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38 miles round trip to watch U23s at Loughborough

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1 minute ago, Mucker1884 said:

I'm 17 miles from Pride Park Stadium, and walk to every home game, but you don't hear me moaning!



Does anyone know how to find a decimal point on a keyboard, as the above post may be a tad misleading without it!  🙂

You mean a full stop?

Also, leave it out because really Curtains should be walking to Loughborough.

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1 minute ago, Mucker1884 said:

No, No... most definitely a decimal poi... oh forget it... just ruin my joke, why don't yer!   

I didn't notice your "Edit" was done in the original post, and not through the edit function. That knowledge was key in getting your point 😄 

3 minutes ago, Srg said:

I mean I would love to know why we play in Loughborough when we have pitch facilities at Moor Farm if we aren't playing at Pride Park.

I think Loughborough are paying us for the privilege. Or something like that anyway. I seem to recall the statement when this deal was made seemed to imply there was more to the "partnership" than just having a bunch of games played there.

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32 minutes ago, Curtains said:

Vs Leeds tonight .

19 miles Derby to game. 

Is that fair on fans. 

Not in my eyes. 

Good to see a return to form with your threads @Curtains.

It’s not ideal no.

Not something that would stress me out greatly in the grand scheme of things though.

You can borrow Igor and ride to Loughborough👍

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