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Pride Park Atmosphere - Pls Read and Take Action.


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Hi all,

After gauging opinion from previous threads it is now time to put words into action.

I have spoken to Derby County and in co-operation with them I have setup up a petition to voice our proposals for the relocation of away fans and for the South Stand to become the recognised singing Kop style stand.

There is alot of support for this for various reasons and from some very important people.

Even if you wouldnt move to the South Stand but feel its the right thing to do sign your name. For every signature get ten of your friends to act as well and likewise.

It is simply time to stop having these threads and discussions and do what is needed. Sign the petition!! (future politician maybe!!)

Lets not debate on that it will never happen, they will have to do this and that.... Thats not our job to arrange, people are already paid to do such tasks.

Please pass the word and then the final petition with numbers will be passed to the board of directors for consideration.



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