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  1. Definitely think we might regret this if we sell. I’m not convinced by Malone, and Fozzy may not be the same player after a couple of bad injuries in a row. The fact he plays for the England youth team and a few teams in our league want him suggests he’s a talent. Can’t help but think that a few more games for us this season and his price tag could be higher next year.
  2. I think he could come back as defensive coach if Lampard stays
  3. Please can somebody take "Signed on a season long loan" off this topic. Saw Harry Wilson - Signed on a... on the homepage and nearly passed out.
  4. Roos starting in goal coincided with Mount coming back from injury and he is the main reason we improved towards the end of the season. Don’t think you can really say our good run at the end of the season was heavily down to Roos.
  5. Can’t quite understand why Tom gets so much stick. Some of our fans seem to be very odd when it comes to wingers. Tom Ince and Tom Lawrence get loads of stick despite good goal and assist records whilst players like Abdoul Camara have songs sung about them when they did absolutely bugger all here. Tom Lawrence is twice the player Josefzoon is for starters based on current players.
  6. Have to disagree with this. This may well look like hindsight but he always looked like he was about to drop a clanger. I can think of 3 games where he rushed out of his box rashly and just about got away with it and other games where he parried shots he should have held and also got away with it. I couldn’t help thinking soon his luck was going to run out and unfortunately it was at the worst possible time. Easy to say as all keepers can make big mistakes but he doesn’t fill me with confidence personally and I think we can do better.
  7. They seemed to be in small patches clumped together and they were similar looking in both ends of the ground. They were probably tickets given to sponsors or not released for sale to the clubs for some reason. Would have to be a big coincidence that both clubs had fans buying up small clumps of 20 seats and not turning up.
  8. I live just outside of Bolton in Westhoughton, but i’m also going to Wembley. But that’s the supporters branch up to 3!
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