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  1. I could see that he had to helped down the tunnel by 2 people. So fingers crossed it’s not as bad as it looked. For me Holmes is a shout to cover right back. He has done it before and he will give attacking option.
  2. Great post. back in around 1991 i was helping out coaching my son's junior team and the club ran a coaches development session with an external guy who had coached round the world. He made the point that one of the coaching techniques in Holland is silence. they teach the players to think and work it out for themselves and gave an example of when a youth team adjusted their own formation to respond to the opposition. Ok, he was not saying it should be silence for 90 minutes, but that less is more really. Compare this to Tony Pulis who consistently rants at his players telling them what to do.
  3. Yep. I was there. My first season ticket soon followed. Cheers.
  4. Lampard was still playing for Man City at 37, so no reason why WR cannot do a great job for us at 34/35. Class is permanent and he looks after his fitness. Still pinching myself that I am going to be watching him in a Derby shirt... and how old was Dave McKay when we signed him?
  5. Anorak fact. Only 9 England players won 100+ international caps. If Rooney signs 3 of them will have played competitively for us. Only Man U can match that. Great signing imo.
  6. Yep we are going to the Louden. Good shout.
  7. Great thanks. Looks very similar. So my dad’s must be around same time. Cheers
  8. Had a silk scarf on my wrist for 72/73 season age 15, that cost me 60p. Was offered £1 by a Juventus fan in the Ley Stand before the semi-final. Sold it for £2. Probably jinxed the result, so my fault we were not euro champs. I still carry the guilt! This is my dad's scarf, which is old. Not sure how old, but can anyone help date it? late 60s/early 70s maybe?
  9. Thanks all, a great forum indeed. was really useful last week being away on holiday and able to keep up with the managerial changes. Cheers
  10. A good drive from Gloucestershire but it’s DCFC and 4 tickets sorted this morning. Going with three local mates (Clyde fans) who will be Rams fans for the day. Will be meeting up with some Rangers fans I know for a drink before the game. looking forward to seeing our last pre season game. Hopefully as good as Wolves last season.
  11. Might be clinging at straws but maybe Abramovich has had second thoughts about appointing FL.
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