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Why has Whitebread...


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Stayed with us this long whilst being injured? He's played about 2 games and normally when a loan signing comes in and gets injured they return to their club?

His loan ends in Jan and all he's really done is taken up our wage bill for the past 3 months

Don't know why they didn't just cut it short and return him to Leicester.

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With Keogh out for a month, if either Bucko or Keane get injured between now and then, assuming he's fit, Whitbread is the only viable back-up so it makes sense to keep him here. O'Briens' rehabilitation is not yet complete and to move Wisdom to central defence and bring in Freeman, in my opinion would weaken us.

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I can almost guarantee he will sign in January - one of two reasons.


1) as the thread points out, he won't be fit while his 'loan contract' is in play, we've known that yet kept him on.


2) when we was looking for players on loan, a day or two before we got whitbread Clough said 'clubs are saying that they want something permanent on the players we want.. (or something along them lines)' so perhaps Rush got restless and pulled the trigger on such a deal.


I liked Whitbread, thought he was very good - obviously he carries a pretty conclusive injury record though.

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I agree with that mate, considering he was thrown in at the deep end, he did remarkably well

so as back up this is not as bad as first seems.

Although another younger up and coming 21/22 on a permanent would be my choice.


Michael Keane would be a dream signing, it's going to be difficult for him at United but I think we would need to be promoted.


We'll have to wait and see.


If we were to be promoted, we'd need 2 or 3 centre backs coming in anyway. Keogh and Buxton wouldn't cut the Premier League, I wouldn't think.

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