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  1. Maybe Mel had a phone call with Jeff Bezos and tried the same tactic of not paying any tax 😏
  2. Innocent until proven guilty let's remember this. Many people have been accused of certain crimes, absolutely destroyed by the public, then it's been thrown out of court.
  3. Biggest wish is we stay in the survival race until a takeover is complete by Christmas, January window we spend more than £5 and get out of trouble. And Bielik returning will be huge, if he was still fit last season he'd have dragged us into midtable. What a player.
  4. Looks really smart. Thumbs up from me. Last years looked like a Swansea shirt.
  5. All this rubbish on social media about the penalty, if the Danes didn't have a world class keeper in goal they'd have lost by 3 goals. England fully deserved to win.
  6. I hope the canteen staff have got some spare kit to fill in at centre half today.
  7. As a human race I think we're naturally very lazy. Convenience will always win. How easy it is to order takeaway food now, it's on an app so there's no need to drive to a fast food drive thru or phone a Chinese. We need to learn to say no. It's easier to give a child what they want than teaching them tough lessons. Makes me laugh everytime I see parents buy loads of new toys for their kids, especially the younger ones. They couldn't care less if it was new or the charity shop. It is a complete waste of money. Going off on a tangent, my grandparents told me whilst I'm saving for a house to stop spending money on non essentials. I looked at my bank statement I realised how much I was spending on non essential living. Streaming services, takeaway food, Sky TV, expensive phone contract. I understand saving for a house is a pain, if you're living on your own it's ridiculous. If you're serious about trying to save as much as you can, go back to basics. You'll be surprised how much you don't miss it.
  8. I've already made a decent rant on the EFL, I don't think I've got the anger left as they've managed to drain all my emotions for football. Accountability zero. It's bitterness from people with a personal vendetta against the owner. Nothing to do with actual football. Political point scoring in the board rooms. I wonder who suffers from their endless stream of slop.
  9. If he gets to 50, Gary Rowett will be giving him a call
  10. Thought the FA Cup game would have been the perfect opportunity for him to shine, being our supposedly most talented player on the pitch, he was absolutely hopeless. I hope he doesn't turn into a man who was excellent at football in his youth but his attitude let him down to have a decent career in the game.
  11. Bale was thinking how he was gonna get the ball out of the bunker with that shot. Got his sports confused.
  12. Rather than blaming government, as much as I'd like to, lets start pointing fingers at these uneducated, selfish fools who refuse to be vaccinated. These are the ones unfortuantely going to hospital, and potentially making it worse for everyone around them. I think we need to start taking responsibility for ourselves. Government can only go so far, if you can't registee the message of how important it is to be vaccinated then you need to be ashamed of yourself.
  13. Anything is gonna be better than the utter dross we witness this season. Ukraine vs Macedonia Thursday afternoon, that'll do.
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