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22 minutes ago, Paul71 said:

Used to really like then, not so good now. 

Think he got bored of the ex wife thing and that wound up poorly.

What happened to the psychic stuff?

Yes, the early ones were much better. 

I used to like Peter Robinson’s Banks too, until I watched the TV series. The actor was nothing like how I’d pictured the character in the books.

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I always find any James Patterson or John Grisham book very easy to read and not too demanding, whilst retaining interest. Patterson mainly action books, and the 'Private' series are pretty good. Grisham is mainly courtroom drama or legal based, very clever and simple.

For stand alone books, some of the Stephen King books (Mercedes Man, Finders Keepers, 11.22.63) are worth a read.

The Millennium Trilogy by Steig Larsson is a must read.

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2 hours ago, Lambchop said:

Agreed. First three or four were good, then became formulaic. 

Mark Billingham's Tom Thorne books are way better. 

I like them too.

I am currently working my way through Jessica Daniel detective books, quite like them and how they are written.

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5 minutes ago, Lambchop said:

Never read it - isn't it tripe?

Yes. I read it to see what the fuss was.

Awful awful stuff.

Cant believe they have been re-written but taking place from the guys perspective, still cant blame the author if people are daft enough to buy them.


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