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  1. Stedcfc

    Demetri Mitchell

    If Lampard is considering playing 5 at the back with Forsyth as a CB then Lowe is our only fit left back. Maybe that’s the case and we need another option
  2. Surely this and the significant improvement McClaren made to the team overnight tells you that Clough couldn't get the best out of his players. I was gutted when he went but looking back it was undeniable.
  3. Stedcfc

    New manager's objectives...

    Think we need to get our identity back. Agree with a lot of what you say but when it comes to it we're used to winning most of our games and ultimately losing football won't impress most, even if the style is attractive.
  4. Stedcfc

    Who is feeling positive for DCFCs future?

    I think its a pretty depressing time to be a Derby fan. It seems Mel has thrown what he can at it and our big push for the premier league is over. Granted teams manage it without spending a fortune but pretty much everything has to go right for you over a season for that to happen. I like Rowett although I wasn't keen on his football. I convinced myself he just needed time to get his own squad. Rowett was clearly in the know about what lies ahead and has made a decision to move on despite claiming to have an attachment to the club. The fact the person with the most knowledge about what lies ahead has jumped ship is a worrying sign for me.
  5. Stedcfc

    Sell George Thorne?

    Definitely one to keep. I'd suspect he's taken a significant pay cut in his latest deal and may even be on pay as you play. Keeping him in the hope he comes back as even half the player he used to be far outweighs any small fee we might get for him if we sell.
  6. After the fiasco on deadline day in the summer I expect we aren't letting Johnny formally go until the replacement is through the door. Russell is still under contract until the end of the season and if needs be I'm sure we'll keep him here until the end of it.
  7. This is the exact approach that has caused us all sorts of problems in the past. Lets pay £6m for Bradley Johnson... if it gets us promoted it will earn us £200million. You can apply that approach to any player at any price (up to £200m of course!). Funnily enough I'd imagine we might need the £200m if we get up, to try and keep us there! Of course you have to push the boat out a bit to get there but you've got to get the balance right.

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