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  1. When other clubs miss out on targets at the last minute we may well find that some of our players might be their back ups as the whole league must know they’re available.
  2. If we’re as skint as Frank is making out then surely there are higher priorities than this. With Mitchell back again got more goalies than centre backs at the club!
  3. Stedcfc


    We spent £2.5m on Malone and probably a lot more on wages. There’s no guarantee we’d get any better with the money so I’d keep him and let him push his price up for at least another year.
  4. I’ve found it a bit frustrating how Lampard has come out saying we can’t compete with other teams and we’ll struggle to stay in the top 6 with other teams spending. As much as this might be true I hardly think it puts the players in the mindset that they can go to Leeds and beat them away from home. Anybody else feel like it’s killed the mood slightly when he didn’t need to do it?
  5. Most natural finisher we’ve had in the last 20 years
  6. Is it just me that thinks Scott Malone is rubbish?! However much the undisclosed fee was it was probably too much.
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