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Live games 2017/18

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Just now, CumbrianRam said:

Rangers (Sevco) get knocked the Europa out by the 4th best team in ..... Luxembourg.:lol::lol::lol::lol:

Beat me to it......niederkorn,  which sounds like a muesli :lol:

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Guest DEL

Says it all about Scottish football ???

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Wasn't so many years ago that Rangers reached the Europa League final against Zenit.

Scottish football is done. Should just integrate into the English leagues. The UK isn't that big that it can't be done, especially when you get the likes of Las Palmas and Tenerife playing in Spain's top two leagues.

Even Italy is about as long as the UK.

There is no benefit for Scottish clubs to keep playing in their poxy leagues. 

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Don't judge the Scottish leagues by tonight's result, pleasing as it was. 

Bar Celtic, it's competitive and the cups get shared around fairly regularly. Granted, in European terms we are towards the bottom of the ladder, but Celtic drew with the English champions twice last year. 

There's a lot of hard work done at grass root levels that are beginning to show some success, however too many are lured by the money in English championship and league 1, and get lost in their careers.

Didn't the money bags West Ham get knocked out by some Romanian mob a few years ago and Southampton by a Danish minnow. Spurs v Ghent? 


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