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  1. Unfortunately, after only 2 wins in our first 15/18 games of next season, I can see him being rushed back to salvage someone's managerial career.
  2. Spot on. EFL were banking on us going down and that our relegation would conveniently draw a line under it all for them. But we didn't, hence this whole clusterf*ck.
  3. That's a shame. We'll probably need 23 players to get a result there.
  4. I remember being given the old bright orange Patrick away shirt as a kid. Wore it once in summer and got absolutely covered in a swarm of flying ants.
  5. Something like this. The extra revenue from sponsors should come in handy.
  6. Back into our starting line-up for whichever poor sod took over. 32RED call the shots.
  7. I'm thinking the EFL were banking on putting this whole thing to bed a couple of weeks ago if Rotherham knew how to hold onto a lead. EFL would have dished out a points 'deduction' to an already relegated Rams, we'd have taken the meaningless punishment and that would have been that.
  8. I'm just glad the 30 minutes he put his arse in gear as a player this season was worth all this hassle.
  9. EFL need to take a day off. Season is over, other than the play offs to see who gets relegated from the Premier League next season which no one really gives a sheet about.
  10. Someone to hide the club's copy of Steve Bloomers Watching.
  11. Right then. Now that's done, everyone lump on Bristol City going down next season or at least finishing in the bottom 6.
  12. Wurst fans? Can be found all over the world. Highest concentration of which is probably in Germany.
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