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  1. Give me a few hours tomorrow sir.
  2. But if those coaches are going to scrap what they have learnt hasn't worked and start from a clean slate, which from the interviews it sounds like they are doing, why wouldn't you trial it in the very short term?
  3. Rooney and Rosenior with fresh ideas is a free trial, as alluded to above the caretaker period is basically win/win. If the players start performing to the levels that we want then it works out great and we get out of the position we're in, if not then we're not a lot worse off than we were anyway and we can still go ahead and appoint a manager.
  4. He was very focused on the "if you're the right man for the job" vibe, rather than just saying the right things.
  5. When he said "we need to bring back simplicity". It really hit home. Lets hope this simplicity can be the difference between winning and drawing/losing at the moment. It sounds like we've maybe been trying to focus on every little detail previously, which as we know, with footballers doesn't always work. Onwards and upwards! COYR!
  6. Perhaps Rooney being on the touchline is a way around his apparent forced involvement in the starting eleven, might turn out to be a positive after all.
  7. My personal opinion on the next manager is that whoever we get is bound to have done well at some point in their career and and another point they probably haven't, so it's hard to judge whether any option is good or bad. Sometimes things click for managers and other times they don't, it has been referenced previously but Mac1 wasn't exactly inspiring and I personally wasn't massively excited at the time, but look what happened on the pitch after that appointment. I'll reserve judgement, no matter who we get, until I see the impact... or lack of... once they get the job and have some time
  8. If Rooney has been taught by the person that has failed and we're expecting instant impact if he takes over, then I'll be lost for words if that actually happens. We need someone with as much proven history of having impact when taking over the managerial reins in the shortest amount of time, I don't care who that is at this point.
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