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Come on derby we must battle


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Well this is to the players you must come out and fight get into fleetwood faces win that battle in midfield we need stick togather.

Now to the us the fans we must stick togather and help pull our lads through this sticky patch no falling out with each other but like times we so nearly lost derby for good back then we had fight for our club back we will need this same fight to help our lads back were we belong it will not be easy but we can do this.

Come on derby.

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33 minutes ago, Van der MoodHoover said:

Thanks B4, for being consistent in your support. Even in this troubled time.


I want to see (well hear and read) that the lads have put everything in.


An evening without a querulous thread from Sage would also be a bonus....


Hey that will never never ever ever change

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I was looking back at pre-season threads to see how the general feel for the season was, compared to how it went (around page 26 if you’re interested) and came across this. One of the many threads where Daniel never gave up faith even if things weren’t going too well.

I looked up and saw his tribute on the scoreboard, and that was just as good as the goals for me yesterday.

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