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  1. 17 points from 10 games 3 goals conceded in 10 games. What a turnaround this had been. Well done Wayne and the team. Their employer is letting them down and they're putting all of that aside to put in solid performances. As a supporter, I cant ask for more. COYRs!
  2. I think poor recruitment has finally caught up to us now. No matter how good our academy produces fantastic players, a team needs quality players in their prime to help them and we just dont have these, and we havent had them type of footballers for a long time. Lawrence is in the prime of his career and he hasn't been anywhere near the player we all thought he would be, similar to the likes of Wisdom and Waghorn. Thankfully if we do go down to league one, I dont think it's as bad of a scenario as people think. With Mel's change to buy/produce younger players, we've got plenty of value i
  3. Any decent pubs in Shrewsbury? Forward thinking.
  4. Everyone seemed to rave about Gadsby and co. They did rescue the club but it was all loans, they never had any actual money. They made a quick buck, didn't invest much money in the premier league and sold to the Americans. But because they were local, they get a free pass.
  5. My youngest sister used to watch this show...
  6. My idiotic neighbours have got people around for a party I think. The arrogance is really appalling. The police have been stopping walkers and fining them yet even though me and a couple of neighbours have reported these muppets, they dont particularly want to know about it. Absolute *********. Once things go back to normal, I might look at moving to somewhere else.
  7. At least the boys had a good experience of mens football today. That's the only positive I see from this complete shambles of a situation. The FA will do anything to devalue the cup competitions. Regardless if we won or lose, it feels like football wants to live in a different universe to us mortals with normal jobs. It stinks, I wouldnt feel pride in beating kids at a football match. Chorley could only play what's in front of them but the game should have never gone ahead. It's arrogant decisions like this which make me lose faith in football authorities. The FA Cup needed to be scrappe
  8. BBC all of it like a rash. Pat Nevin saying Chorley deserve it. It's literally men vs children Pat.
  9. Bobby Duncan getting hammered by Radio Derby. Charming....
  10. Bin men in viral attack on lambs
  11. Morally, this game shouldn't go ahead. We're having to play actual kids, this isnt fair on them or the staff. Do Chorley really want to play our under 18s? The whole situation stinks. Fingers crossed the pitch is frozen over tonight. Football thinks they're above people's health.
  12. If this was in the middle east, NATO would be called in for military action. Where the hell is the tear gas etc?
  13. I'm backing schools to shut, safety of the staff and children is paramount. I understand many of the schools dont have the required resources and funding to carry out many lessons online, however the majority of the staff have been superb. My nephew's teachers have been first class from what I've been told in organising plans for if the schools were to shut. Sadly I can't say the same for universities. My partner goes to Uni of Derby and they've been absolutely appalling since the start of the pandemic. They cancelled the remainder of the last academic year and gave the students their pre
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