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  1. Wycombe aren't great, we're not much better...but we're not losing and that's important at the minute.
  2. This feels quite specific, are you okay Chester?
  3. Wait so he didn’t rule out going to Newcastle when he was on the radio? Ffs
  4. You are only allowed one thank you token and you have used yours on Rooney, anyone else is useless. Makes sense...
  5. I now reserve judgement for every single player we sign until he’s had a chance, when we brought CKR in I looked at his age, his record, his previous clubs and thought to myself - if he wasn’t able to do it for these clubs over so many years then why can he do it for Derby at this age? Well proof shows that is quite literally irrelevant and giving someone who has the right character and motivation a chance is worth a go. Let’s see what he can do 👍🏼
  6. Lander

    George Thorne

    Yeah fair enough I can understand why people would see it like that, personally I can understand him aiming higher particularly when he’d been held back by us for that amount of time through no fault of his own. It’s nice to actually hear the details of one of those stories where you think “we’ll never find out”, very refreshing.
  7. Lander

    George Thorne

    Having just done the same, I didn’t think George came across as a knob at all given what he’s been through.
  8. Lander

    George Thorne

    Hard to listen to George’s side of the story at Derby, incredibly difficult time with injuries but other things that happened were much worse of an impact on his time with us. Not going to spoil it but listen to part 2 👍🏼
  9. My mate once dislocated his knee cap (visibly one of the most disgusting things I’ve witness) playing 5 a side, lay on the floor for an hour and a half waiting for the ambulance to turn up. They turned up and in excitement he turned around and his knee cap popped back into place, he hasn’t played since. Not related to the injury he just can’t be arsed to play but hopefully Bielik will play for us again anyway.
  10. As long as we have the necessary agreements in place to ensure that DCFC benefit greatly from the move then I agree. If people want our players and staff then they are probably doing a good job for us, which also probably means the team are in a decent place.
  11. I have faith that they will make sound decisions to bring in a) good characters and b) players that will technically improve the squad. Time will tell though over the next couple of days 🙂
  12. Looking forward to matches is the sole reason for the buzz, it’s such a good feeling.
  13. Sat here tonight for the first time in a long time with genuine confidence and excitement at the progress we've made so far and the direction we're heading. Yes it's only the start but the progress and difference that we've seen since Rooney took over has been night and day, everyone is quite literally fighting for every point we get and you can see that on the pitch. Rooney is saying it exactly as it is to the media and no doubt the players, which is admirable, particularly given the off the field stuff that's going on at the moment too. If we keep going in the direction we're going, we'
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