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  1. Go with no manager. Run the whole thing like a commune. Manager's salary can go on beanbags and joss sticks.
  2. We won't go down. We've been safe ever since we beat Luton. We just didn't know it.
  3. 3 home games on the bounce. 1 goal, no wins, no points. Nanite Rotherham. Pure sheet.
  4. Someone give me a shout if Rotherham ever make it back into Middlesbro's half. PENNED IN.
  5. Rotherham playing like their usual bloody awful selves. 2-3 more points this season for us will see them off.
  6. No words for last night. Insulting level of fight from a team in the position we are in. I still believe Rotherham won't get more than 46 points max. They've had their two best chances to make up ground on us with home games vs Brum and Cov, and peed them away. One more win for us or even a couple of draws could end up being enough.
  7. We get at these, we win. We don't, we won't. It's that simple.
  8. Down side to that is strong chance of Leicester City then being premier league champions for the next 12 year.
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