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If I bought derby


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I would..................


Now say you won the euromillions and decided you want to splash out on rammy, what would you do differently / the same if it was your money...........

would you forget the missus and family and buy messi or would you keep the club as it were going with steady but slow progress

be as honest as possible as if it actually was your money,

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Slippery slope.......

I should say keep building slowly & surely but wouldn't be able to resist splashing a bit of cash. No-one on here with euromillions winings would be able to resist spending a few million on a striker for starters.

One decent player then becomes 3, then 5 and before you know it, you've spent £20 million+, increased the wage bill way above budget in the process and risked the financial future of the club you love, should the missus find out & make you spend the rest of it on boring stuff like houses & family.

Hopefully by then we'd be in the Prem & you might be able to sell for a small loss. If not, you've got to keep pumping cash in or have a fire sale & go back to where we are now.

It'd be fun for a while though!.....

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Id buy the red dogs instead, as you cant win as being a chairman, and fill them with cr@p over the hill players.

However I think someone for Kuwait has beat me to it.

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I'd be more inclined to buy Worksop Town & see if I could "do a Crawley" with them. Much more scope for success for loads less cash.

You could blow the lot with Derby and still only maybe go from mid-table in the Champ to lower mid in the Prem (and skint).

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Apparently, it's one of the things they advise you against when you win the lottery - investing in your footie club.

I'd probably buy the ground and rent it back to them for about a pound a month and a VIP lounge just for me and me friends, with free beer. 'http://www.dcfcfans.co.uk/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />

NOW THATS AN IDEA haha get a few boxes knocked together

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-I'd keep Pride Park. Football has moved on and you'd never be able to re-capture the magic of the BBG no matter how many millions you invested. I went once when I was four years old and I still remember it vividly to this day.

-I'd bulldoze the Starbucks and the Gregg's and build a club museum.

-I'd build statues to commemorate our 1946 FA Cup and 1974-75 league wins

-I'd invest several million in the academy and youth development.

-I'd invest several million in the first team.

-I'd give whoever sits in my former seat in the North Stand their own box, so I can take my rightful seat in the ground for home games.

-Then I'd move to Canada and fly in for home games.

Perhaps I've given this too much thought!

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If I could afford to lose lots of money -

Expand the stadium to its full capacity

Half the price of tickets

Give Nigel £20m and 18 months to get promotion - and completely leave the footballing stuff to him and his team

Upgrade the acadamy to the top grade so we don't lose the next Will Hughes for peanuts dure to EPPP

Build the Plaza

Improve pedestrian access from the town - maybe a foot bridge over the railway track?

Make the catering better value and better quality

Put on gigs over the summer at Pride Park

Look into making the U21 games more accessable for supporters - maybe evenings and Sunday games at a local non-league ground, with perhaps some investment for the host club to upgrade its fascilites

But mainly - I'd change the colours back to blue and white

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I'd would -

Give Nigel £10m (look what he's done with peanuts so far, he doesn't need too much more).

Poach Arsenal & Man U's scouts and give them a million Air Miles each in the hope they recommend a player ouside the British Isles.

Bribe the council to approve the removal of both footpaths from the bridge over the traintracks towards Cockpit Island in order to make the north bound side two lanes and stop people constantly trying to cut you up and squeeze past you when trying to go home from a game. F**k the trainspotters, dorks!!!

Initialise plans to move away supports to the South East corner in order to create a Kop then tell the moaners to put their money where their collective mouths are to generate an atmosphere.

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