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We're around the halfway mark in the season so its time to start thinking - who's going to get automatic promotion?


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I'm still uncertain that Crystal Palace can keep up their form- it has been dipping slightly recently and they've been unable to capitalize when Cardiff have dropped points.

Cardiff always capitulate after Christmas so recent history tells us we can expect a drop off in form.

There really has been no breakaway team- and the currently in form Milwall are really racing up to join in the ranks of the big boys. Will it last?

I think Middlesbrough and Crystal Palace are going to take the top two spots.

Any other thoughts?

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Holloway may just have the "X factor" to keep Palace up there.

Fancy Hull or Boro to nick 2nd spot although Leicester & Cardiff will be close

Play off places are well open, so two from above plus one from Burnley, Blackpool, Bolton or Blackburn (just too many lancs teams beginning with B in this league).

Burnley have the best goalscorer in the league, pity they didn't buy a top defender in the summer. 'http://www.dcfcfans.co.uk/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/ph34r' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':ph34r:' />

Bolton and Blackburn could well buy a few players in Jan and strike lucky.

That leaves Derby to glide gracefully into the last play off place on goal difference from the gormless gumps.

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The top 3 are on good form.. Isn't it usually 85 points for the autos? If Cardiff beat Leicester tomorrow they're going to look a very good beat for an auto position..

I think Palace might struggle defensively.. Holloways teams never defend well..

Boro look a good bet, solid home and away..

Hull have won many games by the odd goal, I think they'll fall away..

The top 2 I reckon will be Boro and Leicester... As for the playoffs who knows.. If Brighton can find the goals they'll become a dangerous side towards the end of the season.. I'll go with them to claim a playoff spot and promotion.

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Middlesborough and Hull City

Leicester always fail. Pearson will get the sack and they will spend again.

Palace will lose some players i think.

Cardiff are reliant upon their home form too much, after Peterborough won there i think there could be more wins available.

1 Hull

2 Boro

3 Cardiff

4 Palace

5 Leicester

6 Brighton

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