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  1. Give them credit 100% effort I wish we could show so much passion . Would take their manager for next year !!!
  2. We've missed KEOGH as captain big time. Rooney as used so many different captains it shows his inexperience , how can you make Knight captain at his age pathetic choice . Different 11 every match no set team or formation . I would give it McLaren for these last 2 matches it might just save us.
  3. Rooney mistake was when Bealik got injured he was asked will you get a replacement he replied no we have Max Bird that tells you all. Clueless !!
  4. The trouble is he keeps making changes every week . He doesn't know is best 11 we need a an experienced strong 11 not kids .
  5. Well done for trying to give the players and fans a boost. COME ON YOU RAMS.
  6. Forest subs 3 at the same time Graven Murray and Knockheart all 3 would be n our first starting 11 .
  7. If we had 10% of the effort that the Rotheram players have put in tonight's match I would be pleased . It's sad when your begging the ref to blow his whistle Rotheram v Boro .
  8. Disagree on the accadmey players take Knights running and energy away what else does he offer nothing ? Rooney making him captain pathetic !!!! What does Bird offer Side wards pass ? Buchanan the best of the bunch.
  9. We need a settled team for the remaining games stop changing the team Wayne. We need experience not youth we need fighters not dancers. Marshall back in goal for a start and drop Knight & Bird and the other accadmey player's there not good enough and never will. Teams are playing on Byrne's hight high ball to the back post again yesterday cost us. We will go down if we continue playing the same way and same players. It's about passion , bottle , fighting spirit, aggression. Come on Derby let's fight and play for the badge and most of al
  10. I wish he was 24 years old he would be worth a lot of money. He's a top top person,top top player , everything about him I like proper No 9 !!!!
  11. Lee could have gone to Manure as a youth player he had the choice Rams or Man Utd, that says a lot about him as a person. Great talent were going to struggle to keep him.
  12. Well done Kelle I hold my hands up not your number 1 fan but you've made 2 unbelievable saves last 2 matches and won us the points .
  13. I'm one who doesn't rate him but credit were credits do last 2 matches he's made very important saves . Well done Kelle !!!
  14. Totally disagree with your attitude to Mel he's 100% DCFC through and through. Who are you to question how to run a football club. Would you spend millions of pounds of your money on DCFC ? Ignore the moaners and groaners Mel , tomorrow it will CV and what Boris is doing wrong !!!
  15. We really need to strengthen the team we have too many young small players. We are going to have some big battles now until the season ends and we can't rely on youth. Big strong centre forward and cover for Bielik is the number onr priorities.
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