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  1. With work friends today from Holland who are PSV fans and they said does he play possesion football ? high percentage but in your own half ?, do they keep passing the ball back and not forwards ? ,is it boring to watch ?, they stopped going even though they were champions because of the style of play. They knew what style of play Derby would be doing as he only knows this way ,if we have ball possesion we can't loose. 2-0 up and he takes strikers off for an extra defender to come on to defend. Going to be a long season in front off us !!!!!!
  2. All the championship keepers are better to answer your question.
  3. Get rid of Cocu before it's to late ,worst Derby team for years !!!!
  4. I said before the Brentford match we are going to get a thrashing loosing 2 games 3-0 is not a score I can see coming !!!!!!. A good team who takes their chances will thrash us were that bad. People saying he's doing a good job are in dreamland ,get real we are rubbish totally rubbish .
  5. Possesion % is rubbish what percentage was in our own half against Wigan, how many passes did we make forward ? . Promotion your having a laugh.
  6. Bit early in the day to be so intoxicated!!!
  7. Bit early in the day to be so intoxicated!!!
  8. 45 years a season ticket holder pal and I haven't seen a worse Derby keeper than Roos . Not negative at all just being honest just because they were a Derby shirt doesn't mean we can't have an opinion or criticise them. Continue playing Roos and we will lose more than we win that's a fact.
  9. Roos has to be dropped how we let Carson go I will never know. Pre season last year at Mansfield Roos trying to play out from the back gets caught and they score. Name me another Derby goalkeeper who as made as many mistakes as this clown ,the non league clubs he's gone to on loan have sent him back he never finished a spell. There as to be better keepers without a club than this clown. Any manager must be tactically tell his players crosses into the box today lads were playing Derby.
  10. Cocu football style is shocking to watch the worst for along long time. People call Rowett style I know which was better to watch. Mel as made a bad call and we will do well to finish mid table. We have the worst goalkeeper in the devision he is shocking and how he gets picked I don't know perhaps being Dutch helps. We are going knowere no style no passion no football no fight and finally NO IDEA !!!
  11. Said after Luton game we were the worst Derby team in 15 years and we are do a thrashing . 5 games unbeaten yes we played rubbish teams. The style of football is shocking to watch . 45 years a season ticket holder anyone who tells me this is the way forward and Cocu is future tour having a laugh. Get Rid before it's to late.
  12. Interesting comments from some. fans. Personally I thought it was a very poor performance and we looked like the away team . It's early doors but I dont like Cocus style of play at all. So negative with the ball it's all about possesion, passing back when it needed to go forward. I can see a big loss coming against someone were that poor at present. It's the worst Derby team I've seen in a few years to be honest . His interviews after the match sounds like we played well REALLY!!! Rowett, Frank's and McLaren teams would easily beat this team. Not moaning because I want Coco to succeed but we have to be honest at present its really poor.
  13. What is Given doing on the training ground ? He is the worst keeper in this devsion without doubt.
  14. Roos is absoulty rubbish the worst keeper for along time Cost us at Wembley !!! heart attack every time the ball goes into our box either on the floor or in the air. See why the non league sides sent him BACK now.
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