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  1. I have to stick my phone on airplane mode so I don’t get any notifications before I see it on tv.
  2. Love this post below!! Any other good finds?
  3. My concern here is not about what has happened or whether he’ll be banned or not. But that the stigma of diving will stick and we’ll probably not be awarded a deserved penalty in the coming games.
  4. I don’t think Frank would have took it. He’s had a life of being questioned about his “privileges”. He’d want to prove himself at a smaller club first.
  5. It’s the perfect timing for Chelsea. Young players coming through that Jodi has worked with. The need to develop young players within the first team. Man City will dominate for a few years so will take pressure off Lampard especially if developing youth.
  6. For me Tom is wasted on the wing. He'd be far more productive as a No. 10. However last season Vydra's form at the start of the season, stopped him from doing what he was brought in to do. This season we've gone back to the 433. Wilson and Mount have over shadowed him. I don't think we'd miss him this season, but what about when loan players move on next? However if the money is right and it allows us to build for the future, he should be moved on.
  7. Would be good for users to post invites for the new prediction league function within the DCFC app.
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