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Ramstv gary rowett interview


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Good interview on ramstv

gibbo seems to be improving as an interviewer and is making a decent fist of presenting. Better than the odious PR spin stuff produced before.

interesting that two of gary's early managers were john beck and sam allardyce.


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Great interview and I can't wait to see the new guys.I like the fact that Sam appears to have 2 good feet and is good in the air,with obvious hunger to add. I've always admired the mentality of Dutch players (and,though I hate to say it,Germans),so I'm looking forward to seeing this guy (notice how I got round trying to spell his name).Could be a Robbie type snip (guess which one I mean:D)

I remember some b******* at school who,if he wasn't chanting 'Joe,Joe,Joe Baker',was singing 'Sammie,Sammie,I'd walk a million miles for one of your smiles,my Sammie'

I'd prefer goals to smiles.

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