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What do players offer?

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A lot of fans, Rowett and many commentators all seem to be very conflicted about what the squad currently has/needs and who offers what, welcome for anyone to put their best suggestion forward?

So far seen:

we lack creativity- vydra, Butterfield, Thorne, Huddlestone

we lack energy- Bryson, Johnson, Russell, Weimann, 

we lack leaders- shackell, Pearce, keogh, Davies, 

we lack pace- Russell, Weimann,Bennett, nugent

Is it players are not fulfilling there role/offering do they offer anything other than adding to numbers, sorry for some of the awful descriptions, really struggled with some to define their defining characteristics.


1GKScott Carson- dependable, experienced shot stopper?

3DFCraig Forsyth- attacking full back, Crossing?

4MFCraig Bryson- energetic, ball chaser?

5DFJason shackell- experienced game reading defender?

6DFRichard Keogh (captain) - ball playing centre back?

7FWJohnny Russell- energetic winger, if there's such a thing?

8MFIkechi Anya- dependable utility player?

9FWChris Martin- finisher?

11FWDarren Bent- finisher?

12DFChris Baird- experienced utility player?

14DFAndre Wisdom- powerful defensive full back?

15MFBradley Johnson- combative box to box?

16DFAlex Pearce- strong consistent cb?

18MFJacob Butterfield- playmaker?

19FWAndreas Weimann- energetic winger, if there's such a thing?

20FWMason Bennett- pacey winger?

21GKKelle Roos- potential goalkeeper?

22FWNick Blackman- complete striker when on form?

23FWMatěj Vydra- dangerous modern 10/playmaker?

25DFMax Lowe- attacking full back?

26DFJamie Hanson- young xavi type playmaker?

28FWDavid Nugent- complete striker? Number 10?

29DFMarcus Olson- solid complete full back? 

33DFCurtis Davies- experienced athletic defender?

34MFGeorge Thorne- deep playmaker?

35GKJonathan Mitchell- young goalkeeper?

44MFTom Huddlestone- deep playmaker?

I am keen to see what people think!

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I think the OP is asking people for their opinion on the positive attributes of the players. But I'm not entirely sure.

That's the first time I've seen Jamie Hanson compared to Xavi. And last I'd imagine.   

And poor old Kelle Roos, only a "potential goalkeeper". Harsh. At least Jonathan Mitchell got a "young".


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I know the midfield don't offer fast reliable passing, positive positioning. They aren't fast to react to loose balls. They'll never go between the lines of opposition defence and midfield preferring instead to hold hands and stand so close to back 4 that a Keogh erection would touch them. 

The only way they go forward without the ball is when the ball has gone past them and by the time they arrive we've lost it.


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