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  1. Is Rowett up to the job

    I don't know where I sit on this, but to those saying that a rebuild is under way - do you really like the direction that the rebuild is taking us? As apposed to the style of football we were treated to under Mac / Wassall? I'm more than happy to give time, to the right man. I would much rather have given time to Mac than bring in Rowett. Obviously the Mac ship has sailed, but there are others. In my opinion, there is more than an air of going backwards. Rowett clearly can't get that extra bit out of the players, he isn't breeding a culture of attacking vibrant football, and the cry of we must work harder just doesn't cut it. We aren't bringing in younger, hungry players, we aren't exploiting foreign markets. A season of mixed results with an old squad is not what I would call a rebuild. If we had brought in a young core and some talented but unproven players over the summer, then a season of mixed results whilst they grow and develop and form a unit to take us forward for the next few years would be part of a rebuild. But, this isn't. If you look at the starting 11 today, outfield players only, Baird - 35, Keogh - 31, Davies - 32, Olsson - 29, Huddlestone - 30, Johnson - 30, Nugent - 32. Admittedly we have a young trio behind the striker who in my opinion are going to keep getting better, but that isn't enough. Where is a season of mixed results and mediocrity going to leave us when all these players are a year older? We will have gained nothing, seriously just seems a waste of a season, no football culture being developed, no team being developed. What is the point of giving time to that?
  2. Derby(shire) - sights, sounds and stuff

    Not somewhere I've ever been - will have to check it out. Thanks!
  3. Derby(shire) - sights, sounds and stuff

    Yeah, I'm sure the link will tell you more than I can, but it's a kind of up-market food court. There are 6 or so food outlets, doing a variety of food (around £10 a pop roughly), a pizza place, a tapas-esque place and a vegan place from memory. Then there are 3 bars, one doing just ale, one doing all the standard stuff and one doing cocktails, and there's a place that does a pretty good hot chocolate and the like (even do tipples of rum etc with them). Worth a look I would say.
  4. Derby(shire) - sights, sounds and stuff

    Evening all, I often travel away from Derby for extended periods of time and so find myself somewhat out of the loop when I return. I thought maybe we could have a topic where people posted recommendations of events, their favourite spots, good pubs/bars, restaurants and the like (any other weirder suggestions also welcome!). Would be appreciative of any suggestions as coming back to Derby is usually my down time and it would be great to have some ideas of things I can do to make the most of the time I am home, and hopefully the topic will help others in search of something to do in Derby also. To get the ball rolling, I recently visited The Post House Derby and thought that it was a pretty nice place for an evening/afternoon with a different vibe to much of the City Centre.
  5. Is it unrealistic for Gary to improve what he inherited?

    100% think it's reasonable to expect any manager to get more out of this group of players than has been seen in the past year or so. When you look at the plethora of attacking talent available in Martin, Nugent, Vydra, Weimann, Russell, Bennett, Anya, Bent and Blackman, all of those players have the ability to give more than they did last season. All have performed at this level in the past (not Bennett, but he has potential) and only Bent and maybe Nugent are pushing past their prime. Unless we are going to bring someone in who is significantly better than what we have (which seems unlikely with players like Jota etc seemingly out of our reach) then surely the plan has to be to look at the attributes of the players we have, pick a system and try and maximise their output. For example, when Gary first came in we played Vydra in behind Nugent for a few games and he looked really dangerous, not quite sure why we chose to deviate from that (seemed to happen during/after the Fulham game last year). I want to see Gary give a system a go for a few months and try and bring the best form out of these undoubtedly talented players.

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