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  1. Off to see these next week. 90's dance music, can't wait.
  2. It's like the folks in government assume mummy and daddy will pay for their kids education, which isn't the real world. Thankfully I earn enough to cover some of the day to day living costs but we definitely have had to make cut backs. If I wasn't earning a decent wage, there is no chance we'd have been able to afford the course. The university state she has to study 4/5 days a week. How are you supposed to earning a living whilst studying full time without grants or a higher maintenance loan? £6k a year maintenance loan is peanuts!
  3. My lady friend is studying nursing at Uni. An absolute insult by the government. We are in desperate need of nurses in this country, yet we offer zero incentives to a job which is critical. The biggest gripe I have with the Tories is taking away grants for people who want to study as a health professional, a key job in society. Yet they get the same benefits as someone who wants to do a comic book degree. Completely wrong. Surely a government would look at what critical jobs we are in short supply of and promote benefits to encourage people to study these positions.
  4. SouthStandDan


    It worked really well at the last World Cup because the referee still had control of the matches. It's these PL monkey officials who can't use the technology properly. Where's the communication between the ref on the field and VAR guys in Stockley Park? It seems like the referees won't question the decisions given in the control room, which is wrong. The referee on the pitch has to get a grip of an incident. Just because VAR interpret an incident one way doesn't make it correct. I thought VAR was to advise the referee, this is why I was in favour of bringing the tech in. It turns out Stockley Park are controlling the matches and the referee's haven't got the guts take charge. And for Christ sake, give the attacker the advantage on offside calls, not the other way around. An armpit does not determine someone being offside. It's a joke. Sort it out Premier League.
  5. Rooney wanted to return back to the UK. Probably told his agent to find him a club no more than a couple of hours away from his nice house in Cheshire. If he still lives in Prestbury that's a 90min ish drive from Derby. We're offering him a chance to coach whilst he can play, offer him a good wage thanks to our sponsors. Will Premier League teams start him most weeks? I doubt it. Seems like a good fit, I can't wait until I see him at Pride Park.
  6. A good game of football. The result could have gone either way. I don't mind losing in that kind of manner, even against the red dogs. We tried to create some good chances, with better finishing from both strikers we'd have gone 2 up before Bogle made that awful mistake. Tom Lawrence was our best player, we need to keep him in that free role. To say Forest directing vile chants at him is an understatement, he was composed throughout and his play was positive. MOM was their goalkeeper, he was excellent. Best thing they've done is switch the goalkeeper's around. There's not much difference between us and them which is encouraging because I thought a few weeks ago Forest were way ahead, and I don't think they are.
  7. SouthStandDan


    Had the same issue with Assassins Creed Odyssey. Brilliant game but it would take months to complete. I find missions on open world games repetitive after awhile. Seems to be too much focus on graphics rather than gameplay nowadays. And there’s not enough fun games to play either. Everything is realistic and serious, where are them daft games which didn’t make sense but were awesome?
  8. I'm not a Labour supporter, I agree the Tories have twisted the interview and I'm glad people are flagging this up as B.S. Such a shame that I feel I can't vote for a socialist (dare I say communist) Labour leader who wants to borrow £250 billion to fund his nationalisation plans and other crazy spending projects, without explaining how this will be funded. The guy reminds me of when I tried to pitch loads of ideas when I was a student councillor, the head would come back and say "How would you fund this?"..... silence. The choice between a sleazy Tory or a bloke who has an extremely expensive Christmas list of wishes, the joy!
  9. He’s the chief executive of the company and she didn’t declare any of this information to parliament. You’re telling me this hasn’t influenced her political motives?
  10. I know why Jo Swinson wants to stay in the EU. Last year her husband was paid just over £3.3 million pounds by the EU which he would obviously lose this year if we left Europe. £3.3 Million is a great personal conflict of interests. Under Government rules she had to declare this family interest to Parliament. Except she didn't, she forgot. What a crook.
  11. Anyone turning down £12k a week to do rehabilitation for 18 months needs their head testing. I know life shouldn't be about money but I'd rather take the money and keep my family financially secured than go away with nothing, especially if it was my own fault for a loss of earnings.
  12. 22,000 for a local Derby game. And Stoke think they're a big club. Tinpot them lot.
  13. Danny Murphy emphasising how pig ignorant footballers are. They really do live in their own bubble (apart from Bucko).
  14. SouthStandDan


    I think the first thing the Premier League refs need to sort regarding VAR , is the lack of communication between the on field ref and the video ref. I watched the Watford vs Chelsea game, Gerard Deulofeu was clearly looking for the penalty. He was losing control of the ball, it was going out for a goal kick, slight bit of contact. Common sense dictates the attackers only option is to go down and try to win a penalty. How can the referees not see that? But there was no consultation with the monitor, the referee went ahead with VAR's decision without looking for himself. They are breaking their own rules by saying VAR is to advise. It's not advising, they are changing matches in many cases, without referees physically checking themselves for a second time. It isn't communicated well with the fans either, no wonder we are frustrated. Make the communication clear with the players as well, referees need to be honest and tell them what they think happened regarding the incident, similar to Rugby. I'm not suggesting Rugby get video technology correct all the time, at least football can try to learn from it. We'd see less petulance and an increase in player official respect. VAR can work but these muppets need to get a grip and sort it out because at the moment it is a mess.
  15. I will howl with laughter if they employ Pulis for a 3rd time.
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