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  1. Birthday trip away booked for next year. Off to a country park in Shropshire, a lodge with a hot tub outside. Looks wonderful inside. Having tried various holidays and trips away, I find staying in this country can be the most relaxing. A few days away, couple of hours drive for me and the girlfriend, getting away from the stresses of work life. Local pubs nearby, beautiful countryside. Peace and quiet. Perfect!
  2. Can the journo's stop mention Frank every other question. The chap has left, concentrate on asking questions about our new manager.
  3. Rob Dorsett being a knob as usual I see
  4. Hosting a World Cup in the desert. Nice one FIFA 👍
  5. If he let himself go, he'd look like Jim from Friday Night Dinner
  6. If I tried to speak Dutch, they would probably think I sound like I have the charisma of Andy Murray.
  7. I've wrote a post on Tommy Robinson in the past. His views are based from his childhood experiences, Muslim gangs attacking members of his family and friends. A major cultural change to a town in a very short space of time. I sympathise for his upbringing. Do I agree with the way he expresses his points of view? No.
  8. Marriott, Martin, Waghorn. A top 6 strikeforce in this division.
  9. Considering they had to catch a flight home at 6 last night, pack their stuff, have a post match meeting, meals etc, they did well to finish the game.
  10. Went to Y Not a few years ago. Really good laugh, didn't see many bands as I was mostly drinking from dawn til dusk. Heard the last couple of years its been crap although I think they've realised now they don't want to expand more than a medium sized festival. Forgot the pillows so we rested our heads on loo roll, was actually not that bad. Best part of the festival was on the Saturday, threw it down with rain and we sort shelter in the beer area. A mate decided to buy the cheapest tent possible, it didn't fair well after an hour of wet weather. So his tent was a mess, his clothes and bedding were soaked. Thankfully we had a back-up tent....... a Barbie one. His drinking vastly increased afterwards.
  11. With these two being middle aged blokes, do they moan together on the pitch about their wives, kids, work, neighbours and the government?
  12. Mike Ashley's football decisions baffle my mind. If he's willing to pay £5 million for Steve Bruce, why not use the money to give Rafa a new deal? Just shows his ambitions as an owner. Happy to sit in mid-table year on year, rake in the Premier League money and spend nothing. If the club get relegated, splash the cash in the Championship to make sure they're back in the Premier League, then repeat the cycle. The bloke is a brilliant businessman, as a football owner he's an utter clown.
  13. I see no reason why we can't play 442 at times next season if Waghorn, Martin and Marriott are looking sharp in pre-season.
  14. SouthStandDan

    Forum Issues

    Agreed. If people start making their insults personal, regardless of the topic of conversation, they should be banned. Voice your opinion of course, just don't start getting wound up and verbally abuse folks.
  15. Smart signing. Good quality on the ball, we were desperately needing an attacking centre midfielder. If he can chip in 10 goals that'd be fantastic. Think some folk are forgetting Marriott will most like play more games this season and he'll easily score 20 goals plus this season. Don't think scoring goals will be an issue this season, sorting out midfield is the main priority. A wide man will be next on Cocu's shopping list :)
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