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Zonal Marking


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7 hours ago, Seaside Ram said:

What about ignoring a rule in football that I was taught at 8years old ............. Put someone on the posts while defending a corner !!!!!! 

My favourite point to make. Only you seem to have the same view. So easy to clear that ball if standing on the line.

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23 hours ago, Stuniverse said:

What’s the point of zonal making? Can somebody explain it to me please?

Because watching Derby I assume it means five defenders rooted to the spot inside the six-yard box. That can’t be it, surely?

You mean the system that has worked pretty well all season?

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In theory it’s done so that you cover all areas that the opposition could run into, rather than relying on everyone to track their men. It’s something you always hear fans from past eras moaning about, but if pretty much every modern manager swears by it, then it can hardly be wrong can it?! I’m not convinced some random bloke in a pub knows more than Pep Guardiola...

Regardless, our problem it to do with staying alert and actually managing to win your defensive headers. Those are basics regardless of whether you play man to man or zonal.

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