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  1. Surely there is no way Hatton can possibly have won that fight. I love boxing but the politics and consistently dodgy decisions are so frustrating.
  2. I’m referring to negative comments in general about all players across all threads. I think we could all name the usual targets but I think we all need to rise above it under these bizarre circumstances. Even though the club is on the brink the connection between fans, players and management has never been stronger and long may it continue!
  3. I’ve done it myself in the past but how about we draw a line under calling out individuals this season. It’s clear to see we have a small squad who will not be able to give 8’s and 9’s out of 10 every week but will leave everything on the pitch in virtually hopeless circumstances. Time to get behind every player wearing the ram on their chest regardless of current form or personal opinions. COYR.
  4. MM getting absolute pelters from Rooney. Pure radio gold. MM basically making the same speech to the staff as he did to Ed Dawes on the radio on Sunday. Unbelievable stuff.
  5. What an absolute legend Wayne Rooney has become out of all this. If only our former owner had handled himself with such honesty and integrity.
  6. I trust the administrators won’t prioritise people’s livelihoods over the provision of this essential facility now autumn/winter is on its way. Mel had a dream and keeping us warm at half time was front and centre. It’s a good job the beer is warm else there’d be some stiff fingers come November time. #projectmel
  7. Apologies if it’s already been mentioned elsewhere but a press conference with the administrators is live on Radio Derby 11.00am tomorrow.
  8. I don't know why everyone is getting so upset about this. Didn't you hear the bit of his interview where our Mel insisted administration was a "great opportunity" for us? He also said "this isn't the end for Derby County" in a way that suggested we should be grateful for his reassuring words of wisdom with regards our club actually continuing to exist beyond this season. It's all part of the masterplan. The Derby way. Thanks Mel, for a minute there I was worried.
  9. We’re always looking to take on domestic cleaners to cover Derbyshire and East Staffordshire. Monday to Friday, no early mornings, evenings or weekends. Full time and part time positions available. No experience necessary but must hold a full UK driving license. Message me on here or call 01283351770 for more details.
  10. I think “riot” is a little strong. I have a season ticket and would have no problem with away fans being charged less than my pro-rata match day price. An away day is a totally different thing, the overall cost is much higher and the more away fans there are the better the atmosphere which can only be a good thing for everyone’s match day experience.
  11. Allocation is 1500. Charge £37 probably get 800 away fans = about 30k gate receipts. Charge £20 will sell out easily = 30k gate receipts. Plus double the amount of fans buying over priced food and drink. I don’t get it?!
  12. I don’t think you can argue we haven’t gone out and “played our football” in every game so far this season. The problem is it isn’t good enough to get positive results against most teams in the division. It’s funny how attitudes and priorities change with supporters. In recent seasons the fans have indicated they would be happy if we try and play good football and take it to the opposition. The results might not be there but at least we had a go. I would imagine as the weeks go by and points go by the wayside there will be increasing unrest and the “Rooney out” threads will resurface. Damned if you do…….
  13. Where’s that Alan Partridge shrugging gif when you need it.
  14. He could have been sent off twice tonight. #captaintom
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