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  1. Really happy with the way Cocu is bringing through the youngsters and it isn’t right to say that he’s doing it through necessity. Cocu has consistently picked youngsters when he’s had other options. He could have played experienced players like Dowell, Paterson, wisdom Malone and Josefzoon much more but instead he went with youth and focused on developing our youngsters.
  2. I work in finance too and it’s definitely possible it’s an admin balls up, especially over Xmas/new year when not many staff are in. Could also be linked to the sale. If Mel puts money into the club on a monthly basis to cover wages he might have delayed doing this prior to the sale completion as it could potentially impact the value of the sale to the new investors if it includes them paying a % of debt for example, which would potentially mean redrawing all the contracts up etc. Whatever the explanation it is a bit embarrassing though.
  3. I’ve always been in the Cocu in camp and want to give him at least 18 months, but patience is running thin. As much as we need stability that doesn’t mean we can blindly keep the manager regardless of what’s going on on the pitch. At the moment he’s not quite doing enough to “earn” his time for me. We’re not good enough for the play offs but we shouldn’t be close to the relegation zone and especially with such boring terrible football.
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