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Villareal's kit.


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This thread's the opposite to Alpha Signia's one.

It won't be as popular, I prefer moaning myself - but let's have a thread where we just say what we love about football.

I love Villareal's kit. One colour, no sponsor - gorgeous.

Eastern-European teams with thrilling and bizarre words in their name, like "Party-Hat Belgrade" or "Borisov Explosion".

The crazy stuff South American football fans get up to.

Scott Parker.

Everyone else's hatred of Leeds United.

German football - just how it should be. Cheap tickets, bags of goals in each game, centred around home-grown players, games with good atmosphere, standing, different title contenders every year...I could go on.

Being really busy or forgetting your team is playing that day, and turning on Sky Sports News minutes after full time to find out your team's won.

Football grub.

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going to bed the night before a forest game

The FA Cup draw


Mario Balotelli

When Derby is one of the studio games on gillette soccer saturday and you hear one of them shout something like GOOAL, and you think is that our game? and you lean forward on your chair but it turns out to be iain dowie watchin barnsley v watford

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Sporting Lisbons kit - Beautiful

Foreign stadiums with the Olympic running track around it

Sporting Braga's stadium built into a mountain

Chivas and Athletic Bilboa's originality (only Mexican and Basque players allowed for each club)

Andres Iniesta

Waking up and watching football in bed (8am KO for me folks)

Dutch football and it's attack only policy - so many goals!

El Classico (the real one) Chivas vs America - the celebrations are amazing

The World Cup and watching smaller nations upset the odds - South Korea beating (cheating) against Italy was brilliant

The release of the fixture list and the anticipation

Mascots fighting

Watching Zidane in his prime, lining up a 25 yard freekick waiting for the net to bulge

France winning WC 98 in their home country - special

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Foreign stadiums with the Olympic running track around it

You mean tripe like this?


I think every Blue SQ club has a better stadium then the most of russian clubs.

Our stadiums are awful. The biggest one 'Luzhniki' is the most hated arena in the country.

I love brittish stadiums. Especially small ones.

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Being really busy or forgetting your team is playing that day, and turning on Sky Sports News minutes after full time to find out your team's won.

That is definitely one of the best feelings, but it is comfortably beaten from top spot by coming from behind to beat your fierce rivals with only 10 men.
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That van der Laan goal.

That Wanchope goal.

Doing the double over Liverpool.

That Pearson goal. (Just a shame it was tainted a little by the season after).

Peterborough's terraced away end.

Seeing big sides get relegated to the third tier (Man City, Sheff Wed, Leeds, Forest etc).

Seeing Claude Davis on the oppositions team sheet.

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Going to proper grounds - London Road, Ashton Gate etc

3rd round cup draw

The week before forest away planning logistics

Watching old season reviews

Away crowd celebrations

Playing Football Manager until I'm blind

forest losing - it takes a small part of pain away from a weekend when we lose

The feeling that no matter how **** your week is, you'll be going to watch your team on Satdee

Train to Derby

Staying in on Satdee, watching Sky Sports News on loop, then MOTD, then Football League Show

That feeling when we score at forest. Can't speak, can't move - just frozen

Walking up the stairs and seeing the grass for the first time in two weeks

When fans get behind the time after a sustained period of pressure

Watching Norwich and Swansea - they're great

I love hating Lee Camp

Seeing a Derby shirt somewhere outside of Derby


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Finishing 8th in the Prem 98/99 just 2 points behind Liverpool

Paulo Wanchopes goal against Man Utd

Kris Commons goal against Man Utd

Kris Commons signing for Derby and playing the best football of his career

Beating Forest 2-1 at the Shitty Ground with 10 men

Hendricks goal against Forest at the Shitty Ground

Wards goal agianst Forest at the Shitty Ground

The banter on this forum after beating Forest

Forest getting relegated from the Prem in 96/97 and Derby finished 12th

Forest getting relegated to League 1 with Gillingham and Rotherham whilst Derby finished in the play offs

Forest appointing Joe Kinnear as manager

Steve McClarens short time at Forest

David Platt's time at Forest

Forest sacking Billy Davies

Forest losing 5-2 against Yeovil in the League 1 play off Semi

Forest losing 8-1 at home to Man Utd

Forest signing Andy Cole

Forest signing Neil Lennon

Stuart Pearce kissing the Derby badge

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Italian football - especially a 1-0, 10 men behind the ball game.

Watching England anywhere.

Singing the national anthem before a game.

Arranging travel/accomodation for away trips.

Going to proper grounds like Palace on Friday!!

Away fans bringing 50 fans.


Juventus' pink away kit.

Del piero.

Going on the train to an away game in London

Full Enlgish breakfast before going on the train to an away game in London

The first beer of the day at 08:30 on the train going to an away game in London

Going to one of the "massive" clubs and beating them

Going to any club actually, and beating them.

Playing rubbish away from home, defending for 90 minutes, and winning 1-0 with a rubbish goal.

Home fans saying things like "you are crap" as we have walk out after beating them 1-0.

Going to Barnsley.

Going to the first and last game of the season in a t shirt.

Wearing every itme of clothing you own to a cold Wednesday night league cup game away at Swindon.(and losing of course)

Seeing lads you havent seen for years at football, and talking to them about days gone by.

The boxing day fixture.

FA Cup final day. (always thinking, neyt year this is going to be us)

Seeing ex Derby players around the town, even if they stopped playing for us 10 years ago they still live locally.

Displaying the Rams flag at away games

Displaying the Rams flag at England away games

Telling people who know nothing about football, that the blonde bloke on Strictly is a Derby ex player!

Arthur Cox

Derby playing in blue and white.

the basball ground.

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Goal mentals after a last minute winner.

Pitch invasions.

Attempting to make the away end look like Argentina '78 with tickertape and bog roll on the last day of the season.

The last day of the season.

Burnley away on a wet Tuesday night in January.

Being one of the 50 away fans at some obscure meaningless game and feeling like the most loyal fan in the world.

Taking 5000 fans away in the 3rd round of the FA Cup.


Chatting **** whilst p*ssed up on the train coming back from a long away trip.

Arriving back at Derby station at 1 in the morning and attempting to get in the Waterfall whilst absolutely smashed.

The buzz around town when we play/beat Forest.

Every man and his dog turning out for Forest.

Meeting your mates, drinking at stupid o'clock, fry up in town, quick read of the daily rags on the morning of a big match.

Shouting "Up the Rams" whenever you see a stranger in a Derby shirt whilst on holiday.

Knowing how **** our songs are, but still joining in with them because you can't think of anything better.

Cut shins after the goal mental.

Saying, you're never going again, but going back the week after for more punishment.

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5 minutes before KO and the all so familiar 'If you still hate Forest...' begins.

90 minute winners

Beating teams with 10 men after going a goal down.

Athletico Madrids short from last season.

The SE/South in full voice.

Premier league and were having a laugh, every week.

Mario Balotelli (seconded)

Falling down the seat infront when Rob Hulse scores against Forest

Walking up to an away ground close to KO.

Freezing your arse off but not giving it one thought.

Dave Jones freekick vs Wednesday.

Stevie Howard.

Eddie Lewis.

Giles Barnes volley + 94th minute + Ninian Park terrace + my birthday.

Seeing a Derby badge/sticker in a car somewhere other than Derby.

Having bragging rights at work.

Being the only one of your friends to support and go watch your local.

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The Championship

Loosing and hearing people say "ah well"

What I call 'real' teams

The never ending roar when we score against Forest or Leeds

Turning the corner and seeing the roof of Pride Park

Flood Lights

Our velvet pitch

The train from Stoke

Arriving in Derby

The chippy outside Derby station

The Waterfall

Driving along the A50 after a win

33,597 in Pride Park

Boxing Day

When the North Stand gets fired up

When Pride Park gets fired up

Singing nasty songs about Forest


Beating Forest

When a player is fit at Derby

Good tackles

Slide tackles

Goals off corners

People saying "Derby ooooo are they?"

Seeing a Rams shirt when out and about


Seeing OAP'S walking slowly to Pride Park

FA Cup

Smaller teams beating bigger teams, bar Crawley.

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Still getting immense joy from singing 'We are staying up', despite it meaning we've had a really **** season in the Championship.

Man City fans singing 'You're getting sacked in the morning' to Alex Ferguson.

Agent Steve McClaren completely ruining the red dogs.

Paul Peschisolido's coffee cup goal against the red dogs.

Badge man.

Nick and the giant flag.

Our first game in the Premiership, the 3-3 against Leeds with loads of late goals as we eventually snatched something at the end.

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the two comedians behind you at any match

when mason bennet comes on

Mario Ballotelli's stare when he scores

when the north stand get pissed at a ref

beating newcastle 3-0 on my B-day

10 men went to scum,went to scummy forest

Leicester fans expecting to walk the league

Robbie Earnshaw missing against England

the amount of respect being shown for Gary Speed

winning away

Yaya Toure

watching a game and knowing you'll remember it for the rest of youre life

the roar when we get a penalty, the bigger roar when we score it

coming back from behind


when the police outnumber the away fans

watching Tom Huddlestone and saying 'Derby academy, that lad'

Daniel Sturridge being better than Fernando Torres

Arsene Wengers excuses

watching Final Score while listening to RD

Theo Robinson

Theo Walcott getting better

LTLF after we beat them 'http://www.dcfcfans.co.uk/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/wink' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=';)' />

seeing a young ref ***** in his shorts when theres a big penalty decision in the 90th minute

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Being ill and watching "Premier League Years", and hearing commentary like "and it's Heskey....using his blistering pace OH WHAT A GOAL!"

Seeing Mario Balotelli and knowing that when you're ill in ten years time and watching this season back on Premier League Years and how you'll be saying "they don't make 'em like that anymore".

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