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  1. Great production quality, thoroughly enjoy the show :)
  2. I hate driving. I’ve got a license but I’d prefer not to drive. Living in a city, the traffic is awful and parking is non existent on my street. A lot of drivers just don’t know the rules of the road and I’m amazed how much folks take silly risks in exchange for an extra 5-10 seconds of time. I was at a difficult junction the other day and it took me a couple of minutes to get out due to the gridlock rush hour traffic. The idiot behind me blasted his horn, started screaming calling me every name under the sun. Seriously? I just wish public transport was more reliable and cheaper, I’d happily travel to work via bus or train, use the car at the weekend.
  3. The play offs system is rubbish in its current format. It's not fair a 3rd place team could have 80+ points and 6th barely touching 70 points are on the same playing field. 3rd place should automatically make it to Wembley. 5th faces 6th place. The winner plays 4th place. The winner of that game then goes to Wembley for the final promotion spot.
  4. Sat waiting in the barbers. What is it with blokes having their haircuts every 2 weeks now? There’s no difference and you’ve wasted £10. 3 people in front of me and they’re getting their beards cut, ear hair flamed, nose hair trimmed, eyebrows. Christ, I just want a haircut 😂😂
  5. I reckon the rest of his hair will go before the island does. So if he spiked the island he'd look like a unicorn.
  6. Don't forget when he arrived 2 years ago, he was signed as a right winger. He hadn't been playing RB for long at academy level, never mind professionally. He deserves so much praise for his attitude, his confidence and stopping Wisdom, a player with many Championship games, out of the side for the majority of the season. 18 years old too. Deserves young player of the season.
  7. Always a pint in the pub. Clubbing I go for amaretto + coke/lemonade. Used to have jagerbombs until a trip to the bog the next day stopped me for good.
  8. De-constructed food in restaurants and people thinking it's a revelation. I ordered a lemon meringue pie for Sunday lunch and out came a spoonful of lemon curd, some shop packed merguines and some broken Mcvitie buscuits on a plate. Poo.
  9. A £350,000 player has produced plenty goals, assists and one of the most memorable moments I've witnessed as a fan, a hat trick against the Red Dogs. That's a lot more than the circa £15,000,000 spent on midfielders who have walked through them Moor Farm doors since. Give that man a new deal!
  10. Another Star to add to the Mix
  11. This bloke deserves some prison time. Good god almighty.
  12. One thing that Arabs can't buy is a fighting spirit.
  13. I don't think Radio Derby have been overly negative. Don't think Frank's overly bothered about them. He didn't seem upset with Chris post-match. I'm leaning towards club officials. Which is in the current situation is a little risky but I 100% back him. Showed a lot of passion to come out and be as honest as he was.
  14. And Ramos getting purposefully booked in the first leg makes it even sweeter :) the dirty Spanish prat.
  15. Saved us from the three amigos yet sold the club at the first sight of a profit. Rather have Mel.
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