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  1. Boro keeper looks dodgy as, Wisdom hardly touched him for the goal and he went down. Would pepper the goal and force a few more pass backs. Nice start.
  2. Distinct lack of urgency and willingness to win the second ball. Very concerning. Rooney better have a player or five up his sleeve to bring in as he clearly doesn't trust the bench to make an impact.
  3. How has Rooney not made a final change or two since that goal? Get some legs on and go route one please.
  4. Stupid free kick to give away from captain Knight, great freekick, they are first to ball, nice bobble from the rubbish pitch, good ball in and they want it more. Painful 🙄
  5. How's he not gone there? Ref way too soft.
  6. Not a great watch, we're being far too tentative. Need to discover some confidence to take attacking risks. Start controlling the midfield, get the ball down and play!
  7. My only criticism would be we didn't once test their keeper. You could see they put Yates under the cosh as soon as he made a slight error. We could have done the same had we given their keeps something to think about. Maybe Duncan plus Crouchy would have been a better starting option? I would say the midfield lost their battle but their know how was always going to come out on top. Regardless, very well done to all a depleted U18's and Pat Lyons!
  8. Did well to nullify Preston for 70+ mins after a certain red card. Can't help but think Wayne could have changed things earlier and taken the game to them. Shinnie or Knight off for Ibe or Sibley (earlier). Lots of industry and perhaps we were trying to grind out a draw but Preston were pretty open to be got at. Sure things would have been different if not for the red. Can blame poor individual reffing decisions but for me we should have gone for it.
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