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Under 23s v Liverpool

48 hours

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4 minutes ago, Malagaram said:

What are we messing about with our first team when we have talent like that !

Looked really entertaining and lads seemed to play really well. I don’t want to take anything away from the performance but I don’t think many defences in the championship would be quite so accommodating. Playing against them even Liverpool’s first team might look decent?

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35 minutes ago, plymouthram said:

Including the 2 with full beard's

My lad's comfortably in that age group, yet possesses a beard Osama Bin Laden would be proud of.

Gets it from his mother's side.

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1 hour ago, Ghost of Clough said:

They had 21 year old Woodburn on the wing and later brought a 22 year old on.

Not taking account of months, average ages of the starting XI...

Liverpool: 18.8 (after subs = 19.0)

Derby: 19.2 (after subs = 18.5)

Thanks, at least that's useful information.

I assumed they were well underage, given how poor they were.

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