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George Thorne video


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Top man.  Although tall, i prefer him just outside the box for attacking corners because he is one mean striker of the ball.  His low hard forward passes, superb tackling ability and the way he dictates play all amount to Thorne being a joy to watch.

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He is brilliant isn't he?  During the Wolves game this year it seemed as though playing Thorne, Johnson and Hendrick together was the equivalent of cheating, they were that good.

As an aside, it is the first time since being at the game, that I have seen the Doncaster goal from the play off season.  I didn't realise it was on TV.

Also, not sure how I like or share the video.  Anyone tell me?

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4 hours ago, Jean Antoine Tessier said:

Ohhh sheiiit! Forgot how good him and Hughes look together.

Silky smooth like a brazilian waxed sealion rubbed in vaseline!

This mental imaage does not compute, but will not delete

Error, error arf arf

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