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  1. Looks like it'll be Gove vs Johnson for the Tory leadership. Scarier than when I was asked yesterday, should we think about marriage.
  2. Can we have a general election whereby none of the current MPs are allowed to be re-elected? Start afresh.
  3. ...... So what difference will this make? Nothing.
  4. Tuned into Talksport. News bulletin headline. Glen Johnson thinks Lamps isn't ready for the Chelsea job. Duck me, slow news day chaps.
  5. My girlfriend works for the company. It's important to point out Cygent took charge of Whorlton Hall after this investigation took place. Still, they're a terrible company to be a part of as I have discovered through evenings of tears and anger. The truth is with most care homes, many of the staff are not properly qualified. Because the pay is below that of many fast food chains, there is a huge demand for care jobs. As a result, these companies will happily employ anyone who has a clean DBS check, no experience and no qualifications. Training is non-existent. The rotas for a long time were a complete joke. She was having to work day and night shifts on the same week with no proper days off in between. Hardly any weekends free. Thankfully this has been improved under her new manager. I detest the thought of these companies making millions of pounds off vulnerable people, who pay £250 per night to sleep at a home. A member of staff on nights for a 12 hour shift will be paid £90-100, so where does the rest of the money go? That's right, in the company back pocket. It's a disgrace. They take advantage of good staff, employ people without the correct training and robbing families of their bank accounts. Hate them.
  6. Don't think Terry will move up there. Not enough good looking women in the local area for him to get excited about.
  7. So the government are will to risk potentially 20,000 peoples jobs for the sake of £75 million? How much will it cost for these people to be placed on benefits, finding new work. This would also make Scunthorpe even more of a ghost town, affecting more local businesses because folks won't be able to spend. There's so much of a chain reaction in a negative way and the government fail to realise this. All for £75 million. How much did the City of London receive when the banks went bust? Why not take ownership of British Steel to secure work and then have a proper legacy for the future? I thought the Tories were big on promoting British industry or aren't they bothering because it's not inside the M25.
  8. I knew UEFA stunk but Christ, didn't realise they farted again.
  9. Think the Italians need to go back to doing what they do best. Cooking great food and drinking fine wine. Not creating poo football rumours.
  10. I'm assuming fans will be able to watch the final in the Pedigree Suite similar to the Leeds away game? I've not seen any tickets advertised on the website. Was a great atmosphere.
  11. Definitely not a homosexual. Went on a date with a girl who was good friends with a girl who met Patrick Bamford. Patrick and his lady friend went back to a hotel in Nottingham after a charming night out. Apparently, she’s saw more meat on a vegan menu.
  12. Watching Terminator. Reminded me of someone.
  13. Not many left backs I'd rather have starting in this fixture. He will be fine. He's more than capable, a class act on and off the pitch.
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