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Nottingham teenager furious after paying £450 for a photo of an XBox One on eBay


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A TEENAGER has been left fuming after mistakenly buying a photo of an in-demand computer console online.

Peter Clatworthy thought he had paid £450 for an XBox One console on eBay, but actually received a picture of one in the post.

The 19-year-old student, of Bilborough, had saved up in order to buy a limited edition Day One version of the console as a surprise Christmas present for his four-year-old son, McKenzie.

He has now contested the purchase with eBay, which has investigated and stated he should get a full refund from the seller.

Mr Clatworthy said: "I've had to make a joke out of it because I was that angry. At least we've now got something to laugh about in the years to come.

"I always buy stuff on eBay and this had never happened before."

Mr Clatworthy made the purchase on November 28, paying £450 plus £8 packaging.

Despite the listing stating it was a photo of an XBox One Day One edition console, Mr Clatworthy said he'd expected to receive the console as it was listed in the video games and consoles category on eBay.

He said: "It said 'photo' and I was in two minds, but I looked at the description and the fact it was in the right category made me think it was genuine.

"I looked at the seller's feedback and there was nothing negative. I bought it there and then because I thought it was a good deal.

"It's obvious now I've been conned out of my money."

Mr Clatworthy received the photo in the post on Monday, saying: "They'd written on the back of it 'thank you for your purchase'. I was fuming."

The XBox One was released in the UK on November 22, with a special Day One edition reserved for those who picked the machine up on its first day of sale.

Since then, there have been reports of people buying empty XBox One packaging via eBay, and paying hundreds of pounds for the privilege.

When the Post searched for 'XBox One Day One edition consoles' on the website yesterday, a number of genuine consoles were up for sale.

There was, however, one lot of 'XBox One Day One edition retail packaging' which received 80 bids and sold for £7,200.

Mr Clatworthy was informed by eBay yesterday that, as he paid via PayPal, he can expect to receive a full refund from the seller, who has until Monday to pay up.

A spokesman for eBay, the online marketplace, said: "We don't allow listings which mislead, and will take action against this seller.

"Customers can shop with confidence on eBay as we guarantee you will get your item or your money back. Mr Clatworthy is covered by the eBay money-back guarantee and we will be contacting him to put things right."

Tessa Coates, Trading Standards Officer at Notts County Council, said: "We are not aware of an eBay scam of this nature.

"However, we would encourage all eBay buyers to pay for their goods using PayPal to give them extra protection.

"PayPal states that if the item doesn't match the seller's description or gets lost in the post then it will give the buyer their money back."

She added: "Our main tips for buying online generally this Christmas is make sure you're getting a good deal, know who you're dealing with and protect your personal and financial information."


"http://www.nottinghampost.com/images/localworld/ugc-images/276368/Article/images/20263203/5583243-large" alt="5583243-large">

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OMG - it's real.  :D


One of the MANY things about this story that struck me  was the fact he's 19 and has a 4 year old son.

How embarassing - that shirt......... :D

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And why is he buying his 4 year old son an xbox one anyway.

'Merry Christmas, son. Here's you're present. Let me show you how it works.'

6 hours later the son is playing with wrapping paper wondering why Santa didn't get the message that he wanted a peppa pig helter skelter, and why they can't afford to put the heating on this Christmas...

Edit: and wondering how he can get himself divorced from his parents and adopted by someone down the A52.

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