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  1. Let's not forget Lamps clearly stated his ambition was to reach the play-offs. I remember Clough Jr in management at Derby stating he simply wanted to better the previous year by one place when his ambition amounted often to mid-table. Well done Lamps. Have fun in Yorkshire on Wednesday. Nothing to lose. I would like to see a couple of spells of dynamic quick passing which seem to exemplify the best of Derby this season but the result isn't important. The spine of the team show little premiership potential although a couple of players would catch the eye in the top flight I'm sure. As Paul Clement used to say, on we go.
  2. He needs a rest anyway. All that ball watchin' and being out of position for the entire season can take it out on a player. Put your feet up 'KEESIE' and take it easy.
  3. If we had RĂºben Neves. Some player.
  4. I've watched him during his Coventry and Derby days and listened to him talk and watched his interviews while at Derby.
  5. We were taught not to ball watch (and not to pass across the face of your own box) playing for Crich Cubs, which means those actual lessons were acted upon by ten year olds. Keoghs lack of discipline seems to have grown even beyond his triumphs of the past. He behaves like someone with a very, very low IQ and yet has only been dropped once in 5 years. Something very strange is going on.
  6. 2:47 sums him up completely. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/football/46730962
  7. Another disaster for our Richard. I'm starting to prefer him wildly out of position and out of the game than actually taking up the position he is paid to cover where he is either ball watching or flinging himself prostate. We know he gives his heart and soul for Derby but we have never been good enough to continually make up for his errors and lack of discipline. 2:47 sums he up completely. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/football/46730962
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