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Sheffield Wednesday £59 tickets


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Second division football ! - I wonder if that guarantees 90 minutes of football or you get to watch people sat on the floor drinking water  or wondering how to pick up a football of the floor when it leaves the football pitch every 30 seconds.

Many folk can’t afford season tickets and due to cost and work can only manage a few games a season and will probably just give up.

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Just trying to get my head around this...

Owls Relaunch the "10 Year Season Tickets"...

It seems a fair do to me?  Not sure why fans are kicking off... but currently, I'm not sure how they'd stand if there was a takeover by new owners?

It appears current ST prices are £595 for the Kop.  The 10 year ST costs £5,500, so there's a saving there already, regardless of future price hikes.
The 10 year countdown doesn't start until they reach the prem.  If that (promotion to the prem) next happens in say 2033/34, they'll get 20 seasons for that £5,500.
There's even a bonus if the get promoted in the next two seasons, effectively giving them a minimum of 12 years ST cover!
10 year tickets are only available at the adult rate... no concessions.
And admittedly, there seat prices appear hefty when compared to some of ours (Mine!).

Of course, there will be some who simply can't afford to pay out £5.5k in one go (Must be cash, bank transfer or cheque... no credit and/or debit cards).  That's hardly the clubs fault!


I've just paid £345.80 for my next ST (NE Corner).  If I was offered a deal like this at c. the £3,500 mark (Current price x 10) , I'd be giving the small print some serious scrutiny!




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