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Player of the season so far - I think it is a difficult one


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I would probably go Brayford.. Back to his best and hasn't really dropped his standards.

Keogh, Bryson and Lego have been the other 3 consistent performers.

Of our squad...

Legzdins - since winning the shirt he hasn't really put a foot wrong. 7/10

Brayford - back to his best, after last years showing. 8/10

Keogh - had a good year, done well. 7/10

Buxton - worked hard and rarely let the team down. 6/10

Roberts - same as Buxton. 6/10

Coutts - up to December he was definitely my choice but standards have slipped. 6/10

Hendrick - was awful early on in the year, like really awful - picked up since December to being our best player. 6/10

Hughes - much like Coutts - 6/10

Bryson - has had another good year, without the peaks and troughs of the others. 7/10

Sammon - important to our team and work rate shows, needs to score more goals! 6/10

Ward - had a really good year, plighted by injuries. 6/10

Theo Robinson - scored goals early on, and had his best game in a Derby shirt against Blackpool but overall same questions are asked. 5/10

Michael Jacobs - a player I really like and hope to see more of, great performance against Birmingham. 6/10

Mark O'Brien - done well when he has been asked upon, still needs to improve though. 5/10

James O'Connor - I'm not a big fan, always seemed to be at fault for goals when he is on the pitch. 4/10

Ben Davies - done really well when asked upon, not asked upon often. 5/10

Kieron Freeman - done okay in the few glimpses I've seen think he'll become a good player for us. 5/10

Nathan Tyson - started really well, expect he'll be off in the summer. 5/10

Frank Fielding - started okay, got suspended and now is having to bide his time. 5/10

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At one point I thought it was Coutts, but I've realised slowly that the reason why he's good is John Brayford.

It's either Brayford or Hendrick for me. Brayford because of how strong we are on the right and his consistency, Hendrick for spectacularly turning his season around.

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John Brayford, easy.

Been back to his best and you saw on Saturday when he's not playing RB how it affects us attacking wise.

Second to him though would probably be Conor Sammon, not very good in front of goal, but the work he's done for the team this season has been fantastic. Without him, I don't think we'll be where we are in the league.

As for the young player, I guess I'll have to go with Hughes. Seriously needs a few games rest though, like now. Move Hendrick and Bryson into CM, Jacobs or Davies wide left.

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So far, Richard Keogh has easily been the most consistent player. Brayford started the season slow (as did Hendrick) but is back in the groove again (can easily see him leaving in the summer)...Hughes will obviously win young player of the year but deserves a mention in the main player of the year too - we should appreciate him whilst he's here.

He's had a couple of ineffective games but Ward (without the injury) would have been up there and Sammon probably needs to score a few more goals to be considered.

Coutts has been involved in quite a few of the goals but has faded in the last few games, Bryson's injury has held him back slightly but he should be back to 100% soon.

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I'm certainly not a hater. But player of the season though? How?

Meh... People are allowed their opinions...

I would suggest the argument to make is that the rest of team relies on Sammon to do the muscle-work up front which none of them are capable of? Can't imagine we'd be able to play the way we can without some dude up front being strong a beligerent... Plus it's nice that he's quick as well...

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John Brayford. Easily the most consistent and reliable. Keogh gets an honourable mention but i'm still not sure on him in the air, misses far too much for my liking (hell of a defender besides that though). Will Hughes for Young Player, obviously.

If Theo if he'd actually been played since December we might actually be saying him, the guy hit 9 goals and then we just stopped playing him. Imagine what he could be on now? Regardless of what you make of him, he scores goals. Seems a bit mad to me.

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