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  1. I thought we were going to lose him after the playoff final so in some ways feel lucky to have enjoyed watching him for another couple of seasons. He's got his head screwed on and I think Watford is a very good choice of club for him, good chance of staying up and a team that he'll be likely to get quite a bit of game time for. Devastated to see him go and would have hoped for more money but it was time for him to go I think.
  2. But did any of those players cost as much as Nick Blackman has in fees and wages??
  3. Does seem a bit of a weird move. Maybe he's bored and he's wondering how much hysteria he can create on twitter and dcfc fans by changing his bio!
  4. Christie did an interview in which he said that Rowett likes his full backs to defend rather than attack so no surprise to see Cyrus will probably leave. Wisdom will suit the way Rowett wants to play better so if we can sell Cyrus for a similar amount we paid for Wisdom its job done for me.
  5. Seems to be something between £4.5m rising to £7m or £8m rising to £10m depending on who you believe. The whole writing off the Anya and Vydra transfers is probably nonsense. The fee would still be the full figure it would just mean less was actually paid over after the deal was done as the debts would cancel out. Think its people clutching at straws hoping the fee is actually bigger.
  6. Whilst this is true, if you have something you want to sell but can only get 50% of its value at the moment, you wait for a better time to sell it. Maybe this one has been leaked to the press so much as we are hoping it might get other clubs interested.
  7. £4.5m is absolutely shocking!
  8. Unfortunately I think this is very unlikely. If the Anya and Vydra debts were being written off I don't think it would affect the reported fee. It would just mean that when they came to pay us the fee they could reduce it for anything we owe them and cancel of the debts. Seems more likely that we won't actually get the £4.5m fee because we will owe Watford money for instalments on Vydra and Anya.
  9. The reports seem to suggest this guy would be going for quite a bit of money and surely left back is last on the list when we've got 3 players on the books that can do a good job there at this level. If this happens either:- A. Sam Rush did it before he left. B. Nigel Pearson still has access to the building and Mel's cheque book. C. Gary Rowett is Paul Jewell after a successful diet and a nose job.
  10. I'd by happy to cut our losses on him and get rid, but we'd need a physical/nasty midfielder coming in to replace him which I'm sure is on Gary's wish list. He is pretty terrible at passing most of the time and it'd be nice to no longer see him scoop the ball aimlessly towards the corner and think about the fact he was our record signing at the time. If it annoys me I can't help but wonder how Mel feels!
  11. Granted he is probably now over the hill slightly, although players who don't rely on athleticism age a lot better than those who do, but surely the fact he has played 30 or more premier league games for the last 9 seasons in a mid-table premier league side suggests he does offer more than Bradley Johnson who no Premier League side has chosen to buy. (In fact one that got promoted chose to sell!!) I'm no expert on Glenn Whelan as a footballer but that statistic alone tells me he's probably better than what we've got. My only reservation with this is the current average age of the squad in general. However out of all the positions that age and experience are required, DM, CB and GK are probably the ones where you'd like an older head.
  12. Last time I checked we rejected a bid of Ince and there's 2 months of transfer window left. If we sell Ince and Hughes (which I doubt) I'm pretty sure we'd bring in other creative players.
  13. Its revenge for pinching Jacob Butterfield off them when he was their best player. They can have him back for £7.2m though if they fancy...
  14. I'd be gutted if Ince leaves, not too sure why he isn't a lot more loved than he is. Probably the most skilful player we've had at the club in the last 10 years and so much better than the other wingers we have. Loaning him out would be absolute madness. If we want to get rid of him surely we can find a buyer.
  15. Hughes has come of the back of an average season after returning from an injury that kept him out of the side for almost a full season. His current transfer value currently is probably the lowest its been since he first came into the side as a result. Selling him now whilst under a long contract would be stupid unless Rowett really doesn't fancy him or he is very keen to leave himself (but he just signed a new contract!). Its the usual speculation, and a player we shouldn't even be answering the phone about in my view. Its amazing how much a player loses value to most Derby fans when they're wearing a Derby shirt. If he played for another Championship team we'd all be desperate to sign him. He's an England U21 and he's played nearly 200 games for us already and some would sell him for the same amount we paid for 30 year old Bradley Johnson.