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  1. I've been long since satisfied that placing Keogh as the captain and keeping him there is a prerequisite for managing Derby. Mel Morris: 'I must insist on one thing...' Thankfully it only really means calling the toss but to think others see him as our talisman is embarrassing.
  2. What an horrible human being. I would take an hiatus if he were to take over and support Matlock Town for the interim.
  3. I do not suggest he would simply struggle against that list of players. My point was that he would tag along in a newly promoted team and be destroyed.
  4. Tell you what, in the spirit of reconciliation, I will make you all a deal. I will give the lad every benefit of every doubt during the up-coming early season games. In return I ask you to just watch him when the goals go in. Watch the boggle eyed staring ball watching, the flat foot mis-passing, notice the withering criticism of his team mates when he is culpable and look for him completely out of position. Tries his heart out for Derby though. No one tries harder. Always gives 100%...blah, blah, blah...
  5. Just realised we can't seem to acquire a sponsor without them being immoral. Think I'd prefer Chupa Chups to aspartame laced sugar drinks, nutritionless fast food and gambling.
  6. I think he might go through his entire career leaving some to believe its enough to show passion, without having any ability or concentration. It's remarkable. Derby fru & fru though.
  7. He's not even the best defender in a Derby No.6 shirt. I'm glad you ladies all think things are OK and that our Richard is a safe pair of hands. Let's hope some like minded manager comes in for him this summer. Mark my words and I've said it for 5yrs; 'We'll never go up with Richard Keogh at the back'. But I've come to realise it's probably for the best.
  8. ..But it was OK because I was watching Todd and Mcfarland. You can catch them on Youtube.
  9. I remember getting urinated upon behind the Normanton goal, aged 6. An early low point, granted.
  10. Watched since '75 pal. 'Marcus, go easy on Keogh, Amnesty International complained the last time you took him on, said it was cruel and inhuman treatment.'
  11. I've read this thread and just cannot believe what I've seen here. The disguise is complete. Our defending during his tenure has been woeful. I've watched his own performances through my fingers most of the time. To think we could have taken him to the premiership! It just doesn't warrant thinking about. Mana, Sane, Sterling, Hazard, Rashford... It would have been Cert X. I doubt any reconstructive surgeon could put him right after being torn a new one every week. The children would have to be lead from the stadium in tears asking 'why are they treating that man with the beard so bad Daddy?'. The shares in Persil would rocket as the laundry department battle to get the stains off the backside of his shorts. If you think being relegated in March was bad... He's where he belongs. Running around, making the faces, punching the sky and duping you all into thinking he can play footie.
  12. I wonder if we are confusing being taught alot to having learnt alot. Anyway, with the greatest kindness, I think those who are worried about an imminent approach from Chelsea needn't be.
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