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  1. Not sure what the last king of Troy has to do with all this, although he was the father of Hector
  2. Except that we haven't got any...
  3. That's not true. I'm not back at work while Monday.
  4. If this is true then his little curly head must have been close to exploding when Waghorn did more than anyone to keep us up in the last match of last season
  5. Agree totally with the sentiments but not sure that we're showcasing to others the Efl's unacceptable behaviour, if anything the rest of the league are having a good old chuckle and reaching for the popcorn
  6. It will tear us apart, again
  7. Not everyone was in the DLF or intentionally looking for trouble! I mentioned Bradford simply because it was a very scary experience being on the receiving end of chunks of concrete raining down with no cover, not glorifying in throwing them back. Football in the 70s and 80s was in a very different place and situations like this on away days were almost unavoidable. If you wanted to follow your team home and away every week you knew what to expect, knew the risks and took your chance. The only safe option was to stay at home and for many of us this was simply not an option, the adrenaline rush was part of the day
  8. I remember this game well, it was 6 months or so before the Bradford fire disaster. It was absolute carnage, one of the worst I can remember. As I recall the end terrace was divided in two and we were in the left hand side. I think there may have been some work happening on the terrace and they had helpfully left piles of rubble, but whatever the cause there were chunks of concrete flying back and to. I saw several of our fans covered in blood and looking back it was a miracle nobody was seriously hurt or worse. Incidentally we lost 3-1 although I don't think I saw much of the match! Football was a different world back then.
  9. Charlie George's European Cup hat trick against Real Madrid. Not the only great game Charlie had but certainly a feat that is unlikely to ever be repeated!
  10. Good as he was in that game I think his hat-trick in the 5-3 Cup win away at Tottenham was Big Rog's finest hour, it was a remarkable comeback against a team with some massive names at that time
  11. The only thing I can find to disagree with in that is having dinner with a Leeds fan.
  12. He'll be making mistakes till the cows come home
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