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David Nugent - Signed 2 and a half year deal

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5 minutes ago, RoyMac5 said:

For sure he's got a lot more chance of coming good than either Blackman or Weimann.

I'm not convinced, personally. Blackman's only really good spell came for reading, doing exactly what Ince has been doing for us (inside right, cutting in, in a team that plays decent football).  I don't think you could play him and Ince in the same team, but I wouldn't mind using him as cover for Ince.  I also wouldn't mind trying him upfront in a team that's playing decent balls into a strikers feet, rather than Clement and Pearson style football - I'm not completely convinced, but I think he has more of the skill set than Vydra to play that role.  He's certainly bigger, stronger and holds it up better than Vydra.

And while Weimann's not in any way great, at least you can see a way to use his pace and workrate in a mcclaren style team. Vydra doesn't seem to offer anything other than goal poaching, and he's so horrifically out of form, he's not even doing that at the moment.

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Guest DEL
46 minutes ago, RoyMac5 said:

For sure he's got a lot more chance of coming good than either Blackman or Weimann.

Vydra need goal and that'll kick on his season. I kept saying this many times. Team Vydra. ??

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18 hours ago, cannable said:

I always liked;

Dawks - Link up man

Ward - Winger

Russell - Runner 

Bamford - Free player 


Link up man - N/A

Winger - Anya, Camara

Runner - Russell, Weimann

Free player - Ince and you'd probably have to say Blackman 

No idea what Vydra would be like. 

Our wide areas really do need some surgery. 

They most definently do, problem is that too many players were brought in where you couldn't see the role they would have in our system. It's why I like both signings so far this window, you can see where they slot into the system.

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Vydra, like Pearce before him, needs a long term injury to a previously "key player" to get and enforced extended run in the side.

if bent got crocked he would get an extended period of starting games, just like Pearce has with shacks being injured/Pearson naughty step.

in for one game, out for three, off the bench for 10-20 doesn't suit vydra at all

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He's only had a handful of starts and he's getting criticised. I actually like what I have seen of him and when he starts scoring a lot of people will look very silly after writing him off already!

as the mac said he's the future.


Team Vydra! ?

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15 hours ago, RoyMac5 said:

For sure he's got a lot more chance of coming good than either Blackman or Weimann.

I'm not so sure about that. Weimann for sure, but not necessarily Blackman.

By all accounts (including the players), Blackman is incredible in training. Has the physical attributes and the technical ones. I suspect it's a mental block that is lacking a bit there and we all know how quickly those barriers can come tumbling down.

Vydra on the other hand, I don't think is as quick, strong or technically as good. Still better than Weimann though, but his recent appearences are beginning to make me doubt that.

Add to this the fact that Vydra needs to reinvent himself as winger, or buck up fast in learning that lone striker role - McClaren won't wait for him forever and by the summer he could find himself behind Blackman, Bent, Martin and Nugent in the pecking order (he's already behind two of them).

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