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  1. Overcomplicating the way we play at the back has really been our downfall away from home. I'm all for playing from the back, but at least try and do the basics of defending right whilst settling into the game. Curtis Davies was a great no nonsense defender, trying to watch him play possession based football makes me feel sorry for him. I feel at times we sacrifice defending instincts for the sake of playing football around the back which I don't agree with. Nothing makes me more frustrated than seeing defenders trying to be clever and creating problems from their own possession. Away from home, we've got to keep it tighter at the back. We always seem to concede the first goal away from home and we can't recover.
  2. Picked a properly useless car dealership for my new car. Spent half my morning on the phone going through the car finance guff. Agreed everything, sent all the bank stuff, good to go they said. Turn up and they've not even completed my application, felt like a right tit. I understand car salesman need to hit their targets, but pushing me to collect a car when the dealership hadn't finalised the paperwork was really bizarre. Good job I live a few miles away or I'd have been fuming. Anyone else had issues buying cars from somewhere like available car?
  3. I hope Greta buys and eats local produce and not that awful vegan substitute food which is imported on them big environmentally damaging cargo vessels. When the vegans stop importing tonnes of food then I might start to respect them a little more. At the moment their carbon footprint is just as big as anyone else's. Don't start preaching to me that eating meat is damaging the planet when your quinoa is exported on planes and ships from South America. I've tried to cut red meat out as much as I can, swapping mince for chicken for example. I still love a big steak every now and then though. There's so much hypocrisy from many save the planet type organisations that it's hard for me to support them. Muppets sticking themselves to public transport, in turn encouraging me to use my car. These people filming their spiritual mates protests on their latest smartphones, their year old "crap" phones mostly imported to Africa where sadly, children burn them to extract precious metals to sell for food. The key for me is buying local if you can, the government encouraging local businesses by making tax cuts, for them to be sustainable. Until we all cut down on buying imported goods, this will only get worse. China and the US are huge polluters and have to change their mindsets on the environment if we're going to immediately see any change too.
  4. Good decision to cancel tonight's show. Poor decision from RD to not acknowledge the issue on air and explaining to listeners what the situation is.
  5. Let's not pretend we're all perfect. The footballers in our squad are a prime example of that this season.
  6. Sums up Craig Ramage, speaks far too fast before he thinks.
  7. Due to stand trial next month. Innocent until proven guilty. Good old social media keyboard warriors at it again, the sooner the government and social media sites starts cracking down on abusive behaviour online the better. I'm saddened and disgusted at the same time. Do not say something online that you wouldn't say to someone's face. RIP Caroline
  8. On the basis of last night, we're a solid goalkeeper and a couple of commanding centre halves away from having a top 6 team. If we'd have kept it tight in the first half, we'd have gone on to win the game. Cocu in.
  9. Wisdom lost his man 3 times and they've scored 3 times. A proper stinker tonight. The back 5 hate crosses more than Vampires
  10. I have to disagree with Cocu when he believes Lawrence is a better playing out wide. His best performances have come from him playing down the middle, he looks dangerous and unpredictable. He has all the potential to be a match winner, the problem he has is when he plays bad, it's very noticeable because of his rash tackling and poor decision making. He's been doing excellent the last month because he's doing the basics right, no showboating poo and taking on 4-5 players, losing the ball.
  11. Abit blunt and I'm a little drunk. Have some of that you miserable moaners! Bitching and whinging can be put on hold for a few more days. Fantastic performance.
  12. Happy enough to accept Duane Holmes signing from a lower division club yet we're happy to dismiss a 21 year old who's played very well in League 1. Vintage DCFC supporters.....
  13. Cocu clowns came out 2nd half. Feel sorry for the bloke I really do. Players completely let the staff down and fans tonight. Brain farted the final 20 mins.
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