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  1. Has one of the worst save percentages in the league I think? He's past his prime, a great goalkeeper a few years ago but he's definitely coming to the end of his career.
  2. Razorlight were terrible. Played with no energy, looked pretty bored and had the attitude of turning up for an hour and sodding off.
  3. Bielik is the hero already for giving the team a fighting chance of surviving the drop. This current squad, think Lawrence would be a great hero
  4. Alan Rickman died the day before my birthday. That was sad, grew up watching many of his films from Die Hard to Harry Potter. Seemed like a nice bloke too.
  5. It's all about knowing your audience. It goes back to the old saying, if you don't like it then don't watch it. The options are out there on all kinds of media, you're never stuck for choice.
  6. To say Norwich destroyed their previous opponent, we're hanging in there.
  7. Fingers crossed the back four keep it nice and simple today. We will get picked off if we start trying to be clever. Really looking forward to seeing Jozwiak, Lawrence and Roberts playing together. If they all play to their potential, that's a great attacking force. A shame because of injuries, we've never had a settled forward line.
  8. Did he say 150 million to spend? Was the currency Ugandan dollars?
  9. Waggy on the weights ready for the role
  10. WW2 veteran, patron to nearly 800 charities, set up the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme to help young adults make their way in the world. What a great life contribution, RIP Phil.
  11. Reiterates the key point, football's nothing without fans in the stadiums. Football across the divisions has been utter drivel. This season has been horrible to watch. Teams go 2 up and sit back in. No quality, lack of urgency from all the teams. Boooooooo.
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