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  1. I’ve bought an away membership for the first time this year, do I get a card for that?
  2. I cannot even think about this because my mind is well and truly blown
  3. Going for a steady start, Huddersfield 1 Derby 1 FRGS waghorn
  4. My brother and his partner were staying at a lovely little cottage a little way out of the village so we went over yesterday and stayed with them. The Ship was the nearest pub so we went for something to eat and a drink, then went into Chapel to The Smugglers and The Arches. I think it’s a nice no frills little place, lots of families just out for a good old fashioned seaside holiday. It’s a bit rough round the edges with lack of money investment but a decent place to go to for a short break. Weather was fab and there’s a great little beach bar called Benbows. We really enjoyed it and like yourself , have lots of happy childhood memories , it hasn’t changed much but it’s trying to be better.
  5. Haha! Sorry for being so obvious, what I meant was, was it sold at the club or just at pubs. I remember buying my dad some beer similar, but not that label from the club shop a few years ago for a Christmas present. That’s the only time I’ve seen anything like that anywhere else.
  6. Just had a couple of days in chapel st Leonard’s and went into a pub called The Ship Inn. My brother spotted this among a selection of empty beer bottles on display on a shelf about 7ft high on the wallAnyone know it’s origins?
  7. The only ground I have visited that have taken drinks off us before entering was Old Trafford, only 3 of other grounds have taken our bottle tops, Leeds and Forest , with Leeds providing plastic cups to empty them into. It might seem “tight” to some people but with kids in tow , season tickets for 2 adults and 2 kids, travel etc we always take a drink each , some treats and definitely flasks in the colder days . I always have my smallish bag checked as I go in which is fine by me, for security reasons I have no objections. If prices for things in the ground were the same as normal pricing it would be ok , (obviously the queueing problem would have to be addressed else there would be no one watching the match!) they are usually ridiculously overpriced and I won’t buy them on principle. I buy a programme every match which contributes a little but if this policy is put into force I will never buy refreshments at the ground , I’ll just go without but I won’t be happy about it. Don’t make our club like the money grabbing Man Utd please.
  8. Sky tv just said could be announced this evening, I won’t hold my breath
  9. I’m really sad to see him go but I think he will go with the greatest admiration and respect from almost every Derby fan who have had the pleasure of watching him over the years. Thank you Craig for all the fabulous memories you have given us, especially the Forest games and that unforgettable season with your 16 goals. I wish you all the best for the future at your new club . Have a Jaeger and a haggis on us, cheers ! 🍺
  10. Totally agree with you in this, I may be naive but I can’t see Lamaprd being that sneaky. I think he has more respect for us as a club and his employers and wouldn’t stoop that low. I hope I’m right as I really like him as a man and would hate to be disappointed in his integrity if it were to be true. I still have faith!
  11. Did anyone else notice the other players in the video? Think it was Bogle taking down the hoardings, Bennett selling programmes and Evans and Marriott who he walked through and Waghorn if course as the steward who we all saw!
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