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  1. Trip advisor reviews. Always read the bad ones before judging a place. Last year I went on holiday to a place which cost £18 a night b&b, it was old looking villa in the Algarve, yet you could use main hotel facilities next door. Granted, the place hadn't been updated for 25-30 years. It was clean though and everything worked. It was a ten min walk to a beautiful beach as well. People complaining about the state of the accommodation being terrible, no English TV channels, poor cooking facilities. It costs less than £20 a night, what were they expecting? Top class rooms? You couldn't pitch a tent in a field for that price. Barmy!
  2. Regarding the ruling of suspending parliament being unlawful, If the law was clear, you wouldn't get two totally opposing verdicts from the same court. Another reason to p*ss off the general public who're a sick of this mess. I'm reading tweets from MP's thanking their legal team on this etc etc. What they've done is waste more tax payer money on solving nothing. I agree with Boris suspending parliament (shock coming from a liberal), it is written in the law that he was allowed to do so. MP's on both sides have had 3 years to try to come to an agreement on Brexit and we've got nowhere. We've had the debates, allow the government to form another plan. The opposition can happily throw the deal out the window as they have the numbers. So why bother spending all this money on a ruling that means nothing, because the Tories are going nowhere with their deal. Wouldn't it be more satisfying for the remain MP's to allow the suspending of parliament, then reject the deal? You're allowing the government to do what they want, and then throwing it back in their tory faces in a months time.
  3. Great game. Awesome attacking play, crap defending as per usual.
  4. How the hell hasn't Bucko got an England cap yet Michael Keane couldn’t take his place in the Derby side..... Hail King Bucko! 😎😎
  5. Another reason to buy PES 2020 and download the option file onto my PS4 for the licenses.
  6. I look back at Fulham a couple of seasons ago. They were 15th at the start of December and went on that storming 5 month unbeaten run. I see no reason why we can't be higher than 15th in the table by December. When was the last time Derby had a fantastic start to the season, under NC when we won a few games in a row? Not counting the Forest game since Cocu didn't take it seriously, Brentford are the only team to properly boss us around this season for the whole game. Swansea we could have won, West Brom we should have beat them, Bristol City we gifted them a head start. Another fan at work said this reminded him of Pearson's start to the season. I disagree. Every game we played with him in charge, we looked terrible in every minute of every game, it was embarrassing to watch. We are nothing as bad as that start. I've seen much worse than this. Chin up folks!
  7. SouthStandDan


    Played the PES 2020 demo last night. Seriously impressed with the gameplay. It feels much slower and realistic than FIFA ever has. For example, ground passing isn't all flat to the turf, if you hold the button for long enough, the ball goes airborne and is aimed at thigh height (like it would be in a real game if you smashed it hard to a teammate). Finishing feels tougher as well and the goalkeepers don't magically forget their positioning unlike FIA. Think PES has found the niche in the market, a good single player career mode. It'll be a brilliant alternative for gamers. Go for FIFA if you want to play more online i.e. Ultimate Team and for playing with mates. For hermits like me who don't have many gamer friends, PES looks to be my choice this year.
  8. SouthStandDan


    Haven't played a football game since Fifa 17. Used to buy one every year but I'd say ever since they bought in UT, it's very stale. At least FIFA 20 they've had a look Volta (Fifa Street Mode) which does look fun and something a little different. But all gaming now is online based and that's why I don't play games as much now. Many developers don't care about single player campaigns anymore, when was the last time Fifa had a decent career mode? It's been broken for a long time, because they've focused on Ultimate Team, requiring gamers to spend even more money to buy good players. I hate that in gaming culture. I want to buy a great game, then have the choice of buying additional content, not buy a half arsed game (Star Wars Battlefront) and find out you need to spend another £20-30 to have full game access.
  9. Good on the EFL for investigating this. Shame they couldn’t investigate clubs like Bury who were clearly on the brink of the abyss. Complete incompetent halfwits. Too busy worrying about clubs like us who are financially stable...... seriously who runs these organisations? If they’re that bothered about the valuation of a football ground, they can quite easily start looking at these dodgy owners who aren’t keeping their clubs in the black.
  10. SouthStandDan


    Anyone play Apex Legends? Been playing on and off for the last couple of weeks. Got as far as the final 4 squads then got annihilated. IMO it's a far better game than Fortnite. Much prefer this.
  11. No. Same applies for Corbyn.
  12. So in the incoming election next month, I'm not voting for any party. None of them have convinced me they will sort out Brexit. I'll listen to my independent candidates in my local area and hear their ideas. Sick of this mess. Every time I wake up in the morning, I feel like Bill Murray. £70-80k a year these MP's get paid? Couldn't lead a shift behind a bar these lot. Absolute drivel. Independent it is then.
  13. Get that maroon kit from 13/14 - we were lethal wearing that away strip.
  14. Cocu showing some absolute fire with his post match interview. But apparently he doesn’t have any charisma, so he doesn’t inspire. That post match interview showed me a lot about the man, he was p*ssed off, an angry guy. Prove everyone wrong Phil and come back fighting in a couple of weeks. COYRs!
  15. Made my point. Time to hide. Chinese takeaway tonight, Singapore chow mein and a few other goodies!
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