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  1. SouthStandDan

    Game of Thrones - Season 8

    GOT might not be the greatest TV show ever made, the replay value is fantastic though. I think it lost some of its soul in the last season by sacrificing the narrative for action sequences but it's still entertaining.
  2. SouthStandDan

    Crazy Keogh hating

    Let's face it. Who else can we realistically replace Keogh whilst the team are in this division? He always seems to play better with a solid traditional centre half e.g. Buxton, Davies. Tomori looks good when's on the ball and his pace is fantastic. But he lacks the fundamental qualities of a good centre half at the moment like positioning, marking and heading ability. I think it's down to his age, he's naïve and I think he'll improve over time. He can't replace Davies though, I think we miss him more than we realise. I feel sorry for Keogh because our recent manager's have been trying to focus on the defenders passing the ball out from the back at every opportunity. By all mean if there's no pressure on the ball, play the nice pass. But time after time, he keeps making a meal out of it when his first thought should be the old "safety first, boot it up the pitch." I never saw Ferdinand and Vidic trying to be pretty footballers when to me, they're the best centre half pairing I've seen in recent years.
  3. SouthStandDan

    Radio Derby Commentary Norwich game

    Can RD rotate between Adam Bolder and Eric Steele? Both of them have been a breath of fresh air.
  4. SouthStandDan

    First out the door

    Footballers have short careers. 20k a week to sit in the reserves, helping out the u23s sounds like a good deal to me. Where or who else would offer that money? It’s the clubs fault. In the real world we’d all do the same if this was our career.
  5. SouthStandDan

    V Bristol City (h) match day thread

    Yes, Keogh made another mistake that cost a goal but then who else in this division would you realistically replace him with? If fans want to point fingers at players, how about the forward line who are struggling to take their chances. Attack is the best form of defence at home. And we’re not being clinical enough unlike last season (the only positive under Rowett). Not the time to hit the panic button, don’t listen to radio derby who’re being negative.
  6. SouthStandDan

    Random stuff that people do that annoy me

    People who have coughs that sound like they're about to throw up or spit. Animals....
  7. SouthStandDan

    Mourinho leaves Utd

    Let's not forget Man Utd keep offering average players such as Chris Smalling big shiny new contracts. I know Jose was completely hopeless this season and had clearly lost his way, he's not to blame for all this mess. The glory days of Sir Alex are long gone.
  8. SouthStandDan

    New Years Resolutions

    Going start playing football again next year. Not sure about committing to 11-a-side but certainly 5-a-side after work. Is there a website that advertises teams in Derbyshire?
  9. SouthStandDan

    18/19 January Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Jeff Hendrick's contract runs out at the end of the season. Might be worth enquiring for a loan move in January.
  10. SouthStandDan

    Overrated Players

    Danny Drinkwater
  11. SouthStandDan

    Championship or Premier League?

    I'd like Derby to win a domestic trophy in my lifetime. FA Cup, League Cup, Premier League, I wouldn't mind which one. This league is a so unpredictable and competitive and I've mostly enjoyed it (minus Phil Brown). I think it's time we had another crack at the big league. I've never understood why the middle table teams in the Premier League don't try harder to win a domestic cup. Because realistically, what are you trying to achieve? Premier League survival every season? Must be boring as a supporter. Surely you want to try and win something? The only reason why teams prioritise the league is because most owners want more money to satisfy their bank accounts. They don't invest most of the prize fund back into the club. That's the big issue with the Premier League, it's bank balances over team glory. Remember Wigan winning the FA Cup followed by relegation? If Derby won the FA Cup, I couldn't care less if we went down. I'll remember that cup win until the day I die, I'd forget the relegation ever happened. So even though I can't stand the way the Premier League works, it's the only way I'll see my team really win something.
  12. SouthStandDan

    Listen , Like you say

    I'd rather listen to "like you say" than "the reality is" any day.
  13. SouthStandDan

    v Stoke City (A) Match Thread

    I always feel extra bitter if we lose to anti-football sides. One win doesn’t win the war Rowett, don’t forget that 👍
  14. SouthStandDan


    Butterfield turned from a positive, attack minded player to a sideways passing bystander in one season. He’s a tidy footballer, can pass the ball well. He has good technique. However I barely noticed him in games. A complete ghost in midfield. He’s a lower Championship player imo. Paid over the odds for someone who had a decent 6 months. I could say that about a number of signings in Clements reign.
  15. SouthStandDan


    If we decide to have kids, instead of charging board, I'll make sure they have a savings account for a mortgage or for a rent deposit. Why all of a sudden would I start charging my child for money when I've been paying their way for 18+ years? I think it's part of having kids, we make the choice and as parents we should help them to move out into their own homes. My folks charged me £150 a month which was about 10% of my earnings but they told me I needed to save money to move out too. Granted, teenagers need to learn the everyday life of being an adult. I just thinking saving encourages them more and gives them motivation rather than giving parents money for in my view no reason, unless parents are struggle to pay the bills.

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