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Gene Wilder . RIP


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Stir Crazy was great and I too still love the old Willy Wonka (hate the jonny depp remake). There was something magical and timeless about that film that I think kids today still find enchanting. The remake is just all special effects and stuff and has no captivating qualities. Hey though, i'm not film reviewing here so just to say a thoroughly wacky bloke. Memorable moments. Sad.

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7 hours ago, loweman2 said:

quality entertainers ! They don't make them like these two any more ! 

RIP funny men

Both legends may they both Rip. Best quotes from the pair

Rp: you mean I'm not white???

Gw: fuzzy wuzzy was a women? 


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i think i must have seen every one of his films.  i usually didn't like hysterics in acting but it was terrific when Gene did it, had me stitches time and again.  Lovely fellow, married to the very funny Gilda Radner at one time.


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