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  1. dcfc the 1 4me

    v Millwall (A) - Predictions

    Millwall 1 Derby 1 FRGS Lawrence
  2. dcfc the 1 4me

    I am going to rotheram untied now

    Unfortunately Im not going either, it's one of my favourite away grounds for some reason and would have gone but I'm away with about 70 family members for our annual weekend away, Torquay again this year
  3. dcfc the 1 4me

    v Oldham - (A) Cup Predictions

    Oldham 2 Derby 3 FRGS Marriott
  4. dcfc the 1 4me

    v Leeds (H) - Predictions

    Derby 2 Dirties 1 FRGS Lawrence
  5. dcfc the 1 4me

    Scott Malone - Signed on a 3 year deal

    Your missus must be posh
  6. dcfc the 1 4me

    Fans Forum 9/8/18, 7.30pm @ Showcase Intu

    I'll be there , this should be very interesting now!
  7. dcfc the 1 4me

    Scott Malone - Signed on a 3 year deal

    Welcome to Derby, unfortunately we can only have one Scott so I am going to suggest you be dubbed Bugsy, or Molly, take your pick
  8. dcfc the 1 4me

    v Reading (A) Match Thread

    At the break on sky it said "Paul Clement next" then it went to play off final, did he refuse to come out? Did Darren Bents comment offend him? Was he rollicking his players? Was he in shock? Did he say shove it, you've turned this into the Frankie show? We need answers Sky! You could have re shown the goals, anything but what you did show!
  9. dcfc the 1 4me

    Funny Names

    A girl in my sons class in junior school was called Iona Butt, she actually changed her last name when she grew up, the Butt part obviously. Also a girl at school was called Isla Mann
  10. dcfc the 1 4me

    v Reading (A) - Predictions

    Reading 0 Derby 3 FRGS Nugent
  11. dcfc the 1 4me

    Fans Forum 9/8/18, 7.30pm @ Showcase Intu

    Got mine, had an email to confirm it. I think the optional money goes towards derby ladies FC
  12. dcfc the 1 4me

    Booing Butters’ Every Touch

    It only seemed to come from a small minority, mainly coming from a pocket of "supporters" towards the back. Also a couple behind me did it, I made a point of saying how stupid it was to boo your own player and then decided too applaud him to cancel them out. After about 5 mins the boos stoppped as more and more supporters had the same idea and kept clapping his every touch. He actually looked better as the match wore on and had a decent game, I hope he took heart from today's performance and ignore the boo boys
  13. dcfc the 1 4me

    Best ever atmosphere at an away game you attended

    For saying that we went into the match 3-0 down the play off away game at Hull takes some beating,the atmosphere was fantastic and the singing didn't stop from start to finish, even all through half time. Hull fans came to applaud us afterwards. The Brighton play off was also great, we just seemed to be on a different level that night. Fulham league cup game also was a good one also coming from behind which weirdly I didn't think for one minute we'd lose! The 10 men game was unbelievable but unfortunately I had to sit with the red dogs as I couldn't get a ticket. It was agonising to keep restrained when Jamie Ward took off down that wing and equalised, Then my head nearly exploded when Jeff got the winner with 'OH YOU LITTLE BEAUTY!!' Best Colin Bloomfield line ever bless his soul!
  14. dcfc the 1 4me

    Advice needed

    Has he had his mum in his own for a while before you came into their lives? Does he see his dad regularly or not at all? If so he might just be feeling a bit vulnerable that his mum is being 'taken away ' from him and having to share his affections with another male, and as he has older sisters that have gone away, it may be that he's been the only male involved in his everyday life and he's a bit scared of 'losing her' too and jealous of you. If your relationship is quite new yes, he will need time and you will need patience, but in my experience the rewards will come when he learns to trust you and enjoy having a 'mate'. If you live together, I'd try giving him some times with his mum on his own while you do something else for a couple of hours a week so he still feels important to her. Good luck!
  15. dcfc the 1 4me

    Official: It’s Frank, 3 year deal

    Strap yourselves in people, it's gonna be one hell of a ride, a bit scary but one hell of a thrill!

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