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  1. Should think we’ve slipped further down the pecking for clubs looking to send their youth prospects to. Not exactly a great example of how to conduct yourself on or off the pitch.
  2. George has gone of injured after 20 minutes. Looks bad.
  3. Jut read this article on The Athletic App. Personally I have no issue with 32Red being our kit sponsor. Just like I had no issue with Pedigree or Just Eat, which if you’re. Ring hyper critical you could say contribute to one of the biggest health epidemics of our generation, obesity. I have children who all support Derby and football in general. So like with everyone else will be subject to the constant advertising. Its my job as a parent to educate them about the pros and cons of gambling, as much as the dangers of alcohol and fatty foods. Football clubs are businesses and they have to accept these deals if they are going to compete. https://theathletic.com/1132227/2019/08/13/ramstrust-chair-i-wont-buy-a-Derby-shirt-with-a-betting-logo-on-it/
  4. And with Rooney likely to come in it does make you wonder what role Shinnie will play this season. Football moves so fast.
  5. We need more in but there’s no rush to get them in before Monday as all training and tactics would have been sorted with the players currently available. Last season it took Marriott a while to get going and I should imagine Cocu would have the similar patience to what Lampard showed.
  6. Mel suggests that we could see another appointment to help support Cocu in his transition to English Championship football. Could it be the Return of the Mac pt. 3. He knows the Championship, he’s world in the Dutch league and he knows Derby! Pure Speculatie
  7. I have to stick my phone on airplane mode so I don’t get any notifications before I see it on tv.
  8. Love this post below!! Any other good finds?
  9. My concern here is not about what has happened or whether he’ll be banned or not. But that the stigma of diving will stick and we’ll probably not be awarded a deserved penalty in the coming games.
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