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  1. Does Cocu know is best team yet ? No consistency in his selection why change things every match ?
  2. Number 1 priority is a goalkeeper who can defend the 6 yard box , both keepers are poor.
  3. Personally not a fan of loan players it just holds back the accadmey players. If we finish mid table or below but devolep long term that's better for the long term future. Listening to Mel last night that seems the plan 50% of the team next season will be Derby born players We could sing their one of own and sing each player by name. Long term future looking good.
  4. I thought he played really well last night and a permanent transfer would be great in my opinion.
  5. That's right ref the settee 45 years season ticket holder 90 mile round trip every match. Cocu Out !!!
  6. Anyone who thinks Cocu team is better to watch than Rowetts need to go to Specsavers. This team is shocking get real before it's to late Cocu Out !!!
  7. I can only tell what my friends in Eindhoven tell me they were really pleased when he went .
  8. He may have won the title but PSV fans I work with have said .His football was boring .His tactics were negative .Possesion is everything. .Pass backwards from the forwards to the defenders to the goalkeeper but don't give the ball away.!!!! .His after match talks were the same every week we played well ,I'm proud of the players !!. Finally the were really pleased once He was gone . GET RID NOW BEFORE ITS TO LATE .
  9. Totally agree Managers have been sacked playing better football and better points total. Worst team in 15 years .
  10. Lawrence your having a laugh he's bone idle and show pony. Rather have a kid who will try 100% !!
  11. Stop being blinkerd Cocu as know idea of championship football. Managers have been sacked for far less !!!!
  12. Get Rid he's no idea different team every match. Totally Rubbish team and he's to blame.
  13. Listening to my PSV work friends it's OUT !!!
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