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it is nearly time go to war with red scum


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Hey guys lets get pp truely rocking lets send our lads back to top of the league lets really rub it in the red scum faces. Lets have a sea of black and white. Lets make so intermating that there players can not play in it. If the red scum want to play nasty so can we.

Here is a chant to start off

oh nottingham whats like

Going back to league one

when mighty mighty derby

going to with the league

we hate notttingham

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I'll be honest, the suspense has been killing me as it has got closer and closer...and now the thread has finally arrived.

Is it me or is b4 a little more refined than normal? Have the Syrians hacked his account because they were worried how big an army he has been building?!

The chant is definitely a grower. Only issue I have is that in a few weeks every team will be smashing out their own rendition of it.

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