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  1. Totally disagree with your attitude to Mel he's 100% DCFC through and through. Who are you to question how to run a football club. Would you spend millions of pounds of your money on DCFC ? Ignore the moaners and groaners Mel , tomorrow it will CV and what Boris is doing wrong !!!
  2. We really need to strengthen the team we have too many young small players. We are going to have some big battles now until the season ends and we can't rely on youth. Big strong centre forward and cover for Bielik is the number onr priorities.
  3. If they sacked Pulis for his style of football God knows what the owner thought yesterday .
  4. My mistake age catching me up you know who I mean!!! Sorry.
  5. Agree he's one handful for a defender to play against.
  6. I'm one who thought Rooney wasn't the man we needed to manage the club going forward. But we have to say we are starting to look a totally different team and if this continues he deserves his chance.
  7. Proper centre forward Proper team player . His touch and control is fantastic really pleased with his performances.
  8. Tremendous Lads absolutely tremendous proud to be RAM
  9. Wish everyone would stop putting these bookmakers prices up on the next manager it's rubbish you put £10 on with a bookmaker now and they shorten the odds. I'm not a big gambler but I'm banned by Paddy Power, Hills , Befred, Bet 365, Ladbrokes etc there not bookies now it's all rubbish and marketing trying to get non gamblers to follow the market . Terry was 1/8 the other day never in a million years put £5 on now days and the bookies run for cover.
  10. How can Bird be a captain ? What's he done to deserve that?
  11. Gutted at present we are a shambles embarrassing shambles a laughing stock . Mac back in charge tomorrow with Eric Steele as goalkeeper coach. It's desperate times I can see the buyers walking away the value of the club is falling by the minute . They won't gamble 60 million and go down.
  12. The marking is school boy stuff defenders totally out of position.
  13. Mac as to takeover with immediate effect tomorrow else were doomed.
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