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  1. Just added a tenner, hope it helps reach the target tonight
  2. I am 60 in June, was planning a party, may have to be deferred if this corona thing carries on for the foreseeable though. It’s already scuppered my New York break which we were due to go on yesterday!
  3. I got Clement and Thorne, George bless him will almost certainly have the virus already and pass it on to me and then Clement will have to self isolate himself a second time away from us so I get George all to myself to talk about all his great moments at Derby.
  4. Going for a loss, it worked against the wendies, first time I’d gone for us to lose this season, so on that basis Derby 1 Mancs 3 FRGS Lawrence
  5. Sheffield Wednesday 2 Derby 1 FRGS Waghorn
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