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  1. Good luck to anyone trying to get a drink in The Torch, hopefully we’re queueing up to score like we’ve queued here 😂😂😂
  2. Quick shower, nervous poo and off to my dads to start the journey, buzzing!
  3. This would be really useful, I’m driving down with my Dad and parking near the ground, so it’ll be nice to have somewhere to aim to head towards where we’re sure will be a good atmosphere. Poll?
  4. I’ll be there, driving up with my Dad. Hoping he doesn’t want to drink, I’ll drive there and he can drive my car back whilst dealing with either an elated, or depressed, passenger.
  5. Where’s the nearest Leeds fan?
  6. That awkward moment when you try to clear the bell but your defender is up in your grill...
  7. Oh and an assist ⚽️😊🐑🐑🐑
  8. Top quality, what a brilliant performance from our captain.
  9. B4, he’s one of our own!
  10. Leeds, Leeds are falling apart again. We absolutely smashed it tonight, I love this game 🥰🥰🥰🥰
  11. Atmosphere amongst Derby fans in comparison to Leeds as we walked off is hopefully a sign of the nerves they’re feeling for the second half, legs hope the players are feeling the same second half. Come on Derby!
  12. Not even started work yet and I’m already excited for tonight, à la Istanhull, believing of what could be, if we turn up full for the 90 + whatever. Today is the day that we can show everyone what we’re capable of. -dambusters tune- ✈️ ✈️ 🐑🐑 COYR
  13. Mr Nugent, it’s your time to shine. Let’s see how we’re feeling about him in a couple of hours, the game hasn’t even started yet there’s no need to be so negative! COYR 🐑🐑
  14. ‘Beckham-esque’ first time cross for Waghorn’s goal in the words of Sky pundit, Keith Andrews. Can’t argue with that really, on a plate...
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