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  1. It was vile actually, we were surrounded by people singing it all through the first half. We spotted some seats empty and moved at half time. There’s only so much I can take having the “c” word screamed in my ears for nigh on 45 mins, I’m not a Billy Sharp fan but I’m not surprised by his reaction giving that the chant was insinuating underage and non consenting sex followed by “you’re a “c”, totally beyond football banter in my opinion.
  2. His radio Derby interview was on as we got back in the car after the match, all going well until he managed to drop an eff bomb in! It was quite funny though, he was describing the performance today and said something like “we effing deserved it”! Thankfully it’s the only clanger he’s dropped all season, long may it continue, I really like him, keep up the good work Kelle!
  3. Really sad to hear this, I was lucky enough to see him live a couple of times, laughed all night. One of the greats.
  4. Maybe as season tickets go on sale tomorrow it might be that some hopefully decent revenue will be coming in and is being earmarked for some due payments so the EFL are giving us the extra week for that reason too. Or maybe lm just wishful thinking.
  5. Easiest transaction yet, I also thought my seats had gone, then saw the reservation button, both matches had our names and seats all listed ready to go, and I can get all 10 tickets posted to me for a quid, happy days
  6. Just seen Twitter information, season tickets are going back on sale next week, ticket office opening soon and postal tickets available. I don’t know how put the Twitter page into this post but I’m sure one of you good folks will be able to
  7. I don’t use an app, I just had my tickets emailed to me, it was advised on the email to put brightness up, so good advice, I usually do have it on full brightness anyway so I can see it without my specs!
  8. I’m also a bit of a technophobe, I don’t own a printer so I got the phone tickets, I had 4 tickets on my phone and as we were in the queue to get in a steward told us to just go to the open gates and show our phone to the steward there. I showed him the four bar codes, no scanning and he just said “yeah that’s fine” and we went in. I could have shown him different tickets and we would have got in I think! That’s why I think the attendance was lower than it actually was, I’ve no proof but I thought it looked more like 17-18,000. There were loads of people not having their phones scanned so I think your brother in law will be fine in just showing his phone.
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