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  1. SouthStandDan

    v Millwall (A) Match Thread

    Another defeat with a terrible first 20 minutes. Much better second half and Milwall were on the ropes for the last 20 miunutes of that game. I'll get my negative out the way before I make my main point. Centre back Championship players cannot pass the ball out from the back effectively enough for my liking. Especially in the first stages of the game when players sprint to close the ball down like headless chickens. It's fine when you're winning a game and there's not long left to go. Strikers haven't got the legs to press for much longer so CB's have more time. As everyone knows, the first job of a centre back is to not take risks and defend. World class centre backs struggle to play out from the back under pressure. Ferdinand and Vidic were the best CB pairing I've seen in the Premier League. They were the best because they took no chances and did their jobs perfectly. Just played either a nice simple ball into midfield or hoofed it down the wing. They concentrated on the defending. And that's what our defence needs to start doing. I have no issues with a defender hoofing it clear if the pass isn't on. Frank will get burnt enough times to realise it's going to throw games away, fannying around with the ball at the back with no purpose. So that will need to change. Apart from that, again like last week, I won't criticise the team and the manager to death because we're THREE games into a season. There's so much time to go. Frank wants us to play attractive football, all fans must appreciate that. If fans were annoyed because the team played dire football and we finished in a play off place last season, then that's a clear signal for changing the style of football. And Frank is trying to deliver fast flowing tactics. The manager has had 4 competitive games in charge. He's going to need a full season to feel more confident in his abilities as a boss. He's not going to get things right all the time like any other person in life. I've seen enough in pre-season to excited my inner football child, I can't remember when it last happened. These things will take time. Supporters do need a reality check and stop the childish complaints which are infuriating. I accepted this season would mean a top ten finish would be solid enough to show progress. Rowett football was woeful. It reminded me of what this division used to be like when we were relegated at the beginning of the century. Lumping it forward in the hope of someone with pace could finish it. Crap. Frank is going about his vision the right way. Nobody wants to pay good money to watch lump it down the channels rubbish. What can the man do? Change his style in the hope something will fall into his lap. Changing philosophy shows weakness. He has to believe in his style for the players to buy into it. So for supporters to start firing shots at the manager at this stage is pathetic. Doesn't any supporter have patience anymore? Give the bloke a chance. Look at Fulham last year. Doing fairly steady in midtable and at Christmas were on fire. So there's many many games to go yet. Yes, today's first half performance was dreadful and pretty terrible. But c'mon, let's give Frank everything we have because where else do we turn to? Everything we've done since Mel Morris has bought the club has fallen on its backside. This is our direction and we must get behind it.
  2. SouthStandDan

    v Millwall (A) Match Thread

    If we're struggling against a simple 4 4 2 then we're not gonna get too far this season. If midfield aren't going to track back then we don't stand a chance in games.
  3. These muppets do realise the majority of flavours in them e cigs are vile to inhale if you catch a whiff of it. It’s an accident waiting to happen if they allow it on public transport.
  4. SouthStandDan

    A Level results day 2018

    I didn't get passed the second year of my A levels. Going from 10 GCSE's I only managed C D E at AS level. And showing how crap my college was at the time, they let me on 2nd year Business Studies with an E grade. Worked a seasonal job around the Christmas period and then decided to call it a day from A levels. I envy anyone who gets top grades at A levels. It's constant studying and practice. I thought I did enough revision similar to school but I didn't stand a chance. I was really naive and didn't understand how difficult the jump from school to college is. All my mates who did Uni told me A levels were far harder than a degree. So well done to everyone getting good grades! I spoke to folks who like myself didn't achieve what they wanted at A levels but there are so many different routes you can take. I took the job route and at 17 it was a massive learning curve. College doesn't tell you how to deal with angry customers or how to communicate with colleagues. If you have a person in your class who's a prat then you tend to ignore them or confront them. It's difficult to do that at work as I've found out 😂 Every employer I've been with hasn't cared about my early college stuff. They've gone for my work experience. If you've got a clear aim of what you want to do at Uni then that's great. But from experience, being in full-time work for 9 years has taken me further in my life than I think studying would have done. I did a course last year and that's helped me to become better in my area of work, 8 years after leaving the system. So it's not the end of the world if you're not interested in going to Uni or you didn't achieve the grades you wanted. Get your head down and try something else. It takes some people years to find out what they really want so don't be afraid to fail.
  5. SouthStandDan

    v Oldham - (A) Cup Predictions

    2-1 Derby Bennett FGS
  6. SouthStandDan

    Depression, anxiety, stress and other related issues

    This week I’ve realised I’m absolutely useless at introducing people to one another. I think it’s down a little bit to my social anxiety. My inability to produce decent small talk can affect me at work sometimes so people look at me funny. Thankfully at work I can crack on and get my head down with work I need to do as my boss doesn’t bother me. I’d like to be a manager one day, I need to learn how to master the bs work conversations first so little baby steps 😂
  7. Not parked anyway near their drop kerb. Her cars tiny as well. Aygo's aren't exactly taking up a huge part of the parking allocation on the street. What I'm more concerned with is when I'm at work in the week and she's at home sleeping, she'll be getting knocks on the door waking her up for no reason. It's so inconsiderate. I've explained to them she works nights at times and parking is limited. They don't grasp the concept.
  8. SouthStandDan

    Defensive coach

    2 games in....... 44 to go. Bournemouth were in the bottom half of the table at Christmas. Were automatically promoted by the end of the season. I need to stay away from the cynics because it's already panic stations by the sounds of it.......
  9. Girlfriend finished her night shift, absolutely knackered bless her. Parks her car on the road two doors down. Midday we get a knock on the door from the neighbour. "Can you move your car please because........" The first time round I thought okay fine I'll move it. This has happened at least 4 times now, and it's a different excuse everytime. "My son's just past his test and he can't see because your car is in the way." "A family member coming to stay needs to park next to the house due to poor mobility" What's worse is they have a drive that fit two cars at least, we don't. Why don't you move YOUR cars off the f-ing drive you lazy gits if it's causing problems! They've clearly got an issue with someone parking a car outside their house. We'd obviously park somewhere else but Saturday morning, there's no spaces available. There's no sign saying private space so anyone can legally park there. People think they own the streets sometimes and have nothing else better to do.
  10. SouthStandDan

    v Leeds Utd (H) Match Thread

    Pretty poor result. Watched the majority of the game on Sky then had to pick up the takeaway. Leeds were on another level to us today. Going forward they were brilliant. They're in with a shout of the top two playing like that. Impressive. Keogh was woeful. Lawrence didn't do much minus that superb free kick. Can go through the whole team but then what good is that. The second game of the season, I'm not fussed about the result. This is a team being changed in terms of personnel and style of football. These things will take some time to gel. Combinations in key positions are brand new, you can't expect miracles overnight. My biggest gripe of the day isn't to do with the team. It's with our local radio station and our "supporters". Listened to the last ten mins in the car, and I thought today was the last game of the season with us needing to beat Leeds to avoid relegation. Craig Ramage banging on about Derby needing more energy from younger players because the team were not pretty on the eye and too slow. Today he's on about the inexperience costing Derby dearly. The negativity was uncalled for and ridiculous. Ranting and raving 2 GAMES IN. No wonder we have so many cynical fans. I can't stand it. This isn't time to start blasting Frank's ideas into tiny pieces. Give the man a chance to shine! We had a poor game today but at least we're trying to attack and play some decent football. I'll support any manager who wants to attempt to play football because it's why I watch the game in the first place. Not hoofball rubbish that I expect from Sunday league players. Wasn't this what the majority of the fans wanted? To play better football and a new youthful side with energy and enthusiasm? This is what the manager is trying to do! And then you've got these morons calling up Radio Derby throwing a strop and leaving at 4-1. These lads have fantastic potential. Stop bashing the players, stop moaning about young lads who need experiences like today to improve themselves. Get behind them and stop all this negative unnecessary crap already! I hate most of our fans, I really do. Take things into consideration before you start ranting and moaning like children.
  11. SouthStandDan

    18/19 Match Thread

    I knew there was a reason why I don’t watch Man Utd on Sky. How can you spend all that money on world class players and end up playing boring football. I know Jose always brings success, it’s crap football though. A top four team in the country should at least try to control the game. Pogba was class for France in the World Cup, Mourinho can’t get that same level out of him or the majority of the players.
  12. SouthStandDan


    Miserable git gets paid a fortune to manage one of the biggest teams in the world. Should be a privilege not a chore. Comes across as having zero enthusiasm for football. Shouldn't be managing if that's the case.
  13. People giving you training, explain a task and then saying "It's dead easy mate." Yeah, easy for you because you've been doing the job for 10 years...... give me time to learn!
  14. SouthStandDan

    Three full teams!

    If the club can afford a huge squad then I don't have an issue. 10 players out of contract at the end of the season, so that brings squad numbers down significantly. This will come together as long as Frank is delivering some decent performances on the pitch and Mel doesn't pull the trigger when we inevitably have a bad run of form. I've disagreed with many of the chairman's decisions in the past but one thing he does right is have a love for the club. He wouldn't let in run into the ground with an FFP penalty.
  15. SouthStandDan

    Nahki Wells

    Why are we moaning about this? Selling Vydra for a few quid and another striking option on a loan. What’s the worst that can happen? Wells sits on the bench and we’ve paid nothing for him. Good deal this.

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