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  1. As a youth player Man Utd wanted to sign him he chose Derby ahead of them because of the academy and giving youth a chance.
  2. Well done I moan when we play bad but everyone gave there all today once a RAM always a RAM. Anderson is a Idiot as a pundit.
  3. Better performance ? 2 shots on goal in 90mins what football you been watching your having a laugh.
  4. Steady improvement 2 shots on target in 90mins sat was 1 shot so well done Cocu.
  5. If Mel reads it that's fine he must feel terribly down with the team at present. Mel said one word when interviewed on the TV the other day we are not panicking or thinking about the pressure on Phil YET!!
  6. People keep saying it's to soon can they remember what Leeds reserves did to us ? Brentford did to us and worst of all what BARROW nearly did to us if they had took there chances we would have lost. Pre season shambles we've gone back not forwards he's had enough time anybody who thinks he took Derby forwards are watching different games to me. Please tell me one game since he's been the manager that gave us the wow factor ?.
  7. Look we all want Derby to be at the top but we have to be honest Cocu plays the most boring football we've seen in many a year . I want us to be the best and be proud but under Cocu it's shocking why are fans showing blind faith check the last 10 matches that doesn't lie. I could give it all up if we played like that every week under Cocu . Fans called Rowetts team they were miles better to watch than this team. He doesn't know is best team changes every week this year he's played Forsyth Lowe and Buchanan at left back , right back just the same Bogle Wisdom Byrne , its th
  8. Think you watched another game saying created more chances ? 73 mins before a shot on goal Specsavers open in the morning make a booking .
  9. Do you honestly think that was Watfords first team ? Its the tactics I don't like I've not called one player for playing poor . We were lucky to get 3 points at Norwich , Blackburn thrashed us , last 10 games is it 8 losses not 100% sure but it's not good. In my opinion the tactics are boring we pass square and backwards no forward passing , look at shots on goals ?, look at how many players we had in there box when we attacked it's so negative so boring this isn't the football i expect .
  10. Agree with you we miss KEOGH.
  11. 45 years season ticket holder I'm aloud my opinions just like you are. Perhaps your one of these fans who can't admit were a very poor team . I will say it were pathetic at present . 100% a Ram and Derby till I die.
  12. Look they were glad he went yes they won the title but the football was crap and boring. They would go 1-0 at home and shut the door take a forward off . Fact !!!
  13. On sky he's just said we played a great game WHAT !!
  14. Imagine paying £500 for a season ticket and watching this crap tell me how many goals have we scored at home this season ? how many shots on target this season ? The players are being coached to keep possesion and pass backwards and don't lose the ball it's shocking to watch. If the fans had been at Pride Park this season they would have let Cocu know in no uncertain terms what they thought of these performances. Get Rid .
  15. Are you having a laugh played all right ? first shot on goal 73mins ?
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