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  1. Had MoviPrep recently for the same illness, couldn’t take the second litre down... Darren Fletcher made it back for Man United tho right?
  2. They’ve no real rivals, always tried to stoke it up between us or Forest
  3. Wembley just isn’t the best for atmosphere, huge chunks of the game were very quiet from both teams 😐
  4. Bennett tough job but didn’t do much, the rest of the attack had maybe three important chances The Roos error was really the difference though, and you can’t analyse that all that much
  5. Poor game but prefer Villa to WBA and Leeds by an enormous amount
  6. Torygraph running with another article this morning https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2019/05/26/15-years-relentless-change-chelsea-time-right-frank-lampard/
  7. Kicked my beer over on the pen and wife didn’t even shout
  8. Let’s be honest it was a pub fight start to finish but no better team to deliver the knockout punch to
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