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Something specials happening at this club


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Not wanting to piss on everyones chips but too much talk of us being certs for promotion can backfire spectacularly - I'm sure loads of us remember the big arrivals when Pickering held the purse strings and I distinctly remember a whole heap of disappointment...


Lets hope everyone is right and we're on the verge of something good - it does felt good right now but I'm just trying to keep myself feeling a little bit cautious just in case it goes pear shaped!

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All I know is that there's a buzz about the place that I haven't felt in Donkey's of years.

Obviously there's no guarantee of promotion and anyone saying different is a fool (cue Mr T) but the feel good factor is tangible enough to give rise to rampant optimism. Although we shouldn't get carried away with that........



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I certainly don't expect to storm the league. That guy who said we'd storm the league to Bryson is setting himself up.

But I think it's a possibility that we could storm the league. I expect it more than I expect midtable.

We need to level expectations off and just enjoy it rather than get stressed that we aren't 20 pts clear in September. Expecting to finish somewhere in the top 6 by playing fast on the floor direct and at time counter attacking football is already plenty to live up to.

Just want to enjoy it.

I'd not be upset if we end up at Wembley again next year.

Doing a Watford would be gutting. Don't know how we could go back to midtable quietly

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