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  1. I wouldnt pay too much attention to the Geordie nation, self entitled bunch of ricks that they are, even worse than that lot up the road! Ashley would be perfect for Derby, lots of experience and would put just enough into the club to ensure a steady climb away from the mess we're in. I dont want someone to come in chucking money about and end up with us like this again. For Ashley to make money he would have to be in it for the long haul, if he makes money it will mean we're in the Prem.
  2. Allsop 8 Byrne 7 Forsyth 7 Stearman 6.5 Davies 7 Shinnie 6 Bird 6 Morrison 5.5 Knight 8 Lawrence 6 Stretton 6 Williams 7 Buchanan 7 Ebosele 5.5
  3. Allsop 8 Byrne 7 Forsyth 8 Stearman 7 Davies 7 Shinnie 7 Bird 6.5 Morrison 7 Knight 7.5 Lawrence 7 Baldock 5.5 Stretton 6.5
  4. Roos 7 Byrne 8 Buchanan 7 Jagielka 6.5 Davies 8 Bird 7.5 Shinnie 7 Morrison 7 Sibley 6.5 Lawrence 7 Baldock 6.5
  5. First time in ages i sat and enjoyed a real quality display from a centre half at Derby. Cleaning Ikpeazu out right in front of Warnock with a perfectly legal tackle that he's probably still feeling now the highlight for me. Just a shame he's not 10 years younger or even 5!
  6. Roos 6.5 Byrne 7.5 Forsyth 7 Jagielka 8.5 Davies 7.5 Shinnie 8 Bird 7 Morrison 6.5 Jozwiak 6.5 Sibley 6.5 Baldock 6 Stretton 6.5 Watson 6
  7. Roos 6.5 Byrne 7 Buchanan 7 Davies 7 Jagielka 7.5 Bird 7.5 Shinnie 6.5 Morrison 7 Sibley 7.5 Jozwiak 7 Baldock 6.5 Forsyth 6.5 Stretton 6 Stearman 6
  8. After constructive discussions with my other half i've decided to put back my decision to buy a ST or not back another 6 days...but... Being in the SW corner looks like its not going to be the cheap seats anymore in fact i still have no idea how much it's going to cost me to watch Derby this season. I'm now a grandad with all that entails, just paid for new window and front door, booked three breaks end of August, middle of Sept and end of October. It's ok for all the young bucks to chuck money at following Derby but for old 'un's like me im afraid time waits for no man and Derby have missed their chance at luring me in this season. Will i come back next season? who knows, ive been following the club and paying out for 40+ years, i've drifted away a few times and always come back but never have i had as many other interests or responsibilities as i do now. I think the way forward will be half a dozen hand picked home games and a few aways/weekends away..Bristol, London, Cardiff etc It's a shame but i fear a lot of people around my age group wont be back
  9. Roos 5 Byrne 4.5 Forsyth 5 Stearman 6 Davies 6.5 Bird 5.5 Shinnie 6.5 Morrison 6.5 Ebosele 5 Lawrence 5 Kazim 5.5 Stretton 6 Sibley 7
  10. Roos - 7.5 Byrne - 6.5 Forsyth - 7 Davies - 7.5 Stearman - 6 Bird - 5.5 Shinnie - 6 Watson - 5 Lawrence - 5.5 Jozwiak - 5 Kazim - 7 Sibley - 6.5 Ebosele - 6
  11. Don't blame them I suppose, some of the parking over there is crazy on match days. We'll give it a go and see what happens
  12. Thanks, is the parking situation in Chadd still the same then?. I thought the council were looking to stop on street parking there after complaints from the locals
  13. Just wonder whats been happening out around the Tile place/Chadd footbridge since the last games at PP. We used to park in Chadd over the footbridge or Toys 'R Us or the Tile place. Before Covis stuck it was a mess and we were having to park along Chequers Road, sometimes almost as far out as The Pentagon. Anything sorted about the new footbridge yet? is there still street parking in Chadd, i think they were trying to stop it at one point issuing fines and the like.
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