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  1. I said it in the matchday thread last night but that is now 1 goal and 2 assists in 28 appearances which is an awful return for such a big attacking investment. It just isn't happening for him.
  2. It's not even that they're laying clever zonal traps for us. We just keep kicking the ball to them.
  3. 1 goal and 2 assists in 27 games is an awful return on a £4million attacking investment.
  4. Jozwiak needs to hug the touchline but he drifts in to the middle all the time. I think his confidence is shot so he doesn't fancy taking on his man. He can almost hide in the middle as the ball to him is never on. Horrible performance.
  5. It's a tough one with Waghorn. I agree he is struggling with his overall play and is in a bit of a goal drought but his delivery from corners looks our most likely source of goals at the moment. I therefore can't see him being dropped. Roberts had a bit of a shocker starting against Watford but helped change the game when given 20 minutes against Wycombe. Jozwiak is due a Cardiff type performance. Hopefully tonight! There feels like a lot of pressure has built on this game. A horrible set of results at the weekend, two ex Rams returning with a point to prove and the East Midland
  6. I think the siege mentality of Mel's early tenure meant we went through a phase of not selling anyone under any circumstances. The plan was to amass as many players as possible to ensure promotion was a mere formality. The investment in the academy was intended, I assume, to come to fruition once we were an established Premier League outfit, to introduce a couple of home grown stars to the first team squad each season. A bit like Southampton. Best laid plans and all that.
  7. I think the fact we didn't concede in the first 15 minutes has masked the fact we are a little bit out of our depth here. And now it's two. The goalscorer inevitable. I was really looking forward to seeing Roberts start but how bad has his decision making been in the final third. Why do we have so many players like that?? Thankfully recent results have meant this is a free hit but this could get embarrassing.
  8. How many free kicks do we give away every single game. It's madness!
  9. He's been poor since his goal against Swansea and his subsequent Christening as the Polish Messi.
  10. Strange game to give an 18 year old their debut out of position.
  11. Another horrible performance against another physical team. Knight anonymous, Waghorn not a right winger, the team looks unbalanced tonight. Only one outcome I fear.
  12. I never thought he'd be so natural with the media. I assumed every interview would be car crash TV but they're fascinating. So impressive.
  13. Listening to Eric Steel is an education. Surely he'd be better on the coaching staff than on the radio.
  14. They were shovelling snow all morning so no foul play. The pitch was unplayable based on the images. It's just so annoying and frustrating. For me the best laid plans of a few early evening beers with more beer and pizza whilst watching the mighty Rams have been dashed with 45 minutes till kick off. This lockdown is the gift that just keeps giving.
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