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  1. Derby 2 dirties 1 FRGS Sibley, Marriott comes on and sticks two fingers up at them again
  2. Sorry if I’ve offended you, it was meant as a joke, I actually thought he looked a bit like him to be honest.
  3. Mel has had to moonlight as a corona virus expert in Scotland to generate extra income
  4. My vote for player of the year goes to Chris Martin, I know he hasn’t played as much as he has done in our great season but he’s been so important with his vital goals this season to scrape us points in difficult games, ie today, Leeds etc . He’s missed out on it with the likes of Bryson and Keogh taking the crown and with his long time here and all he’s been through with being loaned out, illness and uncertainty about his future at times, I think he thoroughly deserves it before his time at Derby is over, later rather than sooner I hope. Still proving his worth to us , take a bow Chris !
  5. Derby 1 them 1 FRGS waghorn we need to score a goal or go almost 1,000 days since we last scored against them ! Please don’t let this happen lads!
  6. This is terrible news, hope he gets well soon and they find and arrest his attackers asap, cowardly scumbags
  7. I’ve certainly been impressed by it, especially the commentary and would opt for it every time. I know my internet is notoriously slow and that seems to be the problem for me.
  8. I’ve been watching Rams Tv for the last two games as I took the option with it plus 10% off next seasons ticket price. Unfortunately I’ve had problems seeing the whole games through without it buffering, freezing and just losing the whole picture. Spend most of the matches resetting! In the past I’ve played it through the laptop with the sky lead plugged into it which is fine for the most part but still isn’t perfect. I’ve now managed to finally set up the internet on the smart tv but only managed to watch half of each game before having to use the laptop again or my phone. I’d love to use ra
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