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Fantasy manifesto.


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If there was just one thing you'd wish to see in a political party manifesto before you voted what would it be?

Serious or not, post them here and maybe in a few years time DCFCfans.uk could be the insurgents in UK politics, probably not though!

I'll start with this - all prepayment electricity and gas customers should automatically be on the lowest possible tariff, why should the least able to pay be charged more per unit than than the better off in society.

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Bring back national service for 16-18 year olds. Kids can do humanitarian work, community based work and other such character building activities freeing the army up to concentrate on defense. Kids can learn a skill and then decide to a) continue the skill as a profession in an apprenticeship, b) continue their career in the forces or c) drop it all and continue on an academic route. 

I I see a future when you can knock on your neighbours door, knowing he'd sons electrical engineering during his national service, and can rewirs a plug for you, meanwhile, he can knock on yours, knowing you were a wrecky mech and can replace the brakes on his car, despite the fact that you both work as something completely different now. 

Instant utopia. 

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Yes Tombo pretty bad here in regards to student loan debt.

The main issue I have in regards to it,is the interest builds up way quicker than it should and payment plans I have tried to work out with my loan servicer have not helped too much.Also of course,a lot of schools here have really raised their tuition rates also.

Only way your debt can be forgiven here is perhaps being a teacher in poverty stricken areas,school you attended shut down, and just perhaps one or two others.

I have no issues with paying loans back themselves(I wanted the degrees) but will take me I dare say 10 or more years(Probably longer to do so).Again due to ridicoulous interest rates.Only way I could pay back sooner is make payments way beyond what I financially can.

Have had an inkling to get a Doctorate in Information Science but would have to come out of my pocket.

Main thing to change is interest rate on them and better forbearance and deferment programs.


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​It's an unfair system. Here, we don't have to start paying back until we're earning over a £21,000 a year and the debt gets written off after a certain amount of time. Might seem silly that the debt often doesn't get paid back but it is important to invest in youth and invest in the education system. Society needs graduates, so we should be doing all we can to help students get their degrees.

But I'm a student so I would say that! :D

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