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  1. No. UAE trading hours are strictly between 2:00pm - 2:03pm on 18th June. Position remains imminent until such time.
  2. The Mail laying the groundwork for Matt Hughes subsequent, 'Rock bottom, FFP dodgers, in new racist leader' angle.
  3. From the outside looking in, the players seem to have had their heads scrambled by too many mixed messages from an unnecessarily complicated coaching set up. And we now have a situation where a two time former manager and ex England boss is sat it the stands, overseeing a rookie manager with no discernable job qualifications and a first team coach, with actual qualifications and managerial aspirations watching on from behind him. I'm can't see that being a healthy predicament for anybody. I'm not advocating Allardyce, but we are certainly in no position to become precious over the st
  4. Indeed it would. An ordinary squad, shot of confidence and clear direction from those in charge. Which is why, in my opinion, now is not the moment to continue with a rookie manager who has already played a significant part of a failed regime.
  5. Not a personal dig at you, but genuinely sick of hearing the phrase.....'we should have'. We didn't, and we didn't because we are currently a terrible side, stumbling blindly from one trauma to another. Proper leadership from the top downwards is needed immediately. Not another high profile experiment or to be used as the play thing of an ageing celebrity.
  6. Maybe that answers the question marks over his performance. He's putting his head on, on the wrong day
  7. I suspect like many, I'm feeling a bit fatigued by the hype of celebrity surrounding the club, appointing Terry would certainly not dampen that. That said, discounting public perceptions (which isn't done lightly), he doesn't seem the sort of character who would meekly accept watching the kind of limp, surrender being served up at the moment. You would imagine Lampard would throw him the odd bone in January, which would probably be enough to bail us out of the current predicament.
  8. Terry is now 1/8. Thts finally the sort of price change that could reflect something real is now happening.
  9. I wouldn't even say the word 'battle' is appropriate for this sorry mess. More relegation surrender
  10. Oh good. Just when the whole fanbase had started to unite around the idea of Allardyce, we might have to start whining about someone else now.
  11. Perhaps don't practice that one so much.
  12. Wondered how long it would be before Gibson gave his opinion.
  13. Swansea apparently close to a loan for Kasey Palmer. How many loanees would that give them and how many are they allowed?
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