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  1. I've been trying to picture as if it was a work scenario. An employee gaining an approval from a manager and then the company overriding the decision and then disciplining the employee. Surely in that case the manager (EFL staff who approved this) will be the one in the wrong, they allowed the transaction to happen, that is their liability as far as I'm concerned. If it was a criminal court case this would have been thrown out before it even began. The club havent covered anything up. Bent the rules possibly but the EFL were fully aware of the club's financial conduct and they approved th
  2. TV - Gordon Ramsay anything, his US shows are corny but it's my go to if nothing is on. Been watching AEW wrestling on ITV4 recently, brings back some good childhood memories. My missus doesnt know what to think when men covered in baby oil are being thrown around. Takeshi's Castle was amazing, the new stuff meh whatever. Music - Robbie Williams.....
  3. I'm not giving Wetherspoons my money after what they did to their staff. Supporting my local restaurants/pubs, they need the money more than the big chains. I went in the Brunswick the other week and the staff were excellent.
  4. Aubameyang lifting that trophy was one of the most awkward moments I've seen for awhile 😂😂 just lift the trophy out the bottom!
  5. Bucko might need a centre half at Burton?
  6. Play off dates have been announced. The red dogs have got..... oh wait, sorry I can't find them
  7. I love Chris Martin as much as anyone. We shouldn't be held to ransom though on his contract. He's been paid well for the last 4 years and deservedly so. But the times are changing, I'm guessing apart from Rooney and Lawrence he's our highest earner. I doubt he'll be receive a bigger contract elsewhere. Who's gonna pay him 20-25k in this league? Forsyth was happy enough to accept a new contract on lower terms. I'll be gutted if Chris goes, what a player he has been. A shame money is getting in the way.
  8. Is that Preston or Swansea on the pitch in the bland white shirt?
  9. I've done one camping holiday. It was great. Music on all day, beers flowing, trying to cook when completely plastered was hilarious. Sleeping on bog roll as we forgot the pillows. A friends tent got flooded so he had the punishment of the back up barbie tent. Oh wait, that was a festival! 😂
  10. Is he better than the majority of the Championship right backs, yes. Could he play for England as a full back, possibly. I think people need to remember he's only played as a right back for 3 years? He's still learning the role.
  11. When Pearson failed with putting Hughes in defensive midfield at Derby, you'd think he'd learnt his lesson. Clearly not it seems.
  12. On behalf of every football fan, regarding their promotion, I'd like to say this to Leeds United. Booooooooooooooooooooo!
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