords, collect his daily allowance payment. Then nip off to the LBC studios, to spout crap for a couple of hours.
  20. Well at least Corbyn showed some decorum and respect during the two minutes silence. Unlike Johnson who was constantly looking around and appearing to look bored by the whole event.
  21. While we're on the subject of Remembrance Sunday. Found it odd that the press didn't deride a certain political party leader for his slovenly appearance, when he was laying a wreath at the Cenotaph. The idiot even managed to place the wreath the wrong way round. So why did we not see column inch after column inch along with incriminating photos in all of todays papers? Could the answer be that the idiot was Boris Johnson and not Jeremy Corbyn.
  22. Have you asked her if she can get you one of those great and less dangerous jobs. If you're thinking about moving, you need to get cracking. I heard that asda give their workers double discount as a bonus at Christmas and you don't want to miss out on that. But don't plan on doing much over the Christmas holidays, as you'll probably have to work a good part of it.
  23. Go and work at Asda and be forced to sign a new terms of employment contract or face the sack.
  24. If your wages are enough to give you a good standard of living. Why should someone on a low wage getting a pay rise piss you off. If you think you warrant more money for what you do. Either ask your boss for more money in your pay packet or find a new job.
  25. A business plan that is based on exploiting workers by paying them less than a real living wage, isn't a great plan to start with.
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