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  1. Beating West Ham at Wembley in the 1975 Charity Shield
  2. I got mine no problem but also thought that it was strange that I could only select from 1 block out of the 6 that we have been given. I wanted to sit in upper tier but had to make do with lower
  3. I don't understand why they didn't give us the full allocation in the first place. Surely they knew we would sell them and would have saved all the doubts about getting them on time when there was such a short window in which to sell and post
  4. The quarter finals are on the weekend of 16th and 17th march when we should be away to swansea
  5. No Lawrence so I'll change it to Bryson
  6. I would like to think we could sell at least 3000. After all if we win we are potentially just 1 game from Wembley. We should get right behind the lads for this one
  7. Got mine but why have we only been allocated 1700 tickets. I thought for cup games you should get minimum of 15% of capacity. The Amex holds 30000 so should be 4500
  8. Just looked at trains to Brighton and it looks like southern rail will be doing engineering works that day so although trains are still running it will take longer than normal. Looks like another early start
  9. Got mine. I always like going to Ipswich plus it's not too far for me
  10. At least it will be Saturday at 3pm. Not one for the tv
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